“Reza Aslan Cannot Be Trusted”

“Reza Aslan Cannot Be Trusted” by David Pakman:

“Reza Aslan’s Lies and Media Bias (David Pakman Interview)” on The Rubin Report:

Sam Harris vs. Reza Aslan on BookTV (C-Span2; Jan. 25, 2007):

“The Politics of American Fundamentalism”

Watched this video tonight:

A few years ago I read Chris Hedges’ book American Fascists and appreciated it for what value it did bring to this discussion. I disagree with Chris Hedges in places as well, but he’s on to it with understanding that people are breaking down without support networks and thereby are turning to churches since who else, besides family, are likely to accept you like that? Nodding along with Tooltime. A big problem though is these folks are by-and-large being used to serve these churches’ power ambitions.

We got a megachurch in a nearby suburb that honestly kinda freaks me out. I went in there once to sit through a service after it was mentioned by a friend and I’d listened to a few of the sermons posted on the church’s site. A bit weird. Had a huge canopy and a bunch of big screens and a waterfall scene at the pulpit and fancy acoustics. Didn’t find the people there to be too friendly though. But apparently lots of folks are interested in joining that church. Fully packed.

Plenty of people are in desperate need of a sense of belonging, and besides churches, what else really offers that? People need to belong to some sort of tribe and will settle when quality options aren’t available — this appears to be the present-day situation.

Have plenty of thoughts on this matter, but they’ll need to wait to another day. Nearing bedtime now. Super brief: we live in a super exploitative society. No fun waking up to realizing you’re treated like just a number today.

For good measure, here’s another video by Tooltime9901 titled “Arguing With Honey VS Vinegar”: