For a good time, watch Count Dankula

This dude’s channel amuses me so.  hehe  Have to return from time to time to get my jollies.

“I’m A Force Of Nature”:



“Welcome To Reality”:

“The 14 Woofs”:

lol2  He and his pug crack me the hell up! (If you’re not familiar with their past legal troubles, look up “nazi pug Count Dankula” on youtube. It’s insane.)

“Comedian @GeorgeLopez Does To Disrespectful Black Chick What Everyone Should Do To Them!”

“Bitch, how you got a whole motherfucking crockpot in your pants?” LOL I saw that video footage where the black woman had stolen a pan and put it down her pants. Was unreal. Can’t believe she thought she might actually get away with that crime.

Uncle Hotep then chimed in:

“God Bless America”

Love this guy’s channel!  laugh_smilie The first half is too funny!


Very sad about Millennial Woes though. Heard about some of that for the first time this past week after not having kept up with his channel in quite a while. Hypocritical cowards is what those doxxers are. It’s true that MW didn’t advocate for violence toward others outside of necessary self-defense, so far as the many hours of footage from him I’ve watched over time has demonstrated to me. Hence why I like the man. Doesn’t matter if he is a white nationalist or sympathetic to those who are. He has a right to his beliefs and ideas just as black nationalists and others do, so long as they aren’t calling for going on the offense and initiating unwarranted violence. I occasionally watch and have subscribed to a couple black nationalists as well, because learning other people’s viewpoints interests me. This is what freedom of speech looks like. The limitation lies with actively inciting and promoting violent criminal offenses to occur. That’s the line. MW didn’t cross it, so far as I’ve ever seen. The protester who punched the Trump supporter putting out the fire in that video DID, as did those who openly and unambiguously encouraged folks to behave that way.

People know better. They just don’t care about holding this sort of flagrant double-standard. Fine for them since it suits their cause, at least seemingly and in the short run. If the table reversed we all know they’d be crying up a storm, playing victims to the hilt, calling for those involved to be charged with “hate crimes.” Naturally. Nevermind fairness and justice and equality under the law. Bah! Democrats aren’t happy, so it’s time for them to revert to the modus operandi: “By any means necessary.” Because, ya know, the ends justify the means, right? Why wouldn’t they? No chance of a backlash to this sort of bullshit tactic. Right?  straight_face

Idiots doing more damage to their own cause than anyone else possibly could hope to. Jerks on parade…

It’s funny, but it’s also kinda depressing too. Wondering what people are aiming to push others toward, and why. Do they crave retaliation? Do they mistake everybody else as being too weak to stand up to their aggressive displays? Do they really think such antics are likely to change hearts and minds in their favor? Really? Do they imagine the rest of society to be too stupid and inept to offer an effective counter to their bullshit shenanigans? Sounds like a naive assumption. I wouldn’t put money on that bet.

Plenty of folks are getting sick of being pushed around. Everything personal has become political — arguably to the point where the personal can’t just be personal (and only personal) anymore. But that’s a topic for another time.

Anyway, Count Dankula is spot on in that video. The dude cracks me the hell up!

Wish coming together and building a better future were possible, but no two of us can hardly agree on anything anymore. Sad but true…

Getting acquainted with Count Dankula’s channel

New channel I just stumbled across called Count Dankula:

That was titled “How Many Genders Are There?” lol Too funny. Paused at 5:38: “Demi-vapor” and “egogender” sound like the ultimate “special snowflake” gender assignments of them all.

And this is what I mean about the social sciences not being full-on true science. They can’t be. They’re too subjectively-oriented by their very nature. They more appropriately should be referred to simply as “social studies,” though I’d also argue that all fields differ and vary across a gradient from “hard” to “soft” science/studies. Saying this as a social sciences/sociology major (criminal justice minor) who graduated 8 years ago with a bunch of worthless student loan debt. uh_oh I continue to appreciate sociology and psychology and anthropology and various other “social science” fields, but they still aren’t true hard-core science. They may utilize scientific methods at times, but, depending on the field (as they do vary), not much of their data or conjecture is directly backed by falsifiable research. That’s how social theories differ from scientific hypotheses. And that’s fine, but not let’s not equate the two as identical in nature and value.

“The Doxxing Of Millennial Woes”:

Sad to hear that happened to Millennial Woes. Don’t agree with a good many of Woes’ expressed views either, but that doesn’t matter. He still didn’t deserve to be targeted this way for simply expressing his opinions online. Made to leave his country? Damn.

“The Joy of Danking”:

As a life-long Bob Ross fan, I approve of that video.  rainbow2

“Nazi Pug : Update #2”:

Weird that the local newspaper would take interest in that man. Very strange. Do they have nothing better to focus on than random people expressing supposedly unpopular opinions and humorous and sarcastic views?

“Eating Ice Cream Is Gay”:


“Hey MTV Gr8 Race B8 M8”:

“That’s Racist”:

Appreciate that last one particularly right about now.

“Don’t Work In Call Centres [RANT]”:

LOL! Worked at call centers as a teenager and hated that shit too. Didn’t last long. Such a sucky job. And it sounds like it’s even more off the hook in Scotland. Damn. That truly sounds like it sucks! Nit-picking corporate bullshit I cannot tolerate.

“Nazi Pug : Update #1”:

Wow. Didn’t know we was subjected to all that. All for expressing views others took issue with on youtube?? Quite obvious jokes at that! Geez…

“Feeding The Trolls 92: Roosh V” (plus my response)

Cute Fuzzy Weasel is a dork, but I happen to like dorks. Prefer guys like him heads and shoulders above any and all pick-up artists, that’s for sure. Having watched several of his videos over the last year or two, Weasel’s humor is playful and cheeky, not mean-spirited or below the belt. And unlike Roosh, he doesn’t harbor deep, unabating resentment toward women for adapting to modern life.  (How dare we! WHORES!! lol)  Thankfully, there remains a broad, diverse, and infinitely more alluring world outside of that strange little online circle-jerk known as the “manosphere.”

Still spitting in manospherians‘ direction since they never cease clamoring on about the unique evils of us womenfolk. As if members of one sex are automatically more prone to being more cruel than the other. But biases abound and some people do everything within their power to shut out any information that doesn’t confirm what they wish to believe were true, especially when they’re bound up with like-minded others in affiliation under a banner for some political/social cause. If that’s not in itself viewed as yet another manifestation of so-called “social justice” warring, then apparently the definition is being skewed in order to accommodate select groups who refuse to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Said that before and will keep saying it.

Spoken as a true American woman. Flip-flop-wearin’, comfy cozy loungin’, late-night pizza-munchin’ and all.   american_smilie

Now it’s time to get back to work.

“When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong” and other humor for a Saturday afternoon

Long been a fan of Dave Chappelle. One of my favorite comedians of all time. My buddy and I enjoy joking around with tidbits from his shows, particularly from the following two skits.

When “Keeping it Real” Goes Wrong (Brenda):

‘Cuz I keeps it real like that.


From eating popcorn in the comfort of her own home, to eating fruit cocktail off the prison floor…

Hehehe. Never tire of that one.

“Wayne Brady show”:

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

rofl  Love that part!

“True Hollywood Stories – Rick James Part 1”:

“True Hollywood Stories – Rick James Part 2”:

Fuck yo’ couch, nigga, fuck yo’ couch!


They should’ve never gave you niggas money!

LOL!  Charlie Murphy’s stories crack me up every time, no matter how many times I re-listen to them.

“Tron Carter’s Law & Order”:

I plead the fifth!

R. Kelly (Parody) – “Piss on You”:

“Kneehigh Park”:

It’s a VD Day…

“The Pregnant Oprah Episode” clips:

I respect Dave Chappelle for standing up for himself and his own interests and backing away from Hollywood. Probably a crazy life to be mixed up in all of that for too long.

Super late-night entertainment

Still awake at this ungodly hour. So gonna amuse myself a bit before trying to get some shut-eye.

Pulling from my humor playlist on youtube, beginning with a bit titled “John Cleese vs Extremism”:

hehe Love that.

A clip from Cheech and Chong’s Nice Dreams that never gets old:

A bit from Chris Rock on how women hate women:

Too often true.

A great clip from the show Family Guy:


This became one of my favorite movie quotes of all time:

I continue to get a kick out of this one, “Mtv’s The State – Froggy Jamboree”:

Cute. hehe

Memorable movie insult:

Wanted to send that link to plenty of people encountered online. lol Seriously.

A dumb parody that became ingrained in my head forevermore, “Table Be Round | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim”:


Finishing up with a clip from one of my all-time favorite movies, Spaceballs: