Saudi Arabia is no “ally” worth having

Saudi Arabia, as a country and as a culture, unnerves me. But, that being half of my bloodline (so says my mother), I’m drawn back time and again to learn about it. Unfortunately so much of what I’ve seen and heard over time (including what I was told by a Saudi man who had befriended my former husband many years back) isn’t pretty. The VAST majority of it isn’t actually. Not to mention their royal family appears sadistically nuts, yet still is claimed as an ally by the U.S. and European nations.

Before I begin posting up links tonight, it deserves to be stated that I did attempt a positive information hunt on Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in general that went on for a few years, particularly during my time volunteering within the pro-peace/anti-war movement. Back then I really strove to give peace a chance and to open up my mind, hoping I’d come across information that could contradict what all I’d managed to learn about that nation and its people up until then. But no such luck. Even the liberal peace community couldn’t sweep its human rights abuses under the rug despite sometimes trying. That culture’s atrocious human rights record is undeniable, plentiful, and completely unapologetic.

Tonight I’ll showcase a few examples, beginning with a graphic LiveLeak video of a male servant being whipped, hit, and spit on by his purportedly Saudi (Arab of some sort either way) “sponsor”:

Saudi Arabia requires a “sponsorship” program for its immigrant workers whereby a “sponsor” is granted a great deal of control over the worker, including his or her right to leave the country. This was reported in the Human Rights Watch 2012 report on Saudi Arabia:

ScreenHunter_16 Jul. 26 01.07That was a screen-captured excerpt from the HRW link above. And, as you saw in the LiveLeak video linked above, the abuse isn’t confined to female migrant workers only.

Came across this article from the World Tribune (Sept. 22, 2013) titled “Opposition: Saudi king’s son promotes ‘racist policy’ against nation’s blacks“:

ScreenHunter_17 Jul. 26 01.12Hence why I was mistaken in my most recent video where I assumed there were little to no black people even living in Saudi Arabia these days. Come to find out they’re just being kept off the television and treated like second-class citizens (lower even than the migrant workers apparently in some cases) in what amounts to an apartheid setup. Not that that’s any better…

Here’s an article from The Guardian (Oct. 19, 2010) titled “Saudi prince guilty of servant’s murder“:

ScreenHunter_18 Jul. 26 01.19The House of Saud is showing itself to be the House of Sade (Marquis de Sade, that is). Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. It goes on and on and on with these folks…

Here’s an example from just last week, “Saudi royal arrested over videos purportedly showing abuse” (CBS News; July 20, 2017):

ScreenHunter_19 Jul. 26 01.31A “prison for wayward royals”? They necessitate their own prison?? How many frickin’ royals does that country have? Don’t know much about the new king, but I won’t be holding my breath and expecting any real change to occur. Takes time to evolve, and that goes for people and whole cultures. Won’t happen over the course of a few years, most certainly.

I’ll let Abby Martin of the Empire Files tell us a little more:

Appointed to the human rights panel at the UN. Yep, you heard that right. AND Saudi Arabia’s term on that panel won’t expire until 2019 (assuming they aren’t reappointed). Yet some continue to wonder why the United Nations is (increasingly) viewed as a sick, sad, twisted joke.

Am I uncomfortable with that half of my bloodline? No, not really. Though I am grateful to have not been born there and to not have been directly exposed to that disturbing culture/religion while growing up (spoken as someone raised in Mississippi  tongue_out  Imagine that seeming WAYYY better by comparison. Ha!). Guess it’s a good thing that my biological father wasn’t in my life. Might’ve turned out way worse. I’m willing to bet it probably would have, sad as that may sound to an outsider. Sure, that’s really unfortunate to have to acknowledge and accept, but the truth isn’t always a rose garden. I honestly would rather never know my biological father if he is much like many of the Arab men I’ve either encountered or learned about. Chances are great that he too was/is a Muslim (my mother hasn’t offered much information to shed light on who he was). Did he support Sharia Law? Would he have raised me in accordance with that religion had he known of my existence? If so, that warrants a write-off in my book.

That being of their own doing. Apostasy is a crazy concept. Remaining forever grateful to not have been raised up within a society that kowtows to Sharia Law. Color me biased, that’s fine. (Though, by the same token, I’m also very grateful to not have been raised by Christian Fundamentalists.)

So, what does this do to my own self-perception? Not as much damage as one might expect. Fills me with a sense of gratitude to be born an American and raised within an American family. Truth be told (biased as I can’t help but be). Also grateful to know I can’t be deported no matter what I do or so. Heh  Seriously though (and Guantanamo aside). Not even going to take chances with visiting a country like that since someone like me would probably be stoned while exiting the plane.  not_amused  Or kept there in some weirdo’s bathroom and tortured for my heathen Western ways… (Or lashed by the authorities for what I’ve blogged about.)  Oy.

Happen to like my skin tone. Wonder sometimes if possessing that genetic background is why I can be such an emotional hothead. Otherwise, I tend to find the whole situation a bit funny, ironically so. Am proud to be a “sand honky,” since I’m the only one I’ve ever known (meaning specifically a Southerner/Arab blend). And I feel it gives me all the more license to tell it like I see it when it comes to the Arab world. Not self-hating since my problem is with that CULTURE (along with its peculiar religion, or at least the extremes it tends to be taken to).


A couple more links I’m perusing and wish to save for future reference. From the Pew Research Center (May 26, 2017):

From Amnesty International (Saudi Arabia 2016/2017 Annual Report):

Tidbits of wisdom and advice from Dr. Jordan Peterson

“How To Stop Procrastinating”:

“Wasting Time and Opportunities”:

“Daily Structure Keeps You Sane”:

“Go Out and Make Something of Yourself!”:

“Sam Harris Vs. Abby Martin”

Interesting to listen to them express their views on Islam, jihadists, and U.S. intervention in the Middle East.

Alice Cooper quit alcohol too

Didn’t know much about the man other than enjoying a few of his songs (a couple of which were showcased in the “Dazed and Confused” and “Wayne’s World” movie soundtracks in the ’90s).

Alice Cooper’s real name is Vincent Damon Furnier (for those of us who didn’t know). Currently age 69. And he’s been off alcohol since the ’80s.

Reportedly considers himself to be a born-again Christian. Interesting. An excerpt from that linked article (published Tuesday, 28 March 2006):

Though some have questioned combining his faith in God with his rock-and-roll background, Cooper doesn’t see a conflict. “I’m the first one to rock as loud as I can, but when it comes to what I believe, I’m the first one to defend it too,” he said. “It has also gotten me in trouble with the staunch Christians who believe that in order to be a Christian you have to be on your knees 24 hours a day in a closet somewhere. Hey, maybe some people can live like that, but I don’t think that’s the way God expected us to live. When Christ came back, He hung out with the whores, the drunks and miscreants because they were people that needed Him. Christ never spent His time with the Pharisees.”


“I used to celebrate moral decay, the decadence of it,” he admitted in the interview. “I can look back on what I did then and what I’m doing now and they’re two different things. But at the time I was the poster boy for moral decay, you know. So yeah, I’ve got a lot to be forgiven for…out of ignorance, I thought I was doing the right thing. I was totally in agreement that every guy should sleep with every girl and drink as much as they can. I don’t believe that now. I don’t believe in it, because I see how destructive it is.”

Spiritual awakening is happening around the world, Cooper believes. “It’s obvious humanity is craving for answers directly born of awareness,” he said. “That’s the healthiest thing I’ve seen in a long time because there is something better and everybody’s gotta find it in their own way. People aren’t feeling fulfilled by how many cars they own or the size of their stock portfolio. Even the addicts are saying, ‘It doesn’t matter how many drugs I take, I’m not fulfilled. This isn’t satisfying.’ There’s a spiritual hunger going on. Everybody feels it. If you don’t feel it now, you will. Trust me. You will.”

Worth reading in full.

Far less interesting, though, is he’s now into golf.  But to each their own…

Learn something new everyday. Finding out more about this man has given me greater appreciation for him.

But I never forget his cameo appearance in the movie “Wayne’s World”:

Hehe   bow   cool

“GRAPHIC ! – Migrant Muslims ‘Adapting’ to European Societies”

“God Bless America”

Love this guy’s channel!  laugh_smilie The first half is too funny!


Very sad about Millennial Woes though. Heard about some of that for the first time this past week after not having kept up with his channel in quite a while. Hypocritical cowards is what those doxxers are. It’s true that MW didn’t advocate for violence toward others outside of necessary self-defense, so far as the many hours of footage from him I’ve watched over time has demonstrated to me. Hence why I like the man. Doesn’t matter if he is a white nationalist or sympathetic to those who are. He has a right to his beliefs and ideas just as black nationalists and others do, so long as they aren’t calling for going on the offense and initiating unwarranted violence. I occasionally watch and have subscribed to a couple black nationalists as well, because learning other people’s viewpoints interests me. This is what freedom of speech looks like. The limitation lies with actively inciting and promoting violent criminal offenses to occur. That’s the line. MW didn’t cross it, so far as I’ve ever seen. The protester who punched the Trump supporter putting out the fire in that video DID, as did those who openly and unambiguously encouraged folks to behave that way.

People know better. They just don’t care about holding this sort of flagrant double-standard. Fine for them since it suits their cause, at least seemingly and in the short run. If the table reversed we all know they’d be crying up a storm, playing victims to the hilt, calling for those involved to be charged with “hate crimes.” Naturally. Nevermind fairness and justice and equality under the law. Bah! Democrats aren’t happy, so it’s time for them to revert to the modus operandi: “By any means necessary.” Because, ya know, the ends justify the means, right? Why wouldn’t they? No chance of a backlash to this sort of bullshit tactic. Right?  straight_face

Idiots doing more damage to their own cause than anyone else possibly could hope to. Jerks on parade…

It’s funny, but it’s also kinda depressing too. Wondering what people are aiming to push others toward, and why. Do they crave retaliation? Do they mistake everybody else as being too weak to stand up to their aggressive displays? Do they really think such antics are likely to change hearts and minds in their favor? Really? Do they imagine the rest of society to be too stupid and inept to offer an effective counter to their bullshit shenanigans? Sounds like a naive assumption. I wouldn’t put money on that bet.

Plenty of folks are getting sick of being pushed around. Everything personal has become political — arguably to the point where the personal can’t just be personal (and only personal) anymore. But that’s a topic for another time.

Anyway, Count Dankula is spot on in that video. The dude cracks me the hell up!

Wish coming together and building a better future were possible, but no two of us can hardly agree on anything anymore. Sad but true…

Meet Josephine

Came across this channel today:

That was Josephine arguing that so-called “reverse racism” is simply racism.

“Black Lives Matter?”:

“‘We need to Abolish the Police’: Are police officers racist?”:

“White Privilege Glasses”:

“I Want Mixed Kids, Ft. Franchesca Ramsey”:

“Culture Appropriation Is BULLSHIT ft. Kat Blaque”:

“Pride T.O. Accepts BLM’s Police Ban”:


More clips of rioting during Trump’s inauguration

What’s up with the super-soakers used by police? Why not pepper spray or mace? Or bean bag bullets? Or dogs and hoses? Seemed like a pretty ineffective tactic to simply spray a little water at agitators.

Ah, here’s the pepper spray and tear gas:

I’m sorry, folks, but I have to agree with those who said it was folly on the parent’s part to bring her child into a riot scene like that. That’s an adult’s playground not appropriate for kids, lest they wind up possibly injured. The kid could’ve also been trampled by the crowd. Certainly not a safe space, as no one should assume it would be. Bringing kids into charged protests like that was flat-out a poor decision. Doesn’t score that mom victimhood points either. Just makes her look either extremely naive or, worse, like she’s using her child as a prop in an attempt to garner sympathy. RIOTS ARE NOT A SAFE SPACE, most especially for kids. As if that really needs to be stated.

