“2017 Maps of Meaning 9: Patterns of Symbolic Representation” (Dr. Jordan Peterson)

Sitting with this lecture this morning:

Food for thought from Professor Anton

Throughout the day re-watching videos when time permits, flipping through Prof. Corey Anton’s youtube channel again tonight, as I like to do fairly regularly. Following are a few I’m glad to stumble back across.

“Larger Implications of Youtube”:

“Information, relevance, and great acts”:

“Corey Anton: The Lie of Standing Alone”:

“Corey Anton: Stoic Virtues (Ancient & Modern)”:

“Corey Anton: Neo-Stoicism in the Modern World”:

“Corey Anton: Solving Psychological Problems (Logotherapy)”:

“Corey Anton: We Become What We Think of Ourselves”:

“Corey Anton: Ambiguity, Suffering, & the Atheist/Theist Debate”:

“Corey Anton: Self-Esteem & Reality Confidence (On Calibration)”:

“Corey Anton: Meaning Junkies & the Courage to Need Little”:

“Why I am not an Atheist”:

“What is a Wasted Life?”:

He has so many awesome videos worth taking time with.


Geoff Thompson discussing suffering and confronting our fears:

If you’re not yet familiar with Geoff’s videos, now’s a great time to become acquainted.

I always feel a bit better after listening to Geoff speak on a subject.

MORE wisdom and ideas passed along by Professor Anton

“The Lie of Standing Alone”:

“Information, relevance, and great acts”:

“What is Mental Health?”:

“Update Vid: (Lifemaking, Learning, & the Seductions of Neoliberal Extremes)”:

“Making the Scene”:

“Predictions & Promises: on human action”:

“Candid Conversation with Elliott Hulse”

Getting to know Elliott Hulse:

I really appreciate his videos and am a subscriber. His inspiring and intelligent content helps reinvigorate my faith in human potentiality. smile

The parts where he talks about partnerships and later sex are very insightful. On the woman’s role in developing the virtue of saying “no” through building up one’s character to better guard one’s soul — I get it and very much agree. It really isn’t about what clothes we wear or whether we’re chaste; it’s more of an issue of what we allow, what we seek out, being cognizant that we each lose a small piece of ourselves to each person we’re sexually intimate with. Yes, that is so true.