Familiarizing ourselves with “antifa”

Styxhexnhammer666’s viewpoint:

So-called anti-fascists who act more fascist than anybody else. Sounds about right.

Sargon of Akkad’s video on the matter:

Cowards, yes. Mostly middle-class (in terms of their upbringing), yes.

I heartily agree with both of these men that anarchist ideologues are deluded in thinking the formation of a government-less society is a viable option. Without military to ward off external attacks, we’re sitting ducks. Without domestic police forces to uphold law and order we’re at the mercy of the most violent and intimidating citizen thugs and criminals. That’s become a fact of life, hence the ascendance of civilizations over time. Most of us would prefer to coordinate our efforts so as to remain relatively safe and peaceful and economically productive, as opposed to being subjugated by mercenaries and vigilantes who cannot be checked aside from through violent and retributive means — hence the importance of police and state authority. And private property rights require laws and law enforcement agencies in order to be upheld, otherwise the whole idea falls apart through lack of backing.

I’ve challenged the State’s authority plenty myself over time by arguing against militarization of domestic police forces. But nowadays I’m being forced to reconsider my position on that in light of domestic terrorist assholes like antifa black bloc protesters and their ilk. They make such measures appear necessary. Sad but true. So these asshats actually help perpetuate and strengthen the very System they claim to be trying to dismantle and undermine. Way to go. Sheer brilliance there.

It appears to be true that plenty who claim to be anarchists are actually just rebels looking for a reason to create violence and mayhem. It’s an excuse, a justification, and a means of obscuring their real ulterior motives. Which is that they lack respect for the very setup that has allowed them to be what they are: spoiled, coddled, idealistic, irrational, tolerated by society even while they behave intolerantly toward others, etc. In a truly anarchistic situation many of these protesters would have their asses handed to them. Because if it ever came down to survival of the fittest, so to speak, these cowards would find out how unfit they actually are. And I think deep down they already know this. But life hasn’t yet been rough enough on them to demonstrate clearly how their ideals can’t withstand the brutality of reality since they’ve been sheltered from such an outcome in our largely peaceful society populated primarily with a law-abiding citizenry and protected by cops. If ever it came down to the Law of the Land being replaced by the Law of the Jungle, such groups would be forced to contend with the real meaning behind the notion that all is fair in love and war. Which is to say fairness ceases to matter, therefore ideals that they espouse would necessarily crumble as well. How could they not? What support could they find if opportunistic chaos comes to rule the day?

Wishful thinking cannot override the need for protection from ruthless factions. Think law enforcement officials are restricting your rights and freedom? Try living with dangerous, unsympathetic mobs and psychopathic tyrants in their absence.

But humans apparently are inclined to learn everything the hard way…

My patience continues to wane for so-called Leftists and “progressives”

Back in for the evening after work and have some thoughts to get off my chest here.

First off, let me note that a very close female friend of mine called again today and has been over time relating stories about her crazy female cousin. They’re both a little younger than me, which is to say in their early 30s. Won’t go into details here out of respect for my friend and her family’s privacy, but I will say that her cousin is shaping up to be the quintessential SJW (Social Justice Warrior). From talk of feeling triggered all the damn time to mentions of desiring a safe space, from manipulatively mistreating her family members and then accusing them of “bullying” when they attempt to stand up for themselves in response, to grooming her own fiance into a therapist-of-sorts to coddle and cater to her every whim AND outright bashing others publicly for their conservative views to the point where she brought an older female family member to tears — the chick has serious problems. Wouldn’t care so much if her problems didn’t impact so many others in her family, including people I care about. So I’ve been listening to more about her shenanigans in recent weeks, and the only advice I can offer my friend is to take a tough love approach at this point, for her and her family members’ own sake. Chances are the crazy cousin won’t ever see the light and might continue casting blame until her dying breath, but her allegations are false and the amount of sheer torment and pain she’s foisting upon people who love her is straight-up unacceptable. If that woman can’t get her shit together better than this then she deserves to go it alone. What she puts her parents through is particularly upsetting to learn about. All while she remains financially dependent on them. Ugh. Anyway, I’ve said enough on that. They will have to contend with that matter among their own.

That along with so much else has had me thinking lately about how little respect I’m feeling for the so-called Political Left these days. Just running out of compassion for a good many of them. Let it be known that I exclude classical liberals from this assessment in so far as they openly choose to call these weirdos out. But so many who profess to be “liberal” truly are not. Rather, they’re proving to be the most intolerant amongst us.

Who cares if somebody else voices a view you disagree with? Either argue against it or move on. What you don’t have the right to do, at least if you’re a person possessing any real integrity, is to dox them and basically invite violence upon them and their family members and loved ones simply because you disagree with their political positions. You don’t have a right to print false allegations against them in an effort to harm their credibility, lest you want your own credibility destroyed in the process. You don’t have the right to sucker-punch people who are in no way menacing you or threatening violence against you. That’s some cowardly shit adopted by low-grade jerks and ninny-babies with no scruples or backbone. And if your violent tactics wind you up shot by people attempting to defend themselves, I, for one, will not be alarmed and grief-stricken. Because you’re an idiot behaving in such a way that is destined to get you removed from the gene pool, and perhaps rightly so.

There’s only so much love to go around at this point in time. I’ve got compassion oozing out the yin-yang, but not for folks who aim to visit harm upon others without just cause. Having your feelings hurt does not qualify as just cause. For the record.

What values do any of us continue to share in common nowadays? I see so many people acting pissed off, speaking out against the System and taking things to such an extreme that it appears their goal is to undermine our entire civilization in favor of something extraordinarily different, something communistic/socialistic/collectivistic primarily. Well, that’s not what we’re supposed to be about in the U.S. Maybe European countries are open to such shenanigans, but Americans are known for our rebellious and individualistic instincts and drives. So good luck with that. Don’t think it will work out in the ways that some may envision.

Why would you want to completely undermine our civilization? What do you imagine you’ll gain from such an endeavor? Do you honestly believe the rich will remain here to be pillaged and taxed to the hilt in order to further support your income re-distribution efforts? And what will you do when they’re gone and you’re left at the mercy of  criminal elements without enough law enforcement officials to combat them effectively? I wish people would go deeply down into this rabbit hole to explore the possibilities of what they envision, because one thing life has been teaching me is that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It’s oft repeated because it’s true. Because someone can envision a certain outcome in no way ensures that that outcome will be brought into fruition. So many complicating factors, so many unforeseen variables. Such is our social life, whether here or abroad, today or at any other point in history.

Life is complicated, life is mad. I witness so much passive-aggressiveness, so many pretensions, so much back-slapping for presumed victories, and yet so little honest and deep introspection. A political movement cannot save us from ourselves nor undo past problems nor perfect any society. Many have tried and all have failed. Because life’s stickier than that and less predictable — less capable of being made predictable than some might wish to believe. The top-down approach has severe limitations and tons of room for abuses and inversions of justice. History has taught us this again and again. Yet some people don’t want to accept that answer and wish to believe instead that it can nowadays somehow be tweaked just right to create the utopian outcome they so desire. This is a pipe dream, folks. Time will prove this once again…

Some days I grow so tired of my fellow humans. But then I aim to remember that it all simply is what it is and that no one promised us a rose garden. We must learn to roll with it in our own ways. I personally have chosen resistance on some level as my response, but that doesn’t mean I’m closed-minded to all these people and their concerns or unwilling to engage the reasonable among them in dialogue. They are still my brothers and sisters whether they can appreciate that or not. But then again, sometimes family deserves to be disowned. Time will tell how that shakes out too.

Will continue observing and pondering…

A glimpse into the life of Tanishia Covington (now charged after Chicago kidnapping and torture case)

Yep. That’s apparently what she spent her time doing…kids present and all…

Have since posted up a trimmed video of that footage, plus a few excerpts from her and Brittany’s grandma leaving the courthouse after their first hearing. It’s now up on my new Wayward Vlogging channel and is altogether less than 25 minutes long:

That’s right. I wasted an afternoon wading through her 2 hours worth of footage to cut it into a more manageable video. Wasn’t fun. You’re welcome.

“Why Black Lives Matter Is Bad For Black People”

Haven’t watched Cult of Dusty’s channel in a long while.

But that was a valuable video I’m glad to have stumbled across. Not fully in agreement with him, particularly the part about believing police brutality is such a prevalent issue impacting all races in America. Have to call a bit of bullshit on that despite having closely known white men who’ve been treated roughly by cops at times. Why? Drugs, booze, violation of parole in one case, smart-mouthing, etc. We have a right to freedom of speech, but insult anyone cruelly enough and they’ll likely react, some cops included. Not saying it’s right, just acknowledging that our own compliance plays a role here. More fruitful to fight the System in the courts rather than with an arresting cop on the streets. Best of all to not give the police a reason to arrest us in the first place.

