Alice Cooper quit alcohol too

Didn’t know much about the man other than enjoying a few of his songs (a couple of which were showcased in the “Dazed and Confused” and “Wayne’s World” movie soundtracks in the ’90s).

Alice Cooper’s real name is Vincent Damon Furnier (for those of us who didn’t know). Currently age 69. And he’s been off alcohol since the ’80s.

Reportedly considers himself to be a born-again Christian. Interesting. An excerpt from that linked article (published Tuesday, 28 March 2006):

Though some have questioned combining his faith in God with his rock-and-roll background, Cooper doesn’t see a conflict. “I’m the first one to rock as loud as I can, but when it comes to what I believe, I’m the first one to defend it too,” he said. “It has also gotten me in trouble with the staunch Christians who believe that in order to be a Christian you have to be on your knees 24 hours a day in a closet somewhere. Hey, maybe some people can live like that, but I don’t think that’s the way God expected us to live. When Christ came back, He hung out with the whores, the drunks and miscreants because they were people that needed Him. Christ never spent His time with the Pharisees.”


“I used to celebrate moral decay, the decadence of it,” he admitted in the interview. “I can look back on what I did then and what I’m doing now and they’re two different things. But at the time I was the poster boy for moral decay, you know. So yeah, I’ve got a lot to be forgiven for…out of ignorance, I thought I was doing the right thing. I was totally in agreement that every guy should sleep with every girl and drink as much as they can. I don’t believe that now. I don’t believe in it, because I see how destructive it is.”

Spiritual awakening is happening around the world, Cooper believes. “It’s obvious humanity is craving for answers directly born of awareness,” he said. “That’s the healthiest thing I’ve seen in a long time because there is something better and everybody’s gotta find it in their own way. People aren’t feeling fulfilled by how many cars they own or the size of their stock portfolio. Even the addicts are saying, ‘It doesn’t matter how many drugs I take, I’m not fulfilled. This isn’t satisfying.’ There’s a spiritual hunger going on. Everybody feels it. If you don’t feel it now, you will. Trust me. You will.”

Worth reading in full.

Far less interesting, though, is he’s now into golf.  But to each their own…

Learn something new everyday. Finding out more about this man has given me greater appreciation for him.

But I never forget his cameo appearance in the movie “Wayne’s World”:

Hehe   bow   cool

Courage to become better

My resolve to leave alcohol alone remains steadfast. No worries there. In fact, I’m looking forward to leaving it alone for a very long time. Because I miss myself. Miss being more motivated toward creative endeavors. And I also need all the strength I can muster these days in order to make other necessary changes in my life. My self-esteem has been on the ground these last couple of years, though it’s never been too good to begin with. I’m very self-critical, which is fine, but it’s gotten taken too far to where I oscillate between lashing out at myself (internally as well as externally in terms of how I verbally portray myself and my past deeds to others when upset) and lashing out at others. It’s no good. Then there’s the need to just improve my life overall and take better care of myself as well as my loved ones. I’m not known for being a very happy person, nor have I ever really been. But there’s only this one life I’m certain of having any control over. It’s mine and I am trying to steer it somewhere else now.

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Sunday afternoon thoughts in July

There’s no denying that I have a dark side. We all do. Some bigger than others. And mine is exacerbated by some of my lifestyle choices, which I’ve been struggling with (and openly stating so on here in recent months). Yesterday’s talk illuminated some of that for myself to take in and reflect on. I do not like the person I have become. This bitterness is poisonous, and I cry more than anybody should. Because I feel guilty. Forever feeling guilty. Or unworthy. And when I get locked into ruminating on the past that then poisons the present, and on and on it goes.

People can tell you to “get over it” and “let it go” and “move on” all they want to, but it doesn’t change a thing. This is all a process. There are several issues here all balled up and I’ve been having a hard time figuring them out and managing them. But I have been making progress. I see who I am. I hear the words that I’ve spoken and felt the shame they later generated. What is the productive response to this quandary?

I keep bringing up James Altucher on here because his words really have helped me in recent weeks. Makes a person feel better to know they’re not alone in fucking up. And that there’s a process to improving oneself and getting back up and becoming a better person. Paying attention to the 4 core areas on a daily basis: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical — that’s what I have to do.

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