Ideological craziness as exemplified by Evergreen State College

More coverage (click here and here for more background info on this topic) on what’s been going on at Evergreen State College up in Olympia, Washington, where a portion of the students and staff have decided to increasingly push a super-divisive, Leftist narrative wherein white folks are othered on the basis of simply being white (because of “eurocentricism” and “white privilege” being viewed as a perpetual threat to minorities) and ridiculed accordingly and where police are automatically rejected and demonized as racist and oppressive and also where very loud and obstructive protests are encouraged at every opportunity. Yet what they’re demanding exactly isn’t clear. They just wish to push this new narrative and switch up the power roles as they perceive them to be at present.

A student at Evergreen State College, Benjamin Boyce, who graduated last semester has documented much of what’s been going on there lately.

Faculty and students finally began publicly speaking back to this movement:

And lastly, an informal interview with Professor Bret Weinstein who was targeted at Evergreen back in the spring:

Also, thanks to all the chaos, controversy, and blatant disrespect fomenting on that college campus, Police Chief Stacy Brown decided to resign. And can you really blame her? I would’ve too. Life’s too short to put up with working somewhere where you’re obviously unwanted and are restricted by the administration from doing your assigned job.

Friday Evening Unwind

Done with work for the day, sipping wine spritzers, in the mood for tunes.

A few songs I’ve been listening to again more recently in my car. Beginning with”Beware of the Boys (Mundian To Bach Ke)” by Panjabi MC featuring Jay-Z:

Loved that song since my early 20s.

Another couple of goodies I’ve been listening to again lately but have already posted before on this blog are Mary J. Blige’s “Family Affair” and Nappy Roots’ “Po’ Folks.”  biggrin_green

Moving on to tunes by Talib Kweli, beginning with his song “Get By”:

Here’s a great one by him featuring Mary J. Blige, “I Try”:

An upside down kingdom where life is just not fair (upside down kingdom)
So many sufferin’ cuz deep inside they’re scared (so scared)
Fear pumped into their veins to keep them from their destiny
Where would they be if you and I don’t care?


Life is a beautiful struggle
People search through the rubble for a suitable hustle
Some people usin’ the noodle, some people usin’ the muscle
Some people put it all together, make it fit like a puzzle

Those lyrics right there are so true.

Here’s his powerful song “Bushonomics,” featuring Cornel West:

LOVE that song.

Here’s his “Self Construction”:

So good knowing hip-hop remains alive and well. Talib Kweli is entirely underrated and just not getting the exposure his music deserves.

Lastly is his song “Hot Thing”: