Another example of why feminists aggravate me so

Now done with work for the day and in for the night. Cold as hell out, so it’s good to be back inside with my space heater and cat.

Have plenty on my little mind recently, including some drama I stumbled into in a male feminist’s YT comment thread, plus the follow-up video addressed to me that one of his feminazi academic buddies created. The point of contention between all of us centered around Dr. Warren Farrell and their support of the protest against him speaking on the University of Toronto campus (the clip follows for anyone who hasn’t seen it).

Notice in that video that the feminist protestors blocked the doors to deny people entry to even listen to what Dr. Farrell had to say, requiring police assistance to put a stop to their attempts to obstruct the event. One woman even went so far as to berate a man she didn’t even know by calling him “scum,” all because he was curious to hear what Dr. Farrell had to say. Seriously uncool in my book, and lots of others have taken issue with this footage since it came out.

The issues I wound up having with the man who goes by the name Captain Andy and his feminist pals is that they are adamant that Warren Farrell has no right to be on any campus across the world, even to speak after-hours to students interested in listening to various opinions and claims on gender issues. No, they simply are convinced that his kind of content doesn’t belong there and a couple folks in the comment thread linked above even went so far as to argue that college students don’t possess the skills needed to critically assess whatever someone like Dr. Farrell might state. That’s rather funny, if it weren’t damned depressing, because if not college-trained students then whom? Next they’ll be arguing that NO ONE possesses the brain power needed to see through any biases and therefore all information released to the public should be carefully selected by a team of academics who supposedly have all of our best interests at heart. Huh. Gestapo bullshit that is.

Can’t reason with them though. Proves impossible. They believe they’re right and will hear of nothing else, so I burnt out quickly on dealing with them. Reminds me of the many feminists I argued with in the past and why I finally walked away from all of that. It’s condescending rudeness like that that will bring down their cause faster than anything else, and if they keep it up the baby may wind up thrown out with the bathwater as well, which would be a shame. There are good aspects to feminism in terms of what it’s drawn attention to in certain cases and how it’s questioned gender roles and the prevailing power structures. But then the “third wave” just went too far and jumped for a power grab, and that’s wound up doing more harm than good, IMO.

But, once again, it’s impossible to reason with people who are so completely set on believing they hold the truth and that all naysayers are bigots deserving to be taken down or drummed out. And yet they refuse see the bigotry in their own ways, even when presented with a mirror image.

It’s amazing the extents the human mind can go to in protecting itself from reckoning with reality. None of us are free, and it’s our own damn faults, because as soon as we get someone’s foot off our necks we start looking around for whom we might stomp on, wrongly thinking that somehow elevates us in social status. It’s ridiculous, unproductive, mind-boggling foolery, and where does it ever end?

“The Secret of Oz”

A film recently recommended to me by Jurij:

Never read the book, but I appreciated the overall content in that video. Provides even more reasons for not wanting to join the rabble in clamoring for a return to gold standard — doesn’t address the root concerns, and therefore enacted alone won’t change a thing, at least not for the better. That’s been my general understanding, which created a rift between me and Libertarians who’d been infected with neoconservative economic ideology.

Anyway, great film that I’m sure others will get something out of as well.

In response to GOM

Grumpy Old Man posted a comment early this morning, copied and pasted here in full:

I guess what I was expecting based on the reason I brought to the forums in the first place…to discuss men’s issues with men, that you’d listen more and refute less. Not saying all we do is correct, but men are talking and if all you do is refute then maybe they are not the problem. The MHRM has been dealing with this for a long time and I think you know that. I’m listening to them and Feminism and I see the poison for what it is. It is not the group of men expressing anger. You are a woman and you took it personally, maybe you should step out of your XXXXX pass and personal situation and listen to what they are saying, just listen. These guys are saying hey and in many respects it may not apply to you personally, this is why I felt you might be a good person to invite, you come from a different place than the Feminist we are concerned with. They are thinking outside the box the same as you. This is why I say I have miss judged your character when I invited you.

My reply to this will probably be lengthy so I’m opening this new post up to address him specifically. Continue reading

Damn. Contention again over at AVfM. (Plus my backstory with that site thus far)

Why do I care? Because it’s interesting. This is a fascinating movement to behold since it’s all laid out here online for any of us to read and observe. The internet’s changed so much since I began following feminist sites and blogs online over a decade ago, having cooled off on that all quite a lot between 2005-2007 (meaning my past involvement with internet feminism came prior to the advent of youtube, so it was mostly about following blogs of interest and reading editorials and essays — in the early 2000s I read some stuff on Feministing and similar sites, but mainstream feminism never did much for me so my interest rapidly waned there) before abandoning the feminism inquiry nearly entirely (up until last year when I ran across GWW’s videos and the Atheism+ forum).

Who I am talking to here? The universe. And whatever niche appeal I draw. That’s what this blog project appears to be about. So, on to examining the internet and the neo-tribes created by it…

To other newbies and rock-dwellers like myself who don’t already know, the AVfM (A Voice For Men) is a site and forum created by Paul Elam. To lay out the extent of my involvement there, a bit of backstory is called for. Continue reading