She so crazy, she thinks she wants to have your baby

Learned of a new story tonight that I don’t recall hearing before. A woman left a humorous comment on my “Why I’m No Longer a Feminist” comment section that I mentioned to my boyfriend, and that led into him telling me about a girl he knows from the bar who once upon a time let him know, outright, she wanted to have his babies. This was back before he and I met, but I’ve met the gal in question by chance before I knew those two knew one another, and she was rude, as unfortunately I find all too common to be the case with pretty gals who are well-aware how pretty they are. But anyway, back when this gal was 21 (she’s probably about 24 now), the story goes that she had met my guy a couple times in the bar and chatted with him, not knowing him at all beyond that. And then on approximately their third time hanging out, while still sober (this being earlier in the evening) she blurts out (in front of a third party even) that she (a stranger) would like my guy (a stranger) to be the father of her kids. She hadn’t even offered him her phone number before jumping that far ahead.   eyebrow

Okay. Admittedly, I aim to live under a rock and am not up on what people my age and younger tend to be up to much of the time. Those I gravitate toward tend to be a good bit older than myself, my guy included, so it’s easy to be shocked to learn what the younger crowds are saying and doing. Is it really that common to meet a girl, hang out with her a couple times, and have her come out and say she sees you basically as good breeding stock? I would think most men would run away from come-ons of that nature.  lol  Seems safe to assume anyway. And my guy did. He considered her too young for him and he already has a teenage son, so he refused to go anywhere private with her. But I would think that would be a tremendous red flag to men to have women come at them like that. Just makes me wonder how common that sort of approach is, and also how successful it is in attracting men into bed. I would’ve never guessed that’s what men want to hear out of a woman they barely know and haven’t even gone out on a date with. Weird. And she’s a very attractive, popular gal, so far as I could tell.

Seriously, the dating game has gotten so dumb. “Dating” no longer strikes me as the right word for the type of “courting” people do today. Just a bunch of hooking up with very little concern about commitment. But even when it comes to trying to start a family? The man who falls in that trap will have it coming though, so I guess one could be grateful that she’s at least upfront with what her intentions are: to get pregnant.

What would a single 21-year-old working up in a bar want with having a baby anyway? I don’t get it. If it were all about collecting child support payments, why of all the men she could choose from would she target a man who already works live a slave to support himself and the child he already has, with very little left over to spare? Seems like a ridiculously poorly planned strategy if indeed that’s what it was all about.

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