Swerving toward the 4th of July… (thoughts on the fate of American society)

Had to drag this one back to my blog cave, Justicar’s “Response to Success Council’s Response to Me”:

(Not addressing Justicar directly, just speaking publicly and sharing my thoughts and reactions.)

Pausing at 18:15 . . . We’re dealing with a utilitarian perspective right there. Let me see if I have this right: If the majority profess to liking something, or at least prove willing to tolerate it, then it can’t be considered immoral because it serves the greater good. Most especially if they receive anything that can be construed as a benefit in return for their tolerance. And if one wishes to say the action is indeed immoral, they’d have to appeal to an authority greater than humanity. Hmm… Basically humans will get the societies they are willing to put up with, even as these “social customs” of adding taxes to more and more transactions crept in insidiously.

And that is where I have a problem. People are speaking out because a line has been crossed to where the costs do outweigh the benefits, and plenty we’re accustomed to thinking of as benefits isn’t serving our best interests in the ways we like to imagine. His argument acts in defense of bolstering popular delusions — whether intended that way or not, that’s the outcome. Because many people content themselves with living as domesticated pets and/or wage slaves, that way of life should be defended? No. It’s not psychologically or socially healthy for us to continue living these ways, that is my position. We are losing out on exploring our higher potential by continuing in this direction and allowing ourselves to become little more than tax-paying, empire-supporting consumer drones.

To which I imagine Justicar would say something like “Great! Hit the streets! Push for the change you seek.” Knowing full-well that at this stage in economic development in the Western world that politics are off-the-hook and the legal channels are very costly to navigate and prove ineffective when you’re actively interested in radically overhauling the status quo. So taking it to the political sphere is a waste of time for someone with views and positions this far outfield on such matters. My power would be better spent addressing individual people and working together to strengthen and expand both our (and any onlookers’)  understandings, in what ways we’re able, on where we stand today, what sounds saner and sustainable by comparison, and why. Conversations need to be had on these topics, and the beauty of the internet is it allows us all to plug in and interact. (That being one fantastic payoff to come out of modern times. The potential on here is immense.)

But the human element so often seems left out of these types of discussions. All is treated in the abstract and worries over what is conducive for maintaining sane conditions tends to be dismissed as an overreaction. All anyone seems to want to talk about anymore is the economic and the political — the big scale. Nevermind all of us down here on the ground, muddling along, trying to keep up with and wrap our minds around living in rapidly changing times. Yet it’s precisely us down here who are participating in boosting the economic and political as if supreme concerns trumping all else.

Does the personal cease to matter now? SJW’s turned everything personal into something political, and it’s precisely that which justifies steam-rolling over individual concerns and experiences. It’s almost as if the personal sphere is vilified when it’s brought up in the public debate, and that’s fucking strange when you really stop and think about it. We only really know what we individually know. Subjectively, necessarily. And sometimes where we arrive at contradictions or conflicts with how the majority have been conditioned into accepting what amounts to a new type of chains on our honest productive capacities and the ability to work towards meeting our own ends instead of being herded into a dehumanizing labor force and made to finance political chicanery that has no business occurring.

Because people agree to reasonable taxation to cover societal goods does not further suggest we can rightly be taxed for anything and everything while refusing to succumb to oversight on what our tax dollars are being spent on (transparency).

But this is where we get into the complexities of laws on the books and how much money is brought in and the countless ways it’s redistributed and how our elected representatives are caught up in playing the political/economic game and rendered disconnected from their constituents. Not to mention how we folks down here on the ground introduce a hodge-podge of conflicting shit and plenty seem perfectly willing to exploit the political process in order to provide people like themselves perks and preferential treatment. Which gets me thinking about frivolous misuse of the courts and special interest lobbying. And the invasion of corporatism with their indecipherable language of Legalese. And the simultaneous rise of the surveillance society amid mounting secrecy within government. How exactly do we as voters hope to check all of that?

Radical fucking times we live in, no doubt. What realistically can be done to change the tide when so many stand on-board with it?

That’s where I remain stuck, so I turn to people and talk to and listen to them. Figure grassroots is the way to go at this point, because it’s the only place we really have a chance at influencing others. Changing hearts and minds, including our owns as we personally evolve and expand. I honestly don’t know what else can be done in the face of this mammoth and its legions of minions willing to accept having their lives reduced to revolving around money, both acquisition and spending of. Sounds like a shallow existence under these circumstances.

If this is truly the will of the people, then it’s what will continue unfolding. My interest isn’t in forcing anybody else’s hand, just trying to protect my own interests and those of my loved ones where able, feeling increasingly powerless to do so. Tell me that isn’t an unhealthy psychological and social state to wake up and find oneself in. But here we are. What might we do about it? How do we cope with this realization? What is honestly productive in the face of this dilemma?