Take a long, long ride with yourself

That was Rhinobucket’s “Ride With Yourself” — a terrific song.

Needing to decompress a little this Friday evening. The work schedule currently has me heading out for an appointment or two, back for a couple hours, out again, back again, out again, all weekend long. Which is fine. Such is my life. But doesn’t lend itself well to going out or making plans, needing to be up early tomorrow.  Hopefully Sunday afternoon we’ll find time for my beau to add freon to my brake lines (non-working air-conditioner in the car as of right now).

Had a conversation with an older lady I’m pretty well-acquainted with yesterday that’s left me doing some deep pondering, wrestling with her claims about life and her expressed cynicism. What troubles me most about her views is the field she works in while she professes such incredible disdain for the overall human population. I keep telling people it’s folks in social control-oriented lines of work we need to be keeping an eye on and learning more about, because they wield an inordinate amount of power in this day and age. We’ve placed too much faith in them and the ‘pseudoscience’ they often rely on, that is my belief. Not because I don’t like this woman — I do. But because those views coincide with her possessing authority. It strikes me as very unsettling. To perhaps be explained in greater detail another time.

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