Health can fail when we least expect it

More bad news. Because that’s the way life goes sometimes…

My companion’s close friend and co-worker came down sick last Wednesday while at work. Got very tired and had to go take a nap in his car. Said he couldn’t get warm. Then Thursday he called in sick to work. Then Friday nobody heard from him at work, which was very strange, so a few tried calling and texting and received no response from him, which was also odd. Come to find out, he’d been found on Thursday by a family member on the floor as though he had fallen out of bed, unconscious. They called the ambulance and the doctors said he was running a fever of 105 degrees. Over the weekend the doctors tried to insert a feeding tube but the man kept resisting it, so they induced a coma. And that’s the state he remains in ever since.

Very sad. He’s a single father raising a litter of kids on his own. Only met him a couple of times myself, but my companion says he’s a real nice guy, very stand-up person. The doctors don’t yet know what’s wrong with him. A couple guys around the shop are wondering if it’s Legionnaires disease. My grandma wondered if it’s a bad case of West Nile virus since that’s been spreading in the Midwest and the South lately. Then there’s the question if black mold somehow played a role. But right now nobody knows. Just waiting to hear more news.


Update 9/25/2014: Tonight the word is my companion’s friend is doing a little better today. The doctors were trying to bring him out of the induced coma and later a family member said he was responsive to hearing his name. So that’s a good sign. Hopefully he fully recovers.


Update 9/28/2014: My companion went to the hospital to visit his friend today. He’s still not able to communicate and family members are alternating sitting with him around the clock (and also are taking care of his kids). The doctors say it is Legionnaire’s Disease. Got him hooked up to just about every machine available in the hospital, my companion said.

There’s more to the story than that, but we’ll leave it there for now. The guy’s gone through a lot, that’s for sure. My companion bought him some of his favorite candy bars for when he recovers enough to eat them.


Update 10/7/2014: Good news! The man was released from the hospital on Sunday and is back home with his kids. My companion spoke to him on the phone and said his friend sounds pretty much like himself, just feeling physically weak (two weeks of being stuck in a hospital bed will do that). He’s going to be out of work for a while during the rest of his recovery, but he pulled through the illness and is doing much better. Everybody’s greatly relieved.