“Ex-BPD Cop Joe Crystal Blew The Whistle On Corrupt Police & Paid The Price (Interview w/ Cenk Uygur)”

I have mixed feelings about Cenk based on what I’ve seen and heard from him thus far. But still. Good interview. Worthy of sharing to hear Joe Crystal expounding on what occurred in his situation.

“Aristotle, Anger, and Akrasia (Lack of Self-Control)”

Another worthwhile lecture from Dr. Gregory B. Sadler:

Dialogue between Dr. Corey Anton and Stefan Molyneux (on Capitalism, Materialism, Freedom, and Death)

What a treat. Tonight I stumbled across this clip of Professor Corey Anton talking with Stefan Molyneux:

I’ve watched numerous videos posted by Prof. Anton and recommend his channel to others. Recently Stefan came back across my radar and now, lo and behold, I find these two are familiar with one another. And this is why I appreciate youtube.