“Why Happy Couples Cheat | Esther Perel | TED Talks”

Having previously listened to Esther Perel’s audiobook Mating in Captivity, I am glad to stumble across her talk here on TED.

Chill night

Just got in from hanging out with my buddy down the way for a little while. Figure I’ll pack tomorrow. Tonight is about chillin’.

Had a good conversation and he said some things that really lifted my spirits. Very nice guy. Known him nearly 6 years. Blows glass and is amazing at it. I go hang out at his backyard workshop and watch him work, or at least that’s what I used to do until I took a break for a couple years there while going through that whole reclusive phase. Well, breaking out of that. He keeps telling me I’m always welcome, so hey, great, I’m there. Will start hanging out again. Always enjoyed watching him work and chatting, and he says he appreciates the company.

Would be totally good for me right about now to be back around a positive influence and supportive friend. This guy’s been married for over 10 years (with a kid), so it’s purely platonic and always has been. Just fun to talk with. And he also has a partner who comes over to the shop to work with him who’s extremely talented as well. Plus, some folks from the bar (the one I stay out of nowadays and largely have the last couple of years) drop by, so I get to see them again too, so that’s nice. My buddy’s shop is just a chill place to hang out some nights, as it’s always been. Feels good to be back over there again.

Reminds me I actually do have local support despite so often these days feeling like I don’t. Because I haven’t reached out. Was a bit embarrassed to do so, considering what I was holding onto and all. That was my weak time — got really depressed. Just didn’t much care to be around most people during recent years. I lost myself in that relationship, admittedly so. And so be it. Such is life. Sometimes shit happens. Learned a lot too though. Changed me in a few ways that actually are probably for the best. I don’t wish to go back to my old lifestyle. So, it’s just a question of where all to go from here.

Uploaded tonight my own video for The White Stripes’ disturbing song “There’s No Home For You Here”:

In short, it’s sunk in.

Another one worth re-listening to this evening:

Love that song. That was Rhino Bucket’s “Ride With Yourself.”

Damn, checking out my channel tonight I see that a number of my songs uploaded to youtube aren’t viewable in the U.S. That sucks. Boo.

Another one that’s been on my mind a lot this week especially is The White Stripes’ “Effect and Cause”: