MORE music for a cold November late night

Even more tunes are on the menu for this evening. Why not? Finished all my work for the day and am about to crack open a brew. My noodle’s worn out and tunes are the only remedy.  nod

Here’s Blue Oyster Cult with “Don’t Fear the Reaper”:


America’s “Sister Golden Hair”:

Here’s a song my guy said made him think of me back earlier on when we were dating, “Lady” by Little River Band:

That’s a sweet song.

Here’s Little River Band’s “Help Is On Its Way”:

A song I’ve long adored, performed here on the Midnight Special in 1976, Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon”:

And Fleetwood Mac’s song “Tusk” performed in concert on “The Dance” tour:

What I love about that group is how extremely and uniquely talented each and every member is. It’s really astounding that they all found one another, and the rest of us are better off as a result. True artistry.

Case in point, “I’m So Afraid”:

“Gold Dust Woman” performed on their “The Dance” tour:

I’ve loved that song since forever. Hole’s version came out in the middle of my teen years (and was included on “The Crow: City of Angels” soundtrack) and helped revive interest in Fleetwood Mac since their version just can’t be topped.

Just stumbled across a new singer I’ve never seen or heard of before named Dilana:

Another interesting tidbit is the song “El Tango de Roxanne” from the movie Moulin Rouge:

I remember watching the movie once years ago but barely remember it. Had a few really good songs though.

Apparently Dilana (says her last name is Robichaux here and Smith on another video?) was on some show. Huh. It’s all news to me. Here’s her covering “Cat’s in the Cradle”:

Thinking back on songs I haven’t heard in a while…

Practically forever I’ve loved Chris Isaak’s song “Wicked Game”:

Though sadly I remember exactly what turned me on to it, and it isn’t pretty.  lol  It was on the commercial/promo for the soap opera “General Hospital” having to do with Antonio Sabato, Jr.’s and Vanessa Marcil’s characters in love. Made a big impression on my 10- or 11-year-old mind playing hooky from school.

It was several years until I watched David Lynch’s film “Wild At Heart,” probably in my early 20s.

Trying to find a more forceful version or cover of that song but coming up empty-handed this evening-heading-into-morning.