Getting acquainted with Count Dankula’s channel

New channel I just stumbled across called Count Dankula:

That was titled “How Many Genders Are There?” lol Too funny. Paused at 5:38: “Demi-vapor” and “egogender” sound like the ultimate “special snowflake” gender assignments of them all.

And this is what I mean about the social sciences not being full-on true science. They can’t be. They’re too subjectively-oriented by their very nature. They more appropriately should be referred to simply as “social studies,” though I’d also argue that all fields differ and vary across a gradient from “hard” to “soft” science/studies. Saying this as a social sciences/sociology major (criminal justice minor) who graduated 8 years ago with a bunch of worthless student loan debt. uh_oh I continue to appreciate sociology and psychology and anthropology and various other “social science” fields, but they still aren’t true hard-core science. They may utilize scientific methods at times, but, depending on the field (as they do vary), not much of their data or conjecture is directly backed by falsifiable research. That’s how social theories differ from scientific hypotheses. And that’s fine, but not let’s not equate the two as identical in nature and value.

“The Doxxing Of Millennial Woes”:

Sad to hear that happened to Millennial Woes. Don’t agree with a good many of Woes’ expressed views either, but that doesn’t matter. He still didn’t deserve to be targeted this way for simply expressing his opinions online. Made to leave his country? Damn.

“The Joy of Danking”:

As a life-long Bob Ross fan, I approve of that video.  rainbow2

“Nazi Pug : Update #2”:

Weird that the local newspaper would take interest in that man. Very strange. Do they have nothing better to focus on than random people expressing supposedly unpopular opinions and humorous and sarcastic views?

“Eating Ice Cream Is Gay”:


“Hey MTV Gr8 Race B8 M8”:

“That’s Racist”:

Appreciate that last one particularly right about now.

“Don’t Work In Call Centres [RANT]”:

LOL! Worked at call centers as a teenager and hated that shit too. Didn’t last long. Such a sucky job. And it sounds like it’s even more off the hook in Scotland. Damn. That truly sounds like it sucks! Nit-picking corporate bullshit I cannot tolerate.

“Nazi Pug : Update #1”:

Wow. Didn’t know we was subjected to all that. All for expressing views others took issue with on youtube?? Quite obvious jokes at that! Geez…

Examples of excessive force used by the police

“Cop Beats Man With Down Syndrome For Having A Bulge That Was Actually A Medical Device”:

“Cops Viciously Beat Man Senseless”:

(There’s a backstory described and news site linked to in that video’s description box.)

“Dashcam: Man awarded $100K In Police Excessive Force Lawsuit”:

“Police Officer Resigns After Allegedly Using Excessive Force”:

“Deputy accused of using excessive force, caught on camera”:

Pointing a gun at small children. Seriously? Way to go, big tough officer with a badge.  american_smilie  tongue_out

“Chicago Police Use Excessive Force On Woman”:

“Dash Cam Video: Kansas City Police Officer Pleads Guilty To Excessive Force”:

Relevant clip begins at 0:42 in, “COPS SUED FOR EXCESSIVE FORCE,AND WON 125 GRAND” (Dallas):

“CORRUPT Police Said the Video Showing this Cop’s Excessive Force Did Not Exist, They Were Lying” (Denver):

See, that’s precisely what excessive force is. Fucking with people simply because you think you can get away with it. I’m just saying, I understand there are decent cops on the force out there, but these types of cops wind up getting you all painted with a broad brush when it comes to public resentment. And that is brewing, believe me. Police might like to believe they will always be on top and can continue getting away with this sort of shit, but eventually the tides will turn, someday, some way. It’s not right, and any decent cop can see that in these type of cases. Yes, they put their lives on the line for us, but that doesn’t give them a right to take it too far without sufficient provocation.

Everything I’m including here tonight aren’t ambiguous cases where it’s questionable how the police responded. No. These are pretty cut-and-dried in terms of violating people’s civil rights and doing excessive harm where it was not warranted.

