“Happy New Year And Yes You Have A Lot To Be Thankful For Damit”

Good video. Have been enjoying this man’s perspective since stumbling across his channel for the first time yesterday. Don’t agree with everything this man states but I can appreciate a different perspective possessing substance.

“Why Black Lives Matter Is Bad For Black People”

Haven’t watched Cult of Dusty’s channel in a long while.

But that was a valuable video I’m glad to have stumbled across. Not fully in agreement with him, particularly the part about believing police brutality is such a prevalent issue impacting all races in America. Have to call a bit of bullshit on that despite having closely known white men who’ve been treated roughly by cops at times. Why? Drugs, booze, violation of parole in one case, smart-mouthing, etc. We have a right to freedom of speech, but insult anyone cruelly enough and they’ll likely react, some cops included. Not saying it’s right, just acknowledging that our own compliance plays a role here. More fruitful to fight the System in the courts rather than with an arresting cop on the streets. Best of all to not give the police a reason to arrest us in the first place.

Personally speaking, I’m not too interested in pandering to keep the black “kids” from getting angry. Might as well aim to say what we mean and mean what we say. Makes life less confusing. I don’t understand what’s become of the white guilt trend in the U.S. Like “liberals” are becoming paranoid yet bent on concocting dramatic events and spurring others into responding via provocative language and attempts at intimidations.

What rights? We only have privileges.

A video of mine from a couple years back:

Felt timely, once again, at this juncture.

Online reactions to the news about the young autistic man kidnapped and tortured in Chicago

Very much agree with that man’s message.

“Judge Jeanine Pirro The Chicago Kidnapping And Torture of Mentally Challenge White Person”:

Tommy Sotomayor’s take on the matter:

Tommy regularly expresses a harsh and blunt view of the black community, yes, but I do give him a listen from time to time. He’s raw but he’s telling it like he sees it, plenty of which I agree with, particularly how a socially-sanctioned “victim” status can lead to a debilitating sense of entitlement. That’s not helpful to anybody, not the perpetrators who lash out at others in righteous indignation because they consider only their own plights and believe the rest of the world owes them, nor those they wind up victimizing for real, nor the rest of us out here in society who are increasingly sickened in the spirit after years of witnessing the situation spiraling further out of control, nor even the politicians and their blind followers who believe their utopian fantasies will ever be reached through these employed strategies. Just messes us all up more and more as individuals and as a society and culture. No good is coming from this.

CNN’s coverage of this story:

“Was it a Hate Crime? CNN Reporter Defends Racist Criminals” (Andywarski):

Not a fan of Simone Sanders or anyone else on that panel, truth be told.

Styxhexenhammer666’s take on this situation:

“The Underbelly of Humanity” by Vernaculis:

“A Prosecutor Warrior Explains How to Lock Up for Life the Psychos Who Live-Streamed a Kidnap Torture”:

That was from the channel Lionel Nation (Michael Lebron). Never heard of him before but gave him a listen to learn of his views as a trial lawyer.

I don’t normally watch Red Pill Philosophy’s videos since he’s not my cup of tea, but here’s his views expressed about this particular crime and what he refers to as “black privilege” as well as popular claims of white oppression:

Getting the facts straight so far as we’re aware up to this point:

1.) Three of the perpetrators are 18 and one female is 24. The victim is 18. So no, the victim does not deserve to be referred to as a “man” while the criminal delinquents are all referred to as “kids” and “children” and “youths.” That bugs me.

2.) Brittany Herring Covington’s sister Tanishia Covington featured in this crime footage has faced prior charges for other crimes. Brittany allegedly has as well though I’m not locating them other than info posted on heavy.com. No word on the perpetrator males’ past criminal records yet though so far as I’m aware.

3.) The victim did know one of the attackers from school, allegedly Jordan Hill.

4.) What occurred does fulfill the criteria for federal “hate crime” charges.

5.) The 4 suspects are currently in police custody and awaiting their first hearing.

“Black mob tortures retarded white kid in Chicago — 10th anniversary of worst case ever.”

Colin Flaherty covered this most recent story, as well as other notably heinous crimes.

Fucks with a person’s head to listen to that girl laugh as her friends beat on that autistic boy. I’m with everybody else who says four individuals deserved to be shot. That’s putting it lightly and somewhat politely.

And people seriously wonder why I refuse to bring children of my own into this world…  If that were my child being treated like that, I’d lose my damn mind, guaranteed. Guaranteed.

Just when you think things might not get any worse, they do. Look, I agree that black lives indeed do matter, but so do everybody else’s and this is PURE BULLSHIT! When you treat another human being like this, you forfeit your right to live. That’s how it operates in my book anyway, as I’m sure many Americans would agree. To do somebody like this for your own entertainment is beyond sick and twisted — it is a declaration to the world that you have become SO INCREDIBLY PSYCHOTICALLY DESTRUCTIVE and care absolutely nothing at all for the lives of others or for your own life. That clearly is the message being sent here. Crystal clear.

Also very emotional watching the part of the video about Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, a couple young people who were savagely raped, tortured and murdered in Tennessee ten years ago. Listening to their family members speak is heart-breaking. I just couldn’t go on after losing a loved one harmed like that, that extensively and cruelly. How does one not give up in the face of such a horrific tragedy? I don’t know. Must involve a lot more strength than someone like me could possess.

Lord, I don’t understand how humans can inflict such horrors on one another. We are the special species in that regard. This all just has me in a pool of tears over here today. I just can’t even barely imagine suffering such a fate and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Wouldn’t even wish it on those depraved human beings who did that to others because it can only destroy the soul of anyone carrying out such evil violence. A bullet is much more merciful for all involved, not that I like having to say that, but I see no other way around it. Put them in prison to groom other prisoners to become just as wicked sounds like a recipe for disaster as well. But the Law will do what it will do, and we know that this justice system was constructed for this reason, to maintain our civility individually as well as societally. That matters. Doesn’t cease to matter despite such incredibly barbaric behaviors pushing us to feel the blinding need for vengeance. Gotta be bigger than that, or else forfeit our own right to freedom and/or life. And there I’m saying this to us out in society, not to the victims’ families since their pain can’t help but warp their outlook on life, perhaps forevermore. Channon’s daddy’s expression of pain, sorrow and hate for those who did this to his daughter and her friend is understandable. Hard not to feel hate when your life has been robbed of someone so valuable to you and for no good reason.

There are no fool-proof answers in this life. Just a bunch of tough questions and tougher consequences to reckon with. Very easy to get depressed when sitting with such material frequently, as I know Colin has had to do as a journalist and now as an author and youtube video contributor of this nature. I’ve routinely tuned in to trying to make some sort of sense of the human condition all my life and it’s lessons are heart-breaking and enraging. No getting around that. Just a whole lot of harsh and unfortunate truths to contend with and so many questions we’ll never have answered in this plane of existence, if ever.

Civility — I do believe that’s an important word for the rest of us to keep in mind as we go forward. Think about what it really means at its core and what it asks of us humans. I fear what’s coming could possibly be awful if people lose their heads and take to vigilante justice. But then again, I don’t know what the right answer is anymore. Just don’t want innocent people to wind up targeted because of the actions of thugs.

Just came across this Whitehouse.gov petition being circulated demanding that Brittany Herring and her friends be charged with “hate crimes.” I don’t favor hate crime legislation and would rather see it done away with other than perhaps being treated as an enhancement to another criminal offense, but so long as such legislation does continue to exist it deserves to be applied fairly in cases where it’s warranted. Imagine if the races were reversed in that case — who wouldn’t consider it a “hate crime” then?

Open letter to my “liberal” friends

Last night I got into a conversation with a pal and his brother-in-law on the topic of the recent political election. Seems some folks just cannot get over the fact that Hillary Clinton did not win and are struck with anguish and depression as a result. Personally, I find all of the hand-wringing a bit weird considering that Hillary is no better of an option. State that opinion aloud and see where the conversation goes…

My pal is practically sick with grief over the election and drinking more than usual. Do I understand this? About as much as I can relate with how I felt when Obama won in 2008, though McCain winning wouldn’t have elevated my state of mind. Nor Romney winning in 2012. Because none of these candidates are worth voting for, IMO. AND, unfortunately, third party options were pretty piss-poor as well. So it’s all been looking depressing to me since back when G.W. Bush was in office, or, going further back, when Bill Clinton was in office in the ’90s. In fact, I’m not impressed with any president in office since I’ve been alive or even spanning decades back before then. Consider me a cantankerous curmudgeon if you must, but that’s my feelings on the situation.

