Kizzume — “Out Of Time”

Really loved this song produced by an internet peep I’ve been following for a few years now. This tune blew me away. Probably on my 5th re-listening in a row now. The lyrics follow.

Always a newer age
Only this time it’s somewhat newer than the rest
It won’t be long
We’ll be getting out champagne

That’s just a dream we have
Only this time it’s much much stronger than the rest
We scrape along
On the bottom of the tide

Nothing is for certain when you’re out of time
Nothing is forgotten when you’re on the line

Always a bigger stage
Only this time it’s somewhat bigger than the rest
We’ll act it out
As if to try and inflate

It’s just the team we have
Only this time it has more corruption than the rest
They can’t be wrong
They have Orwell on their hands

Nothing will reduce you to an empty space
Nothing will seduce you when you make your case


Super impressed over here. Knew he liked to mess around with the keyboard and music but had no idea how gifted he was until now. Kinda jealous, as one who cannot sing worth a damn.  lol  Either way though, he killed this. Great job, dude!  clap