When it comes to dangerous pedophiles, I favor a scorched earth approach.

Still awake. Earlier went in search of entertaining videos to get my mind off thoughts for a while and headed to Nate’s Vlogs channel (I’m a subscriber). Came across the following video (relevant portion beginning 2:30 in):

[Due to Nate’s first channel getting sacked by flagging assholes on youtube, this video is no longer available.]

Wow. That got me curious, so I went looking for more info on Geoffrey Leonard (Australian pedophile) and found the original A Current Affair clip:

Frickin’ nuts. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the death penalty ought to exist.

His name does ring a bell, though I didn’t recall the case.

One of his books indeed made it into the National Library of Australia.

A book by him made available online titled Razorwire: http://geoffreyleonard.tripod.com/razorwire.htm. Batshit is what it is.

So sick it’s astounding.

For further reading, Geoff Leonard responded in the comment section of this blog post in 2007.

Makes it conscientiously troubling to fly the “Life is Good” banner knowing people like that are out wandering around.