Listening to people decry Trump’s victory, berating the American public for allowing this to happen is getting to be too much. My pal last night spoke of how stupid we Americans must be, how ignorant and uneducated we obviously must be, as if we have absolutely no idea what’s actually in our own best interests at all. I had to stop him when he began lashing out against the blue-collar men he works with — ugh…sickens my soul to keep hearing the working-class denounced as under-educated imbeciles who apparently know not what they do while these “liberal” buddies consider themselves and others who are like-minded to be so much more enlightened and caring and rooted in factual substance. If pressed far enough to where I ceased caring about these pals’ feelings, I’d have to tell them outright that the opposite, in fact, may be truer.

Listened to my pal speak about his deceased mother and how glad he is that she didn’t have to live to witness this election. Yeah…

People are blowing my mind with this stuff. They truly are.

So then their conversation turned to bashing Trump as a corporatist — yeah, and Hillary is a globalist (as I reminded them). Denounced Trump as a sexist rapist (ha!), which pisses me off to hear coming from supporters of the wife of Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton, a man who very publicly was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women with much more evidence available to support their claims. But nah, who cares about all that, right? Doesn’t fit the anti-Trump narrative.

So then they went into referring to Hillary as a feminist — the wonderful, laudable, all-mighty Feminist. And since mom was a feminist, well, we just can’t take issue with any of that, huh? I told them we have more than enough feminism in our society already — not needing anymore right about now.

After that one of them said that people didn’t vote for Hillary because they’re sexist and “can’t handle” a female president. Here we go with THAT stupid talking point, once again. I reminded them that plenty of Trump supporters are women themselves, and I personally haven’t heard anyone state their reason for not voting for her being because she is a woman. Rather, most folks say they’d love a female president, just NOT HER. And that makes plenty of sense to me. Not like she’s the only female alive capable of serving as president of the U.S. To which the brother-in-law snidely suggested I’d prefer Sarah Palin. God dammit! See, and this is where the strawman enters the equation. If not for Hillary I must automatically be a hokey Palin supporter. Nope! Fuck ’em both! Imagine that.

Once again, I am NOT a Republican. Can’t get that through people’s heads, even the heads of folks who frickin’ know me. It’s like the election took over their brain and they got stuck on talking points even where they don’t make reasonable sense. Just automatically spouts out of their mouths. Makes me want to somehow freeze them in time and force them to reflect on what they’re saying and to consider the absurdity of it. Some people didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because we do not like her as a person or as a politician. Some people voted for Trump because they saw him as the lesser of two evils (a dumb comparison that I hate hearing repeated ad nauseam, but still). And some of us voted for somebody else entirely because fuck both major parties’ candidates. And some opted not to vote at all (which was a surprisingly high number of folks). So this Hillary vs. Trump shit isn’t telling the full story.

Checked myself before I raised my voice much last night. Was aiming not to be disrespectful toward my pal and his family member since they’re free to believe whatever they wish. Makes no real difference to me. Wish my pal would’ve dropped the subject since we weren’t getting anywhere with it, so I opted to leave. No big deal. Wasn’t mad, just mildly irritated, per my norm.

Already listened last weekend to one of his other friends yell about how Russia is to blame for leaking Hillary’s emails. Told him that Wikileaks stated their source wasn’t Russian, which he ridiculed me for saying until he finally looked it up. Confirmed. But nevermind anything that contradicts the mainstream narrative. Back to bitching about Russia and exalting the undoubtedly unassailable intelligence claimed by the CIA. Because who wouldn’t believe the CIA? Right? I mean, it’s not like they ever lied about WMDs that led us into a war with Iraq during the G.W. Bush administration (how do Democrats suddenly forget that fact???). The dude then implied I’m somehow not patriotic because I consider the CIA’s claims to be bullshit and refuse to believe anything else out of them unless sufficient evidence is presented. He actually got up and yelled about that. That’s how invested this friend of his is in all this crud. I don’t get it. Told him I don’t rightly care and would prefer to just drop the argument since it’s getting us nowhere. He finally did, but then a couple days later he’s emailing me an article about Russia. Just determined to make that connection.

So, anyway, this is just a quick glimpse at a few of the “liberals” in my life at present. Not all, just a small handful. I have others but these are the ones on my mind this morning. Listened to my pal also talk about how black folks don’t have the same opportunities in this country as white folks, and he actually said—I SHIT YOU NOT—that sometimes he feels bad about being a white man. Jesus…

Ugh. What the heck is going on people? It’s so fucking strange to keep hearing this sort of stuff. Partly because I don’t believe these people deeply and truly believe what they claim to. If they did surely their lifestyles would be very different. Partly because they’re determined to pressure us all into accepting the same hive mindset. But if they’re right and true and fully believe that, why do they need so much validation from the rest of us? Keep your “white guilt” pity party to yourself — don’t foist it on me. When he started in on that topic I had to stop him right quick. First off, I’m half Arab (Saudi). Secondly, I was born to poor folks who live in a trailer in a small town in Mississippi and grew up in an area with a nearly 40% black population. The valedictorian of my ex-husband’s graduating class in 1999 was a black man who went on to study at the public university we also attended. What am I supposed to be groveling about being privileged with? Light olive skin and relative lack of melanin? Slavery that my ancestors in the U.S. were too poor to participate in (other than one as an indentured servant himself)? All those college grants I wasn’t eligible for based on my race? Boy howdy, look at me and how head-and-shoulders above my black neighbors I am these days. Stupid. *eye roll*

Keep the pity party to yourselves. If you wish to self-flagellate, by all means, go ahead. But I’m not interested in being somebody else’s whipping pony because they have a complex over their luck of the draw. You chose to embrace that ideology, not me. I’m still trying to deprogram myself from its surreptitious influence that seeped in over time thanks to my education and the media and the incessant chatter of the masses that parrot all of that. Not that my pal meant me wrong there, it’s just become a habit for him to relate to people in this fashion because it is so much the norm. And I realize when I challenge it that then makes me look suspect, as if it’s evidence that I must be secretly racist or a self-hating woman (however that works) or politically naive. And so be it. People will think what they wish. I know my pal means well in his own way, and perhaps his friend does too, but there’s a lot of confirmation bias occurring to where people are being rendered incapable of stepping back and taking a much longer and broader look at the picture. Too much emotionally invested to do so. Too afraid of the scorn of others whose opinions they care about.

So I retreat back to my apartment and my cat and resume trying to make some sort of sense out of this reality. Not barely sure what to do with myself these days. Tired of all the arguing and blame-casting and lamenting Trump winning the highest office. He was Hillary’s friend for a long time and contributed substantially to her husband’s campaign back in the day, so chances are good that he won’t prove to be some hellfire Republican like they fear. Honestly, I do think Hillary, Bernie, Obama and everyone in their campaigns deserve to be bitch-slapped for inciting this much grief and panic among their followers. Frickin’ assholes unfit to lead anybody anywhere. That’s all we needed was more crying and bitching and belly-aching. Heaven forbid we stand up, wipe ourselves off, quit comparing ourselves to one another all the damned time, and figure out how to live like upright adults who don’t fall completely the fuck apart just because we don’t get our way. This country has been in trouble for a long time. Wasn’t a cakewalk under Obama or Bush or Bill Clinton before that or Bush’s daddy or Reagan, etc.

The trajectory we’re contending with extends back several decades and is rooted in political/ideological sophistry advanced by people who probably largely mean well but are destined to figure out the hard way how life can’t always be bent to our whims and wishes and preferences. And so be it. I’ve been coming to acceptance of this hand-basket ride to hell and acknowledge that I surely in my own small way have helped perpetuate it unknowingly. Such is modern life. The best we can hope for is to deal with what may come while trying to remain skeptical yet curious. That’s all I got.

Oh, and btw, the reason I placed quotations around the term “liberal” when referring to these pals (and other supposed liberals as well) is because I’m coming to realize how illiberal a lot of so-called “liberals” are turning out to be. The Liberal position used to be about freedom and liberty, such as freedom of speech, freedom to assemble peaceably, freedom to not be encroached upon unlawfully, etc. But now it’s morphed into political correctness demands (which limit freedom of speech), disrupting others’ peaceable assemblies because they disagree with the message, shaming people for not abiding in accordance with Leftist ideology, and ignoring and/or condoning criminal conduct among individuals and groups where it serves this narrative that’s being concocted. That’s not truly or classically liberal — in fact, in many cases it’s the precise opposite. Which is quite an Orwellian spin on the language when you get right down to it. So I’m struggling with what to refer to these people as. They consider themselves to be liberal, but the term is actively being rendered nonsensical.

Black Lives Matter, criminality and bad behavior (part 2)

More videos and information…

** 1.) “KILL THE PIGS– Black Panthers throw a Christmas party and parade in Milwaukee”: https://youtu.be/deAqo1xEfIk

** 2.) “Brittany Herring live video of Kidnapping in Chicago published on Facebook” (recorded live footage of anti-white/anti-Trump thugs abusing disabled young man — very disturbing!! Likely time-sensitive due to the video being removed repeatedly from youtube and FB): https://youtu.be/Zt_5z7C_fNc

3.) Compilation video of racial attacks and attitudes expressed: https://youtu.be/JY12O-BSvFU

4.) “Crime is the new black entitlement — but not for some Dallas homeowners” (includes Omaha story): https://youtu.be/qwwrNYEqVnE

** 5.) Compilation video — “Black-on-Elderly White Violence and Murder” (pay special attention to the violent clip at 43:11 — gruesome!!): https://youtu.be/9iKrtm_sg4Q

6.) Black youth mob violence in the streets and at Mall St Matthews in Louisville (911 calls in last half that verify the situation): https://youtu.be/WBtYjFXZCY8

7.) Another compilation of “Black-on-Elderly Violence and Murder”: https://youtu.be/Dt9ZzO2hsUU

8.) “White Guy Walking to the Store Gets Jumped for Being in the Hood for No Reason at All”: https://youtu.be/lVycbvQZ-zM

9.) “Wouldn’t be Christmas without large scale black mob violence at malls” (2016 news reports): https://youtu.be/V9qRCMrfheo

10.) One black female and former cop’s view of Black Lives Matter (a lighter overcap of the situation): https://youtu.be/iRz7Vb6MtgU

Black Lives Matter Info / black crime news footage and commentary (part 1)

1.) “Black on white hostility now casual — now on national TV”: https://youtu.be/t8eM9V63eAc

2.) Obnoxious queer Black Lives Matter protester on the news: https://youtu.be/dF-AAOgtGdE

3.) Minneapolis black crime wave: https://youtu.be/fE9RMY7tvOI

4.) “The video Black Lives Matter doesn’t want you to watch”:  https://youtu.be/8sImGjr1sTA

Yes, at some BLM protests they actually chant those words: “What do we want?” “Dead Cops!” “When do we want it?” “Now!”  Sad but true…

5.) “Black on white VIOLENCE & anti white RACISM can NOT be ignored for #BlackLivesMatter any longer!” (some very disturbing footage here): https://youtu.be/9SuPUBK-WyY

6.) Black mob violence in 2016 (holy crap! would hate to have been in that Denny’s!): https://youtu.be/QombSi3RaxE

7a.) BLM offshoot activist Latausha Nedd footage threatening “crackers” and cops: https://youtu.be/syJj56_iliE

   7b.) Plus more from her on Fox News after being brought up on charges (her “open season” clip is at the end of the video): https://youtu.be/MrQgceKxw7w

   7c.) Latausha Nedd was charged with terrorist threats (hearing footage): https://youtu.be/qV83HsGUEK8

And then they did later grant her bond. Still waiting to see what becomes of this case.

8.) Youtuber Sargon of Akkad’s examination of BLM’s list of demands (worth listening to to find out what these folks claim to ultimately want): https://youtu.be/fg0rTlq0u7A

 9.) Black kid kills and robs pizza guy in Georgia (notice how his family reacts after court), plus more news stories: https://youtu.be/vnS5CRRWvRM

10.) “White People Suck, Everyone Would Agree Some clips from the last year”: https://youtu.be/sl3XTWY5PSs

11.) “Black rapist to white victim in Little Rock — You deserve it because of racism” (also disturbing Vanderbilt University gang-rape case, blamed on past slavery as well):  https://youtu.be/1BtoTjukmrE

12.) Black Lives Matter protest footage compilation (mass destruction): https://youtu.be/-EO21JzTpRE

13.) “Getting Educated by Black Lives Matter” (condescending black women at on-campus protest): https://youtu.be/ztGl5dnVUDM

14.) “Why Black People Must Kill Cops – Some examples and explanation”: https://youtu.be/U_zGdMQdKoo

15.) “Angry Black Woman fails at excusing black behavior” (Fox News debate — observe the racist narrative): https://youtu.be/sVO1U-PYK4o

16.) “Black person who hates white people on crime and killing spree in Indianapolis”: https://youtu.be/NTw3Nm5vwUA

17.) “Law professor says Black jurors should free black criminals — revenge” (a call for jury nullification, referred to as a “Bronx jury”): https://youtu.be/AsYzGq_ZQPE

18.) Fox News debate between black men with opposing viewpoints: https://youtu.be/P6pT9Tcd2bw

19.) “Apologists for Black Lives Matter”: https://youtu.be/Hos7HouJ4DQ

20.) Ben Shapiro’s opinion of Black Lives Matter: https://youtu.be/PI5LeFo1EJU