“Omaha, NE Police using excessive force”:

In my early 20s I used to live in a part of Omaha that looks very similar to that neighborhood and can attest to how shitty cops behaved there. Personal experience and observation demonstrated to me clearly firsthand how little they gave a fuck about people’s civil rights and doing their jobs properly, especially when you live in a poorer part of town. I was there for the cheap rents but many of my neighbors had no choice but live there, had been raised there, and it was bullshit how frequently the cops cruised our area yet proved unhelpful and always 20 minutes away when called. They only seemed to come around to actually do anything when they sniffed a drug charge in the making.

I recall one day back around 2003 or so when I tried walking out out of my Omaha apartment, not knowing anything was going on, and a cop instantly barked at me to “get the fuck back” into my home. Come to find out they were in my front yard and in the alley between the building next door (we’re talking a block down from 33rd and California which was a hot drug corner at the time, back behind Creighton University), guns trained, SWAT vehicle parked out front, trying to bust a neighbor on drugs. They didn’t give a fuck. They came and went as they pleased. And we were all supposed to revolve around them. They cared not to answer your questions or speak to you in a reasonable manner on any given day, even when nothing was happening and they were just patrolling. Expect them to just start barking, period. That’s all you’re going to get out of cops in that area and the neighborhood north of us up around Ames Avenue. (And that’s another important reason for why I encourage everybody to live in a ghetto area for at least one year out of their lives, and interact with the locals while you do so in order to hear their stories and perspectives. Proved very educational and I do not regret my time living there as a result. Still maintain a couple friends from that time in my life.)

That’s where I was living when my ex-boyfriend (he being from the richer western suburb of Omaha) robbed me of my electronics in broad daylight and I resisted him in the street, with many onlookers as my witnesses, and I called Omaha PD and they sent out some total jerk of a female cop with nothing but a chip on her shoulder. Wish I remembered her name. She basically told me it was a civil matter, not a criminal matter, since I had let him stay with me some in my apartment (though he was not on the lease ever and had his parents’ address on his driver’s license). And then she went on to say if he returned that I would have to vacate the premises (of MY OWN HOME) because “squatter laws” allowed him 30 days notice before I could kick his ass out! For a man who didn’t even live there and had another place to live! I kept trying to tell her his parents’ address where he’d been living at but she refused to even write it down. Just refused to be helpful one iota, and so I started crying out of frustration, so she then mocked me for that! What a fucking bitch cop! Straight up, in all my times of dealing with law enforcement in the ways that I have (never having been arrested though), she continues to prove to be the most disrespectful and totally unhelpful cop I have ever crossed paths with. And that was in Omaha, Nebraska (speaking as someone who’s lived a good bit of my life in Mississippi and knows how cops can be down this way too).

Screw it. Time for some tunes.

Spring is finally here, a little earlier than expected. Got up to 68 degrees (F) today, which is a major shift from being in the teens last week. Gotta love the chaotic Midwest.  tongue_out  But we’ll take it…at least until the next snow storm ruins our fun.

Would be nice to have a true 45-degree-tapering-up spring once in a while though…

So, let’s see what I’ve posted on my YT channel recently:

That was “In the Flesh” by Pink Floyd.

Here’s another goodie by The Rolling Stones, “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”:

LOVE that tune. Particularly the opening guitar riff.

Next up, “Tonite Is a Special Nite (Kaos Mass Confusion Mix)” by Tricky vs. Gravediggaz:

That one managed to grow on me over time. As did the following…

Case in point, “Lil’ Boots” by Pet:

“Naked Cousin” by PJ Harvey:

“Gold Dust Woman” by Hole:

Filter’s “Jurassitol”:

“Shelf Life” by Seven Mary Three:

“I Wanna Be Your Dog” by Iggy Pop:

Here’s a disturbing tune, “Sean Olson” by Korn:

Thanks to The Crow: City of Angels soundtrack for turning me on to most of those tunes.

Here’s one I’ve enjoyed right out the gate and in its own right back in the ’90s:

That was “Hey Man, Nice Shot” by Filter.

Here’s another I instantly loved back then:

That was “Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson.

And another, “Sweet Dreams” by Marilyn Manson:

Enjoyed the Eurythmics original version as well.