More footage of the limousine set ablaze:

I bet it’s a matter of time before Starbucks begins rethinking its “Race Together” initiative:

It’s nonsensical. You can’t oust a democratically elected president by staging chaotic riots in the streets. Doesn’t work that way.

Rebel Media’s coverage of the riotous protesters in D.C. yesterday:

Richard Spencer discussing being sucker-punched during the protest:

Was totally uncalled for. Knock-out game thuggery. Doesn’t matter if you disagree with the man’s political views and opinions.

Limo set on fire during Trump’s inauguration, and other shenanigans (plus my observations)


Hey protesters, such tactics are NOT sending the message across you’re hoping to send.

Had people set a limo on fire during Obama’s inauguration, everybody in the media would’ve lost their shit on live air. Promise you that much. Don’t even have to be a Trump supporter to recognize the hypocrisy on full display.

Environmentalists surely do understand that fracking and the pipelines have been going on throughout the Obama administration. I wonder how often they came to D.C. to protest about these matters during the last 8 years. Would they be out there protesting on this day had Hillary Clinton won? I somehow doubt it, though she likely would’ve allowed the drilling and building of the pipelines to continue unhindered, just as her predecessor had.

More rioting and fire-setting captured by RT:

As we see there, kicked in car windows, looting and vandalization of vehicles (including a limo) by protesters wearing bandanas over their faces, screams of “Viva La Revolucion,” the sounds of choppers circling overhead, a chant where I made out them saying “if you hate Trump, fight back!” Signs saying “This is hell,” “No allegiance to Trump,” “Fuck Trump,” “Not my president,” etc. More chanting of “This is what democracy looks like!” while blocking traffic in the streets.

Holy crap, just watched a part where motorcyclists were going by with American flags waving and the crowd began yelling “Fuck Trump!” at them and one black man attempted to grab and then push one motorcycle as its driver was turning the corner (trying to pin down the timemark but can’t since it’s still live-streaming and the beginning portion is disappearing as I type this — tried going back to the limo damage scene and am now unable to do so — will look for portions once the stream is complete and fully uploaded). That most certainly is NOT what democracy looks like. THAT is what intimidating thuggery looks like.

More signs saying “This is the KKK,” “By any means,” etc. More chanting of “U.S.A. No Trump. No KKK. No fascists.” I don’t think they realize who exactly is looking like the fascists right about now. Another sign: “Fuck nationalism. Fuck capitalism. Fuck police.”

Had to reset my browser for an update so now RT’s live stream is starting even further on at the street parade for Trump. Donald, Melania and Barron then exit their vehicle to a lot of cheers and applause. And the video goes on to show his family entering the viewing stand and whatnot. Very choppy footage though. Keeps hopping around to several places. Mike Pence walks in. Not sure I’ve ever really looked at him before now. Not one to keep up on news coverage of this sort too much. In fact, don’t believe I’ve ever tuned in to inauguration footage this closely before now.

Then later the video footage switches back to the protesters and the bonfire they’ve created. While that is going on someone in the crowd starts up the chant “Black lives matter.” For whatever reason. Then more “Fuck Donald Trump” chants. Nothing too original there.

Met with a police barricade pushing them back past their bonfire.

There came another chant: “The people united will never be defeated.” So far heard all of these chants at other publicized protests.

Pausing and rewinding a few minutes, it just dawned on me how these protesters were chanting “black lives matter” when the cops were ascending toward them, yet I noticed throughout this footage that many, if not at least 60-70% of this protesting crowd, appear to be Caucasian (or at least pass for that, as they like to say). Are they not in their own way attempting to use black folks as their shield and excuse? That’s interesting. How very blatant of them. See now how you’re getting played by the Democratic Party, black people? They’re not all out there because of Black Lives Matter, they’re out there because they’re pissed Hillary didn’t win and so now they feel entitled to throw a riotous fit. That’s what they’re up to! Your black lives aren’t actually all that important to plenty of them, including some of your own fellow black people who seem to not give a damn about all the black-on-black criminality that’s become so commonplace. Seems to me too often people care most about black people only so far as they can be martyred for some political cause. Please do think on that.

And perhaps Black Lives Matter along with black criminals in general are co-opting that party for their own political purposes as well. Like a mutual using.

It’s not uncommon for a political party or organization or movement to use various demographics to suit their cause. Relatively poor white and minority women are used by feminists all the time. Not new. Don’t barely give a damn about seriously poor women under Islamic or whatever other kind of control in other countries. It’s just all about the cause.

For the record, I state all of this as someone always and avidly pro-choice and a supporter of the right to gay marriage and open to anyone of any race based on the content of their character (even if we feud initially after meeting — some of my good friends started off as people I didn’t think I liked for all sorts of reasons). But I don’t appreciate jackassery. One has to draw the line somewhere and I drew mine a long ways away from those who promote outright communism and entitlement schemes based on arbitrary criteria like one’s sex or race or identity. That’s not my bag. I’m not trying to coerce all others to see things like I do, but I damned sure am not interested in having others’ wacky beliefs and ideas foisted and forced upon me. That’s where we face a problem, comrade. Or whatever you like to call one another these days. Bro?  uh_oh

I’m getting sick of this shit. Know it’s not going to stop and accept that this apparently is where we’re at as a nation. Not cool with that, but c’est la vie. This is where idiots and assholes want to take everything now. Okay. So how does one respond and react?

This is not merely protesting. Not even just blocking traffic and being pains in the ass. No, this is rioting. Destroying and burning shit is rioting. I don’t care how justified you may feel you are, it’s still riotous behavior. Tell me, what does breaking windows on various vehicles have to do with asserting black lives contain value? Riddle me that one. If being beaten by cops isn’t the objective, then why destroy property that doesn’t belong to you in open defiance? To make a point, to take a stand? Against what precisely? Gotta break shit to get noticed? Can’t win with your persuasive arguments, especially considering how much of the media has been open for years to publishing your perspectives?? No entitlement complex there, no siree.

Can’t win people over through the power of your arguments so you’re gonna break shit and set fires. Okay. Well, that’s actually NOT how the democratic process works. As so many of you are fond of saying (stupid as it is): USE YOUR WORDS. But, understand that your words alone might not persuade people, and it might not be because the rest of us are simply a bunch of dull dolts lacking in education and probably living in trailers, nothing but racist, sexist, homophobic,”islamophobic,” close-minded, arrogant, inbred FOOLS who don’t know what’s best for ourselves! Maybe you have to actually compel people with worthwhile arguments that aren’t proven demonstrably false and/or inadequate by a ton of observable data made obvious to most of society as its been unfolded over decades. Whatever you’re attempting to bring about is NOT working. Realize that fact of life and go back to your drawing board. Time for some serious introspection and reflection. Happens to the best of us. Looks like it’s your turn. Seriously though.

Intimidation tactics of this sort is intended to send what message? That you can bully your way to the White House? That the rest of us must bend to your will out of fear? Do you all see what you’re doing here? These tactics are turning more and more people against you and any cause you claim to promote. Do you get that?? Do you even care?

What principles are you even standing on anymore? Don’t say justice since you’re willing to destroy that which doesn’t belong to you and are even willing to harm innocent people (or at least support and/or tolerate others who do so). Don’t say freedom when you have as much freedom at your disposal as you do in this country and yet opt to squander it. And don’t say equality either since you apparently see those with differing opinions as far lower and relatively inconsequential when set against your purported Cause. I didn’t vote for Trump and never wanted to, but still, to those who want to act like this after respect was shown to Obama, FUCK YOU. You’re cowards when not grouped up. Hiding within the crowd and behind one another, lurking in the periphery of the craziest amongst you. But what are you individually even really about? What principles actually matter more than your political identity? Please do share.

Resuming watching RT’s footage…

Anyone ever pause to ponder on how stressful those law enforcement officers’ jobs must be. People like to think they’re all-powerful because they’re granted power by the State. But you don’t see them in there mowing those protesters down with tanks. No. You see a line of them standing there protected by shields and helmets, guns, tasers and pepper spray. That’s all they got up against of mob of how many people? Hundreds, possibly thousands? You don’t think those cops have lives of their own that they care about and families they wish to return home to? Does that simply not matter anymore? They are aiming to uphold the Law of the Land. That’s how civilization works — such forces prove necessary. Yet we act like they are totally disposable and don’t barely matter at all as individuals. Like because they signed up to serve and protect that somehow means they joined a Borg where their own individual personhood ceases to matter. Bullshit. That’s not right. And we ought to know it.

That’s also interesting how when someone gets hurt within their crowd they want to run distraction in the background chanting their usual shit and holding up a “Free Hugs” sign so that person can barely be heard. That’s fucked up. If your case is strong you don’t need to pull bullshit tactics like that. Anybody knows that. Cowardly, 100%. Even if that injured man was in the wrong, ya’ll drowned out people’s ability to assess the situation for themselves. An obstruction of that sort is the opposite of democratic. Period.

A girl pushed on that man, so he felt justified in hitting her back apparently. Well, I didn’t see the footage up-close of that and will wait to see if it comes out. Still, women don’t know what men out here are willing to be chivalrous and probably shouldn’t assume. Some men will hit others who touch them in a strong and inappropriate manner. That happens. Gotta think before we put our hands on people, especially strangers. They have a right to back us off too. Women are not above the Law nor above common fucking decency. Welcome to greater equality, womenfolk. We’re physically weaker and shouldn’t be taken advantage of unfairly, but when we start shoving around or hitting men we don’t know we’re opening ourselves up to some serious corrective measures potentially. Truth be told. Fact if life. Retribution might occur, but that can’t negate your injury sustained. Gotta think before we go laying hands on one another. Everybody else doesn’t play by the same playbook. Life and other people don’t always (or often) conform to whatever our notions of fairness might be. The sooner we learn that, the easier it is to realize why it’s not smart to fuck with strangers. If a woman shoved me like that, I’d likely hit her too. Spoken as a woman, I doubt that bothers anybody else. For a man, would I prefer he push her back as she did him? Yes. It’s preferable in my book for a man to repeat in kind the offense he’s suffered and little more with a woman since we are, on average, physically weaker. But then that also depends on the man and woman in question and the situation. A 300-lb. woman who knows how to fight up against a random dude who doesn’t see it coming, I’d say the man might have cause for a stronger reaction. But I didn’t see the footage and don’t know all the particulars. Each situation deserves to be judged on its own merit. Not that I expect a fair assessment among that amped-up crowd. Either way, someone made that guy bleed from his head for his reaction.

So then near the end they’re accosting whom they assume to be Trump supporters walking along the sidewalk. Ugh. I see a group in black hoodies doing most of the harassing.

Jesus. It’s like the protest that never ends.

More harassment of identifiable Trump supporters trying to make their way home. Then more obstruction of traffic by walking in the middle of the road as people are leaving the event. While chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot!” Ugh…

Ya know, I never wanted to see the militarization of our domestic police force, but shit like this makes it inevitable.

Later chanting: “Whose streets? Our streets!” Also the streets of Trump supporters too, who make up near 50% of our voting populace according to the record, in case that fact’s been overlooked.

It just goes on and on, my friends…

The amount of patience cops must have to conjure up is truly amazing.

Just watched Trump’s inaugural speech: