The iconic performance art of Marilyn Manson

And then I became ill, once again. Am now taking antibiotics that are not compatible with alcohol consumption (will make a person violently sick if mixed, as I’ve discovered on this drug in years past) and so am forced to take a week off from drinking. Probably a blessing in disguise there. Might actually file my frickin’ taxes finally, with only two weeks left to go on that, and work on revamping my business website so that I can roll out new local advertising in an effort to beef up my income. Maybe I’ll also bore myself into creating a new youtube video as well. Maybe. We’ll see.

In the meantime (while tending to laundry on this dreary, cold, rainy day), let’s look back on the tunes of Marilyn Manson, an iconic figure most influential during my youth. Was a big fan of his music in the ’90s and early 2000s and admit to not keeping up with his new stuff since, but hope to soon enough sit with his newer albums to find out what I’ve been missing. But for today let’s stick with what’s well-known and loved.

Beginning with the remade song that initially sealed the deal for so many of us, “Sweet Dreams”:

“Prelude (The Family Trip)”:

Always liked that intro.  reddevil

“Get Your Gunn”:

“Cake And Sodomy”:

White trash get down on your knees, time for cake and sodomy…


“Dope Hat”:

“Snake Eyes and Sissies”:

“My Monkey”:

Weird song right there. Yup.

“Misery Machine”:

Time to create a part 2.

A “Monster Booty” Break

The ’90s are on my mind, so let’s just go there:

Ha! I like to move it move it…bananaman

Here’s one I don’t remember hearing before my 20s and then fell in love with:

That was Patra’s “Pull Up to My Bumper.”  hehe  (Enjoying this performance, btw.  hehe )

The “Monster Booty” album is to blame for tonight’s musical offerings. It’s been regularly shuffled in my car’s music rotation for several years now. Yup, I shamelessly admit it.

Now time to kick some “Dazzey Duks”:

That song was introduced to my 13-year-old brain and got so stuck that I’m confidant it’ll follow me into any afterlife. Ha

Never watched the videos before tonight though.

“Da Butt” by E.U.:

Being so young when these came out, some I associate with so much goofy, prepubescent playfulness, like swimming pools and art doodlings and our Chihuahua raping stuffed animals.

Especially true with this song, “Rump Shaker” by Wreckz N Effect:

Playful music from my “tween” years (that term not yet in existence in the early ’90s).

“Boom Boom Boom” by Outhere Brothers:

Geronimo, look out below. Here comes the brother with the offbeat flow. I just fell from the mothership. Outhere Brothers ’bout to rip it on another tip, slip…

Those lyrics I love for whatever reason. All of these songs have graphic, nasty lyrics when you really stop and pay close attention.

And now it’s time for bed. More “Monster Booty”-ing will have to wait for another night. ha