“The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz” (powerful and important documentary)

Wow. Very powerful film. An absolute must-see for everybody, most especially my age group on down. I’ve been aware of Aaron Swartz for quite a while now and knew how his life tragically ended, and this is an amazing documentary to bring people up to speed on who he was and what he was up against.

People like to talk about feeling disposable. Well, welcome to it. These are the times we live in and it all runs very deep. Nobody is safe from what’s been legally instituted at this point. Nobody. And Aaron’s case was particularly harsh and unfair and just a damned shame all the way around.

Please do view this video. Especially all of you who claim to be supporters of “gamergate” since this is far more important and impacts you as well.

“In the age of Snowden, humanity is now redefined. We are not citizens, we are subjects to be monitored. We are not humans beings, we are resources…”

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“Cover-ups in Modern History”:

Love this man’s channel. CHistrue is also on Google+. (Looks like his videos currently have embedding disabled, so click on the links to watch them on YT.)