Another I’ve adored since my teen years — “Grease Paint & Monkey Brains” by White Zombie:

This became one of my favorite long-distance driving tunes in the early 2000s — “Powertrip” by Monster Magnet:

Who’s gonna teach you how to dance?
Who’s gonna show you how to fly?
Who’s gonna call you on the lame dope smoking
Slacking little sucker you are?

Who’s gonna get you from behind?
Who’s gonna ring your little bell?
Who’s gonna con you into buying
A television set revolution they sell? . . .


One of the my long-time personal favorites (and a GREAT driving song) for well over a decade — “I Stand Alone” by Jackyl:

Here’s another I love, set to some South-bound driving footage — “Ride With Yourself” by Rhino Bucket:

. . .  Walk like a lady, talking like a man
You say that you’re a princess but they call you a madame

Take a long, long ride with yourself
Do you like the company?
Take a long, long ride with yourself
Do you like what you see? . . .

. . . You say that you’re discrete
But you’re makin’ too much noise . . .


Another goodie, “Raise A Little Hell” by Trooper:

Love the artwork for that one.

For the record, in case anyone is wondering, the reason my music videos are sometimes monetized is due to the record companies who claim rights over them. That has nothing to do with me and I am not compensated in any way. I just post them because the tunes strike me as interesting and worth sharing, that be it.

Enjoying a stormy night in June with tunes

On the agenda for tonight is sipping a little brew and listening to music while the lightning flashes through the blinds. Glad to be done with driving for the evening, but I have an early morning, so making the best of what remains of a Friday night.

Lindsey Buckingham performing “Big Love” on acoustic guitar:

That man razzles and dazzles me.

Fleetwood Mac’s awesome performance of “I’m So Afraid”:

One of my favorite songs by Tom Petty:

But all of his songs are good.

You truly don’t know how it feels to be me, and I don’t know how it feels to be anyone else. Such is life for all of us.

Switching gears a bit:

“Why You Wanna Trip On Me” came on over the headphones earlier today, and it’s a good song to listen to from time to time.

Michael Jackson’s 1988 performance of “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Man in the Mirror”:

I’m gonna make a change

For once in my life

It’s gonna feel real good

Gonna make a difference

Gonna make it right


As I turned up the collar on

A favorite winter coat

This wind is blowing my mind

I see the kids in the street

With not enough to eat

Who am I to be blind?

Pretending not to see their needs


A summer’s disregard

A broken bottle top

And a one man’s soul

They follow each other

On the wind ya’ know

Cause they got nowhere to go

That’s why I want you to know:



I’m starting with the man in the mirror

I’m asking him to change his ways

And no message could have been any clearer

If you wanna make the world a better place

Take a look at yourself and then make a change, yey

Na na na, na na na, na na na na oh ho


I’ve been a victim of

A selfish kind of love

It’s time that I realize

There are some with no home

Not a nickel to loan

Could it be really pretending that they’re not alone


A willow deeply scarred

Somebody’s broken heart

And a washed out dream

They follow the pattern of the wind ya’ see

Cause they got no place to be

That’s why I’m starting with me




Take a look at yourself and then make the change

You gotta get it right, while you got the time

Cause when you close your heart

Then you close your mind


Make that change!

I have to admit, when I watch videos that show his fans freaking out and fainting, it weirds me smooth out. But…I also must say that some of his songs truly are transcendent in spirit. Realizing this won’t make sense to some folks, Michael Jackson did possess a certain kind of power in his songs and in his way of being. All allegations against him set aside for a moment (and yes, they continue to trouble me), the man struck a chord in people. Quite nearly religiously. And I can understand the almost-gospel quality of many of his songs.  It’s not the sort of thing words do much to help explain to those who can’t comprehend it already. His song “Man in the Mirror” strikes me deep, and I just have to say that. Always has. Not because he’s Michael Jackson but because of the song itself, the lyrics, the message, the beat, the pleading to oneself to realize change begins with ourselves. It must. It can be no other way. I struggle with getting myself to fully accept this truth.

When people refer to Michael Jackson as a gift from God, I do grasp what they mean. As I said before, child molestation accusations aside. To be quite frank, they turned me off on him for many years, because I assumed they were likely true. The man appeared (in the media) to be a freak. The man invites children to stay in his house and at least one he admit slept in his bed. But you know what? Since his death, and also after reading Chris Hedges’ scathing denunciation of Michael Jackson and his funeral in the book Empire of Illusions, I can’t help but wonder if the man wasn’t framed and if it all wasn’t an attempt to sabotage his immense popularity. Why? Look at how people (over)reacted to him. Look at how overwhelmed they were by his messages. He impacted people, and he spoke out against the pains and problems of modern life, including our government and police brutality, in a simple, straightforward lyrical fashion.

The man, through his lyrics, was pointing people toward loving one another, toward giving one another a chance, toward questioning powers-that-be, and toward looking at ourselves honestly. His music was merely a vehicle, encouraging us to care about one another, particularly those in need. Who might that upset? And who in the past has been murdered or dragged down for attempting similar feats? Not claiming he was intentionally killed, however. I’m just sayin’. Gotta keep an open mind when it comes to Michael.

Remember back when we still figured Michael to be a normal heterosexual man? Hahaha. It deserved to be said:

That song accompanied with the video is so funny. “There’s something about you, baby … I don’t know, I don’t know…”  And that was our first clue he apparently wasn’t as “normally heterosexual” as originally assumed. Seriously, dude? It’s Naomi Campbell gyrating. Were you mad, man?? How can you NOT know what that something is, and then remain conflicted about giving in when Naomi Campbell is all up in your video saying she wants a secret hot tryst? LOL

And that “ahhh” he whimpers after she whispers something to him, hehe. For some reason it reminds me a little of Beavis. But a man’s shyness can be very cute too.

Michael undeniably possessed a feminine streak, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just sayin’. He’s not a man I’d be interested in sexually, and it’s a little perplexing to me how so many women found him sexy. Michael Jackson was an amazing performer with a unique voice and style, and I adore much of his music, but the thought of having sex with him does nothing for me. And maybe other folks are just confusing their awe of him with sexual excitement, who knows? Different strokes for different folks.

That video serves the dual purpose of being Michael’s own coming out of the closet moment. Not as a homosexual, mind you, but as something different than people expected. He bopped to the beat of his own little drummer.

Video aside, my most favorite and routinely and randomly remembered lyrics from that song:

Touch me there

Make the move

Cast your spell

Hot. Sizzle, sizzle.

If I weren’t such a lazy bum these days maybe I’d add content of greater value on this blog. lol  drinking

Disputing legal reproductive rights

Okay. Think I’m finally ready to start broaching the topic of gender/sex on here. It’s not what I consider my primary focus, but gender relations are a significant concern today, me speaking as an American. Can’t deny it, can’t get around it, so might as well confront and dissect it and see what sense can be made.

To start with, I offer up a video from JohntheOther titled “Reproductive Rights” where he advocates on behalf of men saying that they deserve the right to decide whether or not to be parents, and if men choose not to they ought to have the right to refuse parental involvement and child support expectations. An argument he puts forth is that abandoning live offspring financially and legally is the male equivalent of a woman opting for an abortion, claiming the two situations are “parallel.”

I actually can understand, to a degree, where JohntheOther is coming from in terms of men gaining legal reproductive rights. He’s right that women have an option to terminate or prevent pregnancies, though I argue that men do also have power to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies occurring. Because men currently lack as many options as women does not negate that truth.  Pregnancy can be and often is imposed on both parents without that result intentionally being sought. Women have more options for avoiding pregnancy, but men do have options and that should not be ignored or trivialized.  Because women are now granted self-determination in terms of legal reproductive rights does not imply men have no such legal self-determination themselves. Abstinence is a choice too, as is undergoing a vasectomy, as is the decision to engage in sex with women who for whatever reasons are unable to become pregnant.  Those are choices men do possess, and let’s not reduce that down as if it ceases to matter. Unequal rights under the law, yes, but still both sexes do confront choices and options that can determine their fate.

In a society where women have to take abortion into serious consideration as an option when men are no longer held legally or financially responsible for providing for an unwanted child’s care, I imagine that will lead to women retreating back to past standards of conduct when abortion wasn’t an option. Meaning this legal shift will likely result in women becoming much more selective when it comes to partners they engage in sex with, assuming that many women continue to have moral qualms with undergoing abortions. Otherwise abortions will become the norm, and both sexes will have to cope with that (which I don’t think people will be able to without more resentment and disrespect coming between us). Perhaps a shift in attitudes where more caution returns to women when it comes to our sexual choices wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Feminists and others have declared for decades that women’s right to choose should be respected, and now that choice has come home to roost it appears. If women do have a choice, shouldn’t prospective fathers also be provided a choice?

My primary concern here is with children’s need to be cared for and loved and not wind up warded to the state by parents who bring them into this world and then abandon them. That is my moral qualm, which has been touched on in a video I posted on YT and will be expanded on here in a future post.

But let’s focus here on the dialogue going on back and forth between JohntheOther and Friendough. Friendough’s original video is viewable here.

JohntheOther’s analogy involving a gay couple where one opts to buy a boat compared with a man and woman determining care for a child are so completely separate and different that it strikes me as insulting. A child is not a piece of property, not an inanimate object. A child requires significant care provided to him or her that extends far beyond financial concerns. This is a question of how to manage bringing new human beings into the world and determining who ought to be held responsible for their upbringing — caring for our young being an extremely serious matter that extends also beyond legal concerns. It’s the creation of a new generation of people, and the quality of their upbringing has a significant impact on who they become as they grow up. Neglect and abuse them and you may psychologically destroy those individuals. Leave them warded to the State and let them be transitioned from foster home to foster home, where the chances of being sexually violated is 30% higher than in regular society, and I assure you that many will come to resent us all.

We are not simply determining legal responsibility here; we are actively deciding how to  fashion the future. We are determining what sort of existence future generations may face, and that is a heavy burden to consider. We must step outside of our own wants and desires long enough to take in the hefty implications of what is being proposed by both feminists and MRAs in agreement with JohntheOther. They are proving alike in their pushing for each respective sex to have the right to terminate care and/or walk away and leave living beings to be cared for by others or possibly institutions. I am arguing for a third way, perhaps viewed as more traditional in some aspects, though one of my major arguments is that it would be seriously useful at this point if more people paused and deeply considered how little reason there is to bring so many new beings into existence at this point in history. An argument to be expanded on as time rolls on.

And here’s Friendough’s response to JohntheOther:

The consequences of pregnancy do indeed occur whether or not we want this. We can do what we’re able to prevent it, but sometimes it does happen anyway. That is a fact of life.

But that does flip us back to women’s options to terminate pregnancies or abandon newborns. Personally, I take serious issue with women being granted the legal right to “surrender” their children (within a certain amount of time and depending on state laws) to so-called “safe havens.” That’s a bad law, IMO, and it complicates this entire situation by neglecting the interests of the child. I am aware of why these laws came into being, but because some women choose to criminally commit infanticide is not a good enough reason to make it legal for women to abandon their babies in a society where abortions are pretty much freely available during the first and at least part of the second trimester of pregnancy.

Life comes with all kinds of consequences and responsibilities, chosen or not, and that applies to both women and men.

There is a TREMENDOUS difference between abortion and abandonment, that I do completely agree with. Abortion terminates a life, whereas abandonment involves a human brought into full existence. I see abortion as clearly preferable to abandonment in nearly all conceivable cases.

I get the notion that women reserve the right to terminate pregnancies, whereas men lose control once conception occurs, and this leads me back to what I said up above about perhaps this leaving us little option but for women to return to being more discriminating with sexual partners and to become dedicated in their use of available birth control options if they wish to avoid undergoing abortions, or else get used to undergoing abortions if casual, unprotected sex is to persist. Apparently this is where we stand today.

That we devote this much time and energy debating the legality of these matters is what I’ve come to see as folly. Where is the moral consideration in people’s arguments? Has that dimension ceased to be important to some people, perhaps because we live within such a diverse social climate that morality seems too subjective to bring up in public debate?