A better use for feminist angst?

Was just chatting on the phone with a guyfriend when an idea struck me. I may have come up with a useful outlet for all this pent-up anti-patriarchy energy in my country. Consider this. Here in America we have many, many women highly upset with what remains of our patriarchal history, venting frustration over full 100% equality not having come into complete fruition as of yet. Despite several decades worth of feminist efforts, many feminists apparently remain nonplussed, arguing that something is still holding them back from whatever ultimate goal they envision for this society.

When arguments over gender matters arise, there’s the typical litany of examples of inequalities, including pay differentials and various other statistics. But also within these arguments there’s a good bit of talk about the patriarchal mindsets that maintain a stronghold in cultures outside of the U.S. Much arguing and finger-pointing ensues, using the Middle East as an example of the prevalence of male domination. BUT, what are Americans to do about practices occurring outside of our borders? How is it our responsibility to change people’s minds and lifestyles abroad? And especially how is it the fault of American men, or white men in particular, that men of other colors elsewhere on the globe are perpetuating patriarchy of old? Yet this is how the blame-game goes, and it’s proving very unproductive and disruptive in today’s society, particularly when the focus is on matters outside of our direct control.

Well, I gave this about 15 minutes worth of thought this afternoon and think I’ve come up with a plan for feminists who are truly sick and tired of the patriarchal past lingering on in modern times. Why not head to these countries in the Middle East and Africa and unleash that aggression on a source better deserving of it? Witness a man caning a woman in the street? Shoot him. Learn of an abusive husband mistreating his wives and kids and keeping them slaves in their own home? Abuse him. Ya know, give the men who behave like this a taste of their own medicine. This serves as a three-fold solution where American feminists (and Canadian and British and whoever else cares to join) can take a proactive stance going up against the very men they take most issue with, thereby dispensing justice where it arguably belongs and protecting vulnerable Middle Eastern women that Western feminists seem to care so much about, all while allowing feminists to put their aggression into purposeful use likely to bring about greater change than bickering online and pushing for evermore laws in the U.S. I see this as a potential win-win situation.

Now, granted, it would be tricky, and there’s no guarantees these feminists would prove successful, so they’d need to be smart and very cunning in their tactics. They could first take the opportunity of trying to reason with Middle Eastern men face-to-face, not that I believe that will wind up doing much good. But it’s worth a try before resorting to violence. Because many feminists seem to be holding onto an idealistic approach to solving gender relations, they might first try the tactics attempted here in the U.S. to see if they can make any headway, such as setting up shelters and attempting to work with Middle Eastern women to encourage them to join in taking a proactive and rebellious stance against this outdated form of subjugation. If and when that fails, it’s time to move on to plan B. I imagine that weaponry will be an indispensable asset in that phase of the initiative, because men do typically possess greater physical strength capable of overcoming unprotected women.

What’s great about this plan is that it brings academic theory down to the ground, so to speak, forcing it to contend with practical realities. Many American feminists shun the notion of using firearms, which strikes me as very stupid indeed if your ultimate goal is to protect yourself from rape, beatings, and other attacks. By heading to a country like, say, Saudi Arabia and learning how men get away with what they do in that country, it could prove to be a valuable lesson in how one utilizes their power in an effective response. The beauty of firearms is they are a great equalizer — no matter how brawny or beastly a man may be, he will still succumb to fire power. And the pulling of a trigger is so easy a child can manage it, as is commonly known. This is what makes weapon technology so impressive and incredibly useful in the modern world — because anyone can use it, not only men.

Feminists could take a firm and direct stand against that form of tyranny and free women of those countries to engage in lives that they determine on their own accord, not merely those chosen for them. Female and male genital mutilation could become a thing of the past. And the women of these countries might be impressed to learn that women can mobilize and respond with lethal violence in response to unwarranted male violence. Might give them a few role models to look up to, especially in the next phase where governments and laws are altered to declare women as possessing rights that have historically been denied to them.

If nothing else it would be a valuable learning experience on how power actually works, not only within “civilized” and centralized societies but within countries where a willingness to fight dirty has a greater influence than words. It’s an opportunity to take what academe in the West has taught and to see how far it can carry you when it comes down to the nitty-gritty side of life. Because I’m willing to bet many feminists would be radically transformed themselves to where they no longer placed so much value in social theories concocted by tenured professors living in the comfort of secluded American suburbia. This would demonstrate to women what they are really made of, what they are actually capable of, and they would see that they are not simply put on this planet to look pretty and to spend money on unneeded consumer items and to run our mouths without lifting a finger to take affirmative action.

Lastly, this would prove to be an alternative to enlisting in the U.S. military where women aren’t really wanted. They’ll recruit you, but they tend to resent you being within their ranks, as if that’s not readily apparent by now. Feminist women could opt to form their own militia and to root out men who endanger and suppress the possibility of the sexes coexisting in an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation for what each brings to the table.

Much progress has been made in the U.S. in terms of laws on the books intended to protect women’s interests, so at this point we in the U.S. need to shift our focus toward the sexes working together and seeing the value in one another. This necessary phase in our own social development is being obstructed by angry feminists intent on picking fights with men and pushing for more and more oppressive laws that invite our government increasingly into our personal lives, homes, schools, and workplaces. This is unacceptable and is breeding deep resentment that will likely result someday in a backlash if we do not change course immediately. By encouraging angry feminists to utilize their aggression and hostility in a more proactive way and direct it toward those who are openly and proudly upholding the patriarchal past, it shifts their focus from every man they come into contact with here in the U.S. and onto men deserving of more attention elsewhere. Again, a win-win situation potentially, assuming these feminists could carry out their plan with an eye toward justice and fairness tempered with mercy, as we’d expect from any ethical being.

It’s just a thought. beamup

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3 Responses to A better use for feminist angst?

  1. AlexC says:

    “The beauty of firearms is they are a great equalizer” -Um you do realise that every self-respecting arab male has an AK right ?
    Also as a European why do you Americans fetishise firearms ? I’m asking because if you have a gun so does the other guy and at the end it isn’t enough to have a gun but to also to have the will to use it.

    “rights that have historically been denied to them” -- There’s no such thing as “rights” only privilges.

    “appreciation for what each brings to the table” -- What do women bring to the table. I’m asking because with the march of technology within a century or so there won’t be any more men and women (the whole post human thing).

    “sexes working together and seeing the value in one another” -- Good luck with that. 😉

    “assuming these feminists could carry out their plan with an eye toward justice and fairness tempered with mercy, as we’d expect from any ethical being.” -- Ah ha ha ha… no.

  2. Byenia says:

    “Um you do realise that every self-respecting arab male has an AK right ?”

    You exaggerate, but sure, others do possess weapons as well. Hence the need for weaponry on the side of those contesting these men. But more importantly than weaponry alone would be the tactics employed.

    It’s not about fetishizing firearms. It’s about considering the tools at one’s disposal. Modern technology.

    Rights, privileges — call them what you will. We will necessarily see these things from different perspectives undoubtedly.

    Men and women both bring a great deal to the table and always have. But, yes, times are changing and our roles in this world are shifting into something very different. My own thoughts on the rise of civilization is that there was a balance to be reached at some point up through history, and we have surpassed it, pushing on to create a new reality that I personally have trouble accepting. But I’m already obsolete, so this is all for you folks to ultimately decide for yourselves. I believe our current march blindly toward the scientific and the technological, leaving behind the social and damaging the psychological in the process, is a major modern dilemma.

    But whatever. It’s just a thought exercise, not actually intended to be instructive. lol People will do whatever they’re going to do. Just struck me as one way to address the issue of select feminists chomping at the bit to go to war with mankind. Underneath it all I think such an approach could prove valuable for the life lessons it provided, namely coming to terms with academic theory not translating so neatly into real-world contests. If males are using violence to dominate women, the example provided being Middle Eastern nations, then what effective response can women muster? That’s the question.

    Blindly fighting violence with violence undoubtedly is no real solution to what ails humanity, however, until we can all come to firmer grips with what this life is asking of us I don’t think we’re any closer to remedying the problems either. How does one reason with a bully? How does one assert their humanity and be taken seriously as independent beings if not by proving to be a worthy and unrelenting adversary? I don’t know. And perhaps it’s not for me to ever know. I’d rather we all be rational to a great extent and capable of conversing reasonably on such topics, and yet that appears too to be a pipe dream. So what alternatives really are there? To submit and accept what has become a status quo?

    There’s a saying that it’s better to stand on your feet than be made to crawl on your knees, and I can understand that. There is an unreasonableness built into many men and many cultures, and I ponder how a better balance may be struck and what the process to getting there might entail. Just thoughts.

    • Byenia says:

      Wait, I botched that saying in the last paragraph. I think it went: it is better to die standing on your feet than be made to live crawling on your knees.

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