My mood changes like this state’s weather…

As people around here like to say: Don’t like the weather? Wait a day.

Sounds like my moods lately. ha

Fucking snowed today. Thankfully didn’t stick though. Tired of winter, but not yet ready for summer and wish we could enjoy a nice, long spring. I’ve come to love walking when the flowers set to blooming.

I get down and then get back up again, then get knocked down, then get pissed, then laugh it off a bit, then find something else to occupy my time for a while until something else swings around. So goes life. It helps to not have to get up so early and go out so late as I did most of last week. Schedules like that keep this night owl from getting much rest, which only exacerbates whatever else is going on.

(Ha! Found a creative video to go with that song. Used to watch Fraggle Rock all the time when I was little.)

But we work with what we’ve got.

Tax season certainly puts a damper on things too. Fuck this income tax setup.

Seriously. Someone I know and love earning under $50.000/yr., living basically month to month like everybody else and totally needing expensive and necessary repairs on his house, says he’s already paid in $1200 in 2014 so far. That is some kind of fucked up, especially considering how much he’s also dinged for medical insurance. Fucking economic slavery is what it turns out to be — paying your bills and just trying to keep getting by. Aging all the while. He works really hard for his money — harder than any man I’ve ever personally witnessed. He lives with injuries. Has to work, and thankfully is exceptionally skilled at his job. But still. No money left over to save, living month to month, like so many in our country. Getting by.

And the government’s gonna step in and skim money off the top, extracting straight out of people’s pay before they receive their checks. Seriously? Why in god’s name did anybody ever agree to that setup? Fucking idiots. Repeat after me: if we’re going to pay taxes, it’s not going to be a high percentage and we’re going to determine how the money’s spent. As it stands now the laws are uber-complex and neverending to where maybe only lawyers and judges have any clue how to interpret what’s going on. We the people have lost complete control of the reins over our government. No real good excuse for us to continue allowing it to be this way. The top corporations pay less percentage-wise (if they pay any at all) toward taxes than average Americans, and just think what 7% means coming from economic giants clearing annual profits like that. Fucking mind-blowing. Major corporations should be much more heavily taxed — damn right — partly because we need the money but also because that’s the only way to check them and keep them from dominating and buying up everything else. We’re confronting corporate conglomerates in this day and age — shit the world’s never before seen. How do we check their power if not financially? And it takes some major entity answerable to the public’s social and moral interests, like government (if we could keep it under our thumbs), to help enforce decisions and demand compliance through legal sanctions. That’s how we deal with corporations. But we need to employ different strategies when it comes to our personal and social realm.

Just veered off on a completely different thought when I went for more water. Had this thought before but so far haven’t committed to it the way I know I ought to. It relates to something I do have the power to change and ought to for the sake of a particular friend who means a lot to me. He deserves it, I deserve it — good for all involved. No real downside aside from requiring effort on my part, which for a long time I haven’t been dedicating. Shame on me. Times are gonna have to change, and I’m responsible for making that happen at least in this particular arena.

Gotta check ourselves too. Muy muy importante. Not always fun, but necessary. Lots of lessons learned the hard way, and that’s just the way it sometimes goes. Helps to have some sort of light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak, to look forward to. Ideals of sorts. Draws one’s soul toward something. But not all ambitions lead toward light, that I have figured out.

To be continued another time… Bedtime for now.

“The Revolution Continues”

Josie the Outlaw talking about the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence and our founding fathers:

Josie has a handful of awesome videos totally worth checking out.


Rewatching part of this film before bed tonight.


Food for thought from the makers of the film “Who Killed the Electric Car?”

To hell with worthless debt

My latest video, recorded Friday evening:

Can’t squeeze blood from a turnip…

1.) The Pentagon budget and military spending is a controversial topic littered with countless conflicting claims, making it nearly impossible to pin down reliable data, but here are some of the claims influencing my thinking on the matter:

Some people point to military spending being only 4-5% of GDP, which I have seen cited in reputable publications and is comparable to the percentage of GDP designated for both Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security separately. However, the 51% claim I make in the video pertains to percentage of federal discretionary spending, though that particular figure is nearly a decade old now.

“In 2011 military spending accounted for more than 58 percent of all federal discretionary spending and even more if the interest on the federal debt that is related to military spending were added.”:

One example of how portions of defense-related spending wind up obscured:

We’re hemorrhaging money all across the globe, and who knows how accurate the audit information is when it comes to covert overseas training? Here’s some of what we do know about:

2.) Now, moving on to student debt concerns.

Student Loan Debt Statistics:

High Hopes, Big Debts:

The Income-Based Repayment (IBR) plan that I’m signed up with:  (a big incentive for me to remain relatively poor)

3.) Corporate Welfare vs. Social Welfare.

See pages 3-8 specifically in this report:

A notable quote from the above report (pg. 4):

Thirty corporations paid less than nothing in aggregate federal
income taxes over the entire 2008-10 period. These companies, whose pretax U.S. profits totaled $160 billion over the three years, included: Pepco Holdings (–57.6% tax rate), General Electric (–45.3%), DuPont (–3.4%), Verizon (–2.9%), Boeing (–1.8%), Wells Fargo (–1.4%) and Honeywell (–0.7%).

A word from Ron Paul on the subject: