Early April 2016 update

Ordered a couple new audiobooks on Audible last night: On Writing by Stephen King and The 50th Law by Robert Greene and rap artist 50 Cent.

Began King’s book today and am so far enjoying it. Been a long time since I’ve read anything from Stephen King, having become worn out on his novels back in the mid-’90s. Believe the last one from him I read was Gerald’s Game. But Stephen King’s writings made a strong impression on me during my youth, beginning with reading Cujo when I was 8, that being the longest book from any author I had managed to read up until that point. Scared the living shit out of me for years.  lol  Read a few other titles from him and watched several of his movies over the years. He’s one wordy dude and I got to wishing they wouldn’t pay him according to word count. But his On Writing is different, a bit lighter than his usual fare (for obvious reasons), and actually rather humorous thus far. The man’s an experienced writer, no denying that, so I’m interested to learn more about how he approaches the craft.

The second title mentioned up above, The 50th Law, appealed to me after watching several interviews on youtube of Robert Greene where he discussed his time spent with 50 Cent. Sounded interesting, though I’m not much of a fan of 50 Cent’s music. Used to listen to it some, but haven’t kept up with it over time. Have previously listened to the audio versions of Robert Greene’s books Mastery and The Art of Seduction. He just came back across my radar recently so I’ve decided to give this latest book by him a listen in coming days.

About two weeks away from heading down South. Continue reading