“Four Horsemen” film

Today’s documentary offering, “Four Horsemen”:

I do have several quibbles with the content of this film, but I listened to it and offer it up as food for thought for others. Plenty of parts I appreciated, but we each have to approach this kind of information critically. Often I find myself in agreement with the portrayal of problems but take issue with the proposed solutions (same held true with the last “Zeitgeist” film).

“The Secret of Oz”

A film recently recommended to me by Jurij:

Never read the book, but I appreciated the overall content in that video. Provides even more reasons for not wanting to join the rabble in clamoring for a return to gold standard — doesn’t address the root concerns, and therefore enacted alone won’t change a thing, at least not for the better. That’s been my general understanding, which created a rift between me and Libertarians who’d been infected with neoconservative economic ideology.

Anyway, great film that I’m sure others will get something out of as well.

“Financial Terrorism Exposed!! – Thomas Sheridan (Psychopaths in Public Life)”

Just finished watching this video this evening: