“This is why Black Lives don’t matter to many!”

From the Ghetto News Network (based in Chicago):

For good measure, let’s watch another one of his videos.

“(Most) Black Women are the reason for the ignorance and killing done by (Most)Black Men”:

One more, “Two baby girls gunned down (92nd & Jeffrey)”:

Views from Andywarski

Been appreciating his channel in recent weeks.

“Worst Racist on Youtube – Worse than Franny”:

“Unboxing Liberal Elitism!? Wait… what?”:

“Teacher Says ‘All White People are Racist.'”:

“Science Must Fall!? Sjw’s at University of Cape Town”:

“White People are Lazy and Stink”:

“Racist Black Chick Hates Whiteness”:

“What Happens When Cops Don’t Shoot”:

“Scariest #BLM Tweets – ‘Black lives matter is a peaceful group.'”:

Love his channel.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

An excellent compilation that I wish others would take time to view. Will add more of the videos when I get back from my afternoon work.

Back in and continuing on…

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Part 10:

Especially appreciate that last man’s commentary in video 10.

Part 11:

Excellent response.

Part 12:

Part 13:

Part 14:

Part 15:

Glad I watched ’til the end. A lot of interesting voices there. Also wasn’t what I expected from rapper Lil Wayne (never listened to his music, so far as I’m aware, but have listened at least on one other occasion to his commentary before).

Overall, I’m very glad this compilation series was created.

Racism certainly is NOT exclusive to white people

It’s one of those claims we’ve all heard for years: black people can’t be racist, only whites can. That frankly is untrue, and it doesn’t take the media to teach you this.

Despite such rhetoric becoming popular, I think we all realize the falsehood in its intent. When people claim black folks have no power, only whites do, that too is blatantly incorrect. Power overall isn’t limited to institutionalized power, not that black folks entirely lack that either in this day and age in the U.S.

For many years I’ve aimed to maintain a more open mind on this and related subjects, having in the past been exposed to arguments from feminists of color very critical of “white culture.” Some of what they had to say I, at the time, sympathized with, and therefore I decided to suspend judgment so as to wait and see how race and gender relations might shake out over time. Well, more than a decade went by and now what do we see? More footage of riots in the street, more evidence of black-instigated crime, and the rising popularity in categorically vilifying white people, particularly white males, despite so many Caucasian citizens becoming more careful about what they say and do around people of color and supporting “hate crime” legislation and even the election of the first black president in the U.S. But have efforts toward appeasement and broadening understanding turned out to help or hinder race relations in our country?

When was the last time you saw a group of white folks standing around laughing and videotaping while one of them drags a black person around by the hair and beating him or her? How often do we hear of entire groups of white people invading homes to rob, rape, torture and kill people of color? How often do large mobs of white men take to the streets to riot and destroy businesses and harass others? How commonly are racial epithets spewed by white people toward people of color actively tolerated by onlookers? And when was the last time you heard of numerous white folks attacking black people and, once caught, directly stating they were motivated by hate toward the black race?

Realistically, how often is this actually happening?

I think we know the answers, yet we’re not supposed to talk about it. I talk about it sometimes among friends, but out in public it would be seen as looking for a fight to state the data plainly. That’s what political correctness has brought us — an inability to address issues matter-of-factly for fear of retaliation and being labeled as racists. How do people openly reckon with such trends if they can’t even discuss it?

Very strange times we live in…

Videos from Colin Flaherty (part 1)

Colin Flaherty with Gavin McInnes at compound media:

Does this incident in Waterloo, Iowa, look like a good example of police brutality to anybody out there? Doesn’t to me:

Yet the media seemed to take issue with that officer’s actions and speech.

On violence at Temple University:

In response to a Philadelphia columnist:

Examples of black people harassing, robbing and even raping old white people:

And his channel goes on and on and on in showcasing news stories of this sort. Interesting to take in and ponder on.

Out of time tonight. May post up more later.

“The video Black Lives Matter doesn’t want you to watch”