Tidbits of wisdom and advice from Dr. Jordan Peterson

“How To Stop Procrastinating”:

“Wasting Time and Opportunities”:

“Daily Structure Keeps You Sane”:

“Go Out and Make Something of Yourself!”:

“Tony Robbins speaks about The Art of Happiness” (plus my thoughts)

We humans are indeed notoriously bad at predicting what will make us happy. That is true.

A meaningful life requires both growing (progress) and giving (contributing to others). I do agree with that too.

I truly do hope that experiencing disappointment can and will act as the catalyst I dearly need to seek out other opportunities for growth and personal development in other areas of my life. Because he’s right about how casting blame doesn’t really change a thing. I’ve been indulging some negative feelings for a long time now, not really wanting to but still doing so as if I’ve my mind has been trapped in a circling pattern. And I’ve been aware of this for quite a while but just unsure how to alter it effectively.

The “blueprint” I’ve been operating with for a lot of years was partly a product of my family members’ expectations, partly that of greater society. And in both cases I did not live up to those expectations the way others thought I should and it has affected how I feel about myself. Deeply and profoundly so. Never had an interest in pursuing the corporate route or academe like my stepfather deemed to be “success.” Don’t possess the artistic skills to be commercially competitive the way my Papa would’ve liked, though he remained far more open-minded and flexible and honestly just wanted me to be happy in the end. Continue reading