Who is she?

Just another voice in the wilderness. No one with any political power or influence or ties to organizations with much of any either. Not earning a dime for expressing my opinions, and I seriously doubt anyone would be willing to pay me. ha

A few random blog posts:

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If interested, more of my views and thoughts are shared in videos stored in this playlist.

Born and partly raised in the (U.S.) Deep South before being transplanted to the Midwest, I am embarking on my fourth decade of trying to make sense out of living with all of you. haha

Over the last decade or so I’ve done what I could to explore topics relating to corporatism, foreign and domestic policies, agriculture (past and present), and the role of psychiatry and social engineering strategies (including marketing and pornography, which I had previously been tracking), plus whatever else happened my way. Prior to starting the ball rolling on this information hunt I had identified since teenagehood as being a libertarian-leaning Independent in terms of my political views, and I remain largely unaffiliated with any political parties or popular ideologies.

Getting wrapped up in a movement holds little interest for me after having tried my hand at feminism in my late teens and early-to-mid 20s.

My personal heroes include (in no particular order) farmer Joel Salatin, Eric Hoffer, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Walter E. Williams, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Johnny Cash, Joe Bageant, Chris Hedges, Joseph Campbell, Dr. James Hollis, Dr. Carl G. Jung, Dr. Jordan Peterson, Michael Pollan, Ralph Nader, Colin Flaherty, Harlan Ellison, and George Carlin. (Updating as others come to mind.)

Some information I’ve collected along the way is slowly being added to this blog (or was . . . not been doing much with this blog beyond treating it like a journal lately), taking time to listen to views expressed by others on the youtube, that being what prompted this decision to raise my voice and add my presence to the conversations taking place, for whatever it’s worth.

Not feeling like hurrying much these days, just enjoying reclusive tranquility in my downtime. Taking time to watch the wheels go ’round and ’round. Feels like a necessary phase.

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  1. Ironically Nonymous says:

    After watching what you have selected to post here, on a page I might safely infer is somewhat more personally representative of you, I feel compelled to ask you this rather -fantastical- hypothetical: If, by some strange anomaly in the collective consciousness, the majority and the powerful suddenly became aware of you and your viewpoints, and managed to assert them onto everyone else as they inevitably do… and for whatever strange reason it made things even worse,

    Would you hold yourself responsible for it? Would you still feel worthy of the respect of others? Would you still have love for yourself?

    • Byenia says:

      I have no idea what you intend with these questions. My goal is never to have my views embraced by all others. They are simply mine and were forged throughout my life, for better or worse. Take my views expressed only for what they’re worth — one individual’s expression. Forever growing and changing and my views do and will continue to too over time.

      • Midas Mind says:

        Believe me I know very well this is not your goal, and what I intend to learn about you is, hindsightedly, possibly a little too personal for me to be asking you about publicly, and incognito as I chose to be. I suppose I was self-conscious about the fact that I have sought you out here out of a plainly personal interest in you. Probably creepy chicken of me.

        I thought I could gain some insight into the way you feel about yourself at this current time. Because for whatever personally misunderstood reason I concern myself with your emotional well-being (and if it’s somehow still unclear, that would be me hoping that you get to feel happy for what you consider reasonable intervals and durations).

        This e-mail I left here is my real name (and now that I think about it I don’t know if you can even see it or not). But there it is. Turns out I still wanna be your friend. Ya look at how good at that I am lol.

        • Byenia says:

          Hi Midas Mind,

          Sorry I never responded to your past two messages sent. I read them and considered them, but I didn’t know what to say in response because I wasn’t sure I understood them. Plus I’ve had a bunch on my mind lately pertaining to my own life and have been slow to respond to anybody much in recent months, aside from a couple people I regularly correspond with (though even them too sometimes).

          I’m not sure what you’re searching for here. This blog is just a journal and place for me store stuff. My thoughts and views shift over time, as mentioned to the commenter above. Very little is set in concrete in my little world, aside from a very few principles. Just exploring life and living and sharing what it gets me thinking about and what’s been going on.

          I am relatively content at times, even happy occasionally. Just been going through a rough spell. But things are looking up. Takes time. I’m in my own head currently and trying to sort my stuff out mostly among my closest people. So you may have to remain in the observer role for the time being, if you so choose, because I’m not terribly open at this time to new people online, though you and I have interacted in the past. My energy is just limited right now as I work on helping myself.

  2. Midas Mind says:

    No bothers. (here goes that thing I do where I take a figure of speech and pretend it meant something) It’s best you don’t feel sorry about any of that, because if it is part of what you need to do at this time then you should accept that from your reality. Of course, part of why I like talking to you so much is that type of thing makes me look like captain obvious.

    It turns out now I have finally found the roots of my motivation to reconnnect with you. It wasn’t that long ago that I was at an impass of hardship in my own life, as you might remember (but don’t take that to mean you should). And while our situations are obviously very different, I seem to feel that I could sense this from your state of activity online. Idk that might be narcissistic of me.

    “My thoughts and views shift over time, as mentioned to the commenter above. Very little is set in concrete in my little world, aside from a very few principles.” We both know that’s a good thing. And don’t worry, that other correspondence was hard for me to understand as well. I think it came from the fact that I’ve been struggling to find change in my own life. I suppose it was a step in the direction of taking a “little leap of faith.” This was part of the advice I received from a really good friend of mine about being social with people. It comes down to taking “little leaps of faith” with people that I feel a connection to.

    Listen. You do you. That means something different to everybody, but everyone knows what it means, deep down. In the mean time, I feel good knowing that you accept me as a “lurker” lol. Take care, and love yourself the best you can.

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