“Why Happy Couples Cheat | Esther Perel | TED Talks”

Having previously listened to Esther Perel’s audiobook Mating in Captivity, I am glad to stumble across her talk here on TED.

Jordan Owen discussing Roosh, RoK, the Gor novels, and how embracing such crud makes things worse

It’s videos like this that keep me appreciating Jordan Owen.

Been hearing and reading the name Roosh the last couple of weeks and noticed the buzz around AVFM but hadn’t clicked on anything about him before today. Only recently recall hearing about the Return of Kings website and so took a look at it this evening after hearing the name Roosh mentioned yet again, this time coming up in Owen and Aurini’s falling out.

Looked a few things over, read a forum thread where opposing views voiced their opinions on the RoK site and overall message, clicked on a couple of Roosh’s videos pertaining to “rape culture,” and now I’m 1:08:54 into Jordan’s video above. So far it’s very interesting and provides a nice glimpse into this character who calls himself Roosh V, presented in a very fair-minded way, IMO.

He’s right that such talk like that coming from Roosh only serves to stir the panic that we all already know exists. Not helping. Definitely “defecates on” what a lot of men (and women) out here are trying to accomplish in hope of improving all of our lots in this life by aiming to be fair and to respect one another’s humanity.

Carrying on…

Pausing at 1:12:39 — couldn’t agree more, going on what’s been presented here so far. Jordan explains it all very well in terms I’m sure most could understand if they’d take time to listen and take it in. Not just letting his words play in the background while doing other shit either. When I’m not watching this, it’s paused, which is necessary when it comes to videos worth watching, as this one is.

Back to watching…

Just finished viewing the video. Very powerful. He did a really good job in explaining his position here, and I, for one, stand largely in agreement.

Pondering on Teal Scott (and rambling on my own spiritual journey)

I gotta say it, I’ve watched a number of her teaching videos over time and feel plenty contain nuggets interesting enough to be worth storing in my playlists. Why? Because human psychology in the broadest sense is fascinating, and I enjoy playing with all sorts of information and ideas. Doesn’t mean I agree with all or even half of what someone has to say even if they can at least offer up useful nuggets or metaphors I personally find useful and can carry forward (for however long, some obviously wind up abandoned along the way).

However, I’m actually not much of a “new-agey” type, don’t get into crystals and herbs and never owned a pair of Birkenstocks. As a teen, for a year or so I dabbled a little with Wicca and astrology (and how many didn’t in the ’90s? lol), but then again back after I lost my religion (at approx. 14) I went in search of tidbits from all kinds of religions and belief systems over the next few years, until finally settling on just calling myself an agnostic and checking out on spiritual inquiries for nearly a decade. Turned my attention to politics instead and identified as a libertarian since before I was eligible to vote.

But I came up with my Grandma’s take on Christianity, which was highly spiritual and didn’t contain all that much of the fire and brimstone teachings churches down South are known for. I was steeped mostly in what she had to say and read to me, and her main focus is that Jesus loves us all, that we are all God’s children. And though I abandoned all religions, that belief remains in my heart. Nowadays I’d spell it out a little differently, but that’s irrelevant since no religious teachings can be anything other than metaphors. Such is the nature of trying to describe the indescribable — our languages and imaginations are too feeble and limited for the task, though scientific inquiries have introduced us to new ways of approaching this age-old question of what exists beyond life as we directly experience it.

(For the record, in case it matters, my Grandma is a lifelong tee-totaling Republican and Methodist, about as far as one can get from being a liberal hippie.)

A person’s personal beliefs are their own and are completely incapable of being shown in-full to others. No matter how one attempts to explain it, we just can’t know from inside one another’s minds. Words conjure up different memories and ideas, each one of us possesses unique fusions of thoughts and feelings based on how we personally have engaged with the world and what we’ve been exposed to. Plus people’s imaginations differ widely.

About a decade ago I went to dabbling with atheism and trying that on for size, but it felt too restrictive. Continue reading