Sunday thoughts on the neocon vision and our possible futures

Got angry the other day, but moods like that come and go. Caught up on sleep and felt a bit better. Created a video to capture my thoughts that cold and rainy day, but I don’t care to link it here. Just was an honest depiction of how I feel with all of this some days. But my own life isn’t bad and my job is wonderful most days. Storms and bad weather come and go, and I enjoy walking outdoors. Just eagerly awaiting spring up here, chomping at the bit, wishing this state didn’t cycle between summers and winters and skip the springs and falls. Transition seasons are the best. This year nature has decided to be a tease. Maybe next week we’ll finally be in the clear.

But I meant what I said. Edited it carefully to ensure that’s what I shared with others. Neocons drive me wild. Militant pro-lifers freak me out. We have technologies for everything, and that’s all fine and dandy, but when it comes to reproductive choices we should remain living in the Middle Ages. That’s some weird stuff. And I know why they believe that — because the more of us there are, the more competitive with one another we become. The less we each individually come to matter; the more interchangeable we become. Cogs in a wheel. Humanity being bent into machines for economic purposes. That sounds like hell on earth to me. I can’t imagine a worse way to live. How completely meaningless that would be.

Nineteen-Eighty-Four-George-OrwellOften I juxtapose in my mind between the themes in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eight-Four and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. I imagine both outcomes in a blended way. First Nineteen Eighty-Four‘s vision of strict class stratification; history being rewritten or disappeared; Big Brother Government communicating with us through spying computer screens (quite ingenious that he thought that up in the 1940s); being told how to live and expected to strictly conform; bratty, spoiled children rule and snitch on their parents (and adults are encouraged to snitch on other adults); genders divided and cold toward one another, treating sex as if rape, stubbornly locked in competition.

Brave-New-WorldOr maybe life is more of a pick your ending kind of book, assuming technologies advance in key areas that make Huxley’s vision possible: strictly stratified society determined by social engineering strategies, with babies all born in laboratories and all women on birth control; casual sex rules the day and pair-bonding is actively discouraged, beginning at a very young age; all citizens enjoy the drug Soma, which in small doses sounds like a lot of fun, but on gigantic doses proves lethal, enabling it to be used for euthanizing people; people have been turned into pets and it’s not clear exactly what all they do, though they maintain a lower working class (intentionally designed to be simple and stupid) to keep up on the laborious and assembly-line tasks.

Sounds to me like choosing to be made to be outright servants or dumbed-down pets conditioned to accept our chains and give up our humanity. Thankfully we’re not limited to those two possible narratives. But they go through my mind when I see and hear what’s going on out in society. Try my best not to stay up on the news these days, but bits leak in anyway. Always so much bullshit. What’s really astounding to me is that more people aren’t piping up about so much of this. Are they not scared? Because the levels of anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drug prescriptions tell another story. Do happy people take drugs that say right on the label may cause “suicidal ideation”? Especially when reports now claim, in terms of treating the symptoms the drugs are actually designed to treat, they’ve proven no more effective than taking placebo pills. That’s no good.

People try to be happy, I give ’em that. But there’s a lot going on and it seems many would prefer not to look at it and see it for what it is, as if others will magically step in and resolve the problems for us, no effort required out of the rest of us. But that will never work. The answers being given are ones that serve a master that doesn’t care about the fate of humanity. It is about acquisition and dominance and little else. Why allow something as important as our destiny be left up to be determined by people proving not to have common people’s best interest at heart? Why wait for heroes to save us from ourselves, and how could they anyway? If we choose to stubbornly ignore what we’re confronted with and offer no active response toward a better way, where do we expect to wind up? In heaven?


I believe heaven and hell to be only relevant when discussing life on earth, and both are entirely subjective. We possess the power to create heaven or hell for our own selves, for one another, and for other living beings. This is the truth, which we can clearly see. Whether heaven or hell await us in an afterlife or not, we do know approximates of heaven and hell await us right here, right where we stand today. This was demonstrated repeatedly by peoples of the past, even in wealthy societies. The future is not completely left up to chance nor has it 100% been pre-determined. We do possess some free will, enough to impress on one another and hopefully also enough to better govern our own selves.

I struggle with my own impulses and shortcomings and am not here to place judgment on others necessarily, just sharing my own thoughts.

We are not so weak as to be inconsequential. This I firmly accept as true.

Anger is not something to automatically fear in others or reject in ourselves. It serves its purposes too. I don’t believe people can honestly and deeply reckon with truths without it boiling us up inside at times, assuming we’re talking about people possessing functioning consciences. Because what we have going on today is some wicked stuff, and it’s not okay, and I wish to GOD we didn’t have to support it. Tax week. Ugh.

It hurts to hand over money to the IRS, knowing what it’s going to fund. Don’t others feel this way, and if so, what can we do? I personally recommend self-employment, though it’s probably only a matter of time before that option winds up being squeezed out of existence. The IRS prefers to collect our money upfront and out of every paycheck. So many comply and accept those conditions, and this creates a conundrum when it comes to telling the IRS to stick it. How does one collecting a paycheck throw off the IRS? Is it possible? If not, so long as we work, we work for them, and our fate is sealed if this isn’t changed.

What power can we claim to possess if we cannot refuse to pay a corrupt government? The power to boycott matters because money is all those jokers seem capable of responding to.


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