Holy shit balls, Wells Fargo!

And THIS IS WHY I continue giving that bank a hard time. Because they fucking deserve the scrutiny and from more of us.

That right there is an article posted in the LA Weekly News (March 7, 2013) forwarded to me by a close friend and fellow critic of Wells Fargo’s shenanigans. In it is told the story of a retired man named Larry Delassus who was accused by WF of owing back property taxes on his condo, though it later came to light that it was actually a typographical error on WF’s part that led the bank to confuse Mr. Delassus with one of his neighbors (wrong condo # typed in). But the story doesn’t end there with an apology and reinstatement of the prior financial agreement between the big bank and Larry Delassus.  Oh no. No, WF instead went right ahead and foreclosed on that innocent man’s home, nevermind his serious medical conditions, and rendered him homeless. DESPITE THEIR OWN ACKNOWLEDGED ERROR.

And then what happened? Larry Delassus sued the bank in turn, claiming “negligence and discrimination against a disabled person.” But while trying to get a fair hearing on the matter, poor Larry Delassus keeled over and died in the courtroom before L.A. County Superior Court Judge Laura Ellison who had already indicated she planned to side with Wells Fargo on this matter. What a complete tragedy to be raked over the coals and put under such duress like this! Which ultimately culminated in the man’s death. And I seriously doubt anyone working for Wells Fargo gives barely a damn.

It’s shit like this that breaks my heart and troubles my soul. I’ve banked with Wells Fargo for about a decade, had my student loans consolidated with them back in 2007 (after receiving what apparently was some bad advice), and I still have accounts open with them (though I have opened an account with another local bank and moved much of my money over there, with plans to move more). I feel dirty supporting a corrupt organization such as this, and yes, I grasp that nearly all banks have morphed into monsters of this sort. This sucks! This is a major problem with the economic setup we’re tolerating these days, because it is predatory and has the backing of the courts and legislation to get away with it. It’s bullshit, flat out.

And it’s not as if this is all Wells Fargo is up to. That bank joined forces a few years back with the uber-corrupt HSBC (that’s Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation — a.k.a. the biggest bank in mainland China, created back when colonized by the British, with a holdings division in the UK and offices all across the world). A banking mega-giant. Read about it (there was a good article about HSBC’s latest bullshit in Feb. 2013’s edition of Rolling Stone magazine). That alone is a good enough reason to withdraw all of our money and let that mammoth die. Ugh.

Wells Fargo and other banking shenanigans is a topic I plan to expand on as time moves on.

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