Personally speaking, I’m not too interested in pandering to keep the black “kids” from getting angry. Might as well aim to say what we mean and mean what we say. Makes life less confusing. I don’t understand what’s become of the white guilt trend in the U.S. Like “liberals” are becoming paranoid yet bent on concocting dramatic events and spurring others into responding via provocative language and attempts at intimidations.

Autistic boy kidnapped and tortured in Chicago (footage and further info)

First off, here’s one of the latest news stories with the most up-to-date information on this criminal ordeal (yahoo news, 1/05/17): https://www.yahoo.com/news/arrest-of-black-teens-in-brutal-chicago-attack-sparks-hate-crime-debate-180845913.html

Glad to hear they will be charged for a “hate crime” among other criminal charges.

Specific clips during the press conference of Police Commander Kevin Duffin and Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson’s initial reactions: http://heavy.com/news/2017/01/chicago-torture-kidnap-video-kevin-duffin-hate-crime-police-stupid-mistake-kids-eddie-johnson/

A larger portion of the Chicago Police Press Conference (1/04/17): https://youtu.be/lkIJgumsydk

More information on Brittany Herring (Covington) and this crime (including both full videos from her live-stream on FB): http://heavy.com/news/2017/01/brittany-herring-chicago-facebook-live-video-kidnapping-torture-photos-arrested-trump/

NBC Chicago’s news coverage of this case: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Charges-Expected-After-4-Broadcast-Teens-Torture-on-Facebook-Live-409772755.html

“Black mob tortures retarded white kid in Chicago — 10th anniversary of worst case ever.”

Colin Flaherty covered this most recent story, as well as other notably heinous crimes.

Fucks with a person’s head to listen to that girl laugh as her friends beat on that autistic boy. I’m with everybody else who says four individuals deserved to be shot. That’s putting it lightly and somewhat politely.

And people seriously wonder why I refuse to bring children of my own into this world…  If that were my child being treated like that, I’d lose my damn mind, guaranteed. Guaranteed.

Just when you think things might not get any worse, they do. Look, I agree that black lives indeed do matter, but so do everybody else’s and this is PURE BULLSHIT! When you treat another human being like this, you forfeit your right to live. That’s how it operates in my book anyway, as I’m sure many Americans would agree. To do somebody like this for your own entertainment is beyond sick and twisted — it is a declaration to the world that you have become SO INCREDIBLY PSYCHOTICALLY DESTRUCTIVE and care absolutely nothing at all for the lives of others or for your own life. That clearly is the message being sent here. Crystal clear.

Also very emotional watching the part of the video about Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, a couple young people who were savagely raped, tortured and murdered in Tennessee ten years ago. Listening to their family members speak is heart-breaking. I just couldn’t go on after losing a loved one harmed like that, that extensively and cruelly. How does one not give up in the face of such a horrific tragedy? I don’t know. Must involve a lot more strength than someone like me could possess.

Lord, I don’t understand how humans can inflict such horrors on one another. We are the special species in that regard. This all just has me in a pool of tears over here today. I just can’t even barely imagine suffering such a fate and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Wouldn’t even wish it on those depraved human beings who did that to others because it can only destroy the soul of anyone carrying out such evil violence. A bullet is much more merciful for all involved, not that I like having to say that, but I see no other way around it. Put them in prison to groom other prisoners to become just as wicked sounds like a recipe for disaster as well. But the Law will do what it will do, and we know that this justice system was constructed for this reason, to maintain our civility individually as well as societally. That matters. Doesn’t cease to matter despite such incredibly barbaric behaviors pushing us to feel the blinding need for vengeance. Gotta be bigger than that, or else forfeit our own right to freedom and/or life. And there I’m saying this to us out in society, not to the victims’ families since their pain can’t help but warp their outlook on life, perhaps forevermore. Channon’s daddy’s expression of pain, sorrow and hate for those who did this to his daughter and her friend is understandable. Hard not to feel hate when your life has been robbed of someone so valuable to you and for no good reason.

There are no fool-proof answers in this life. Just a bunch of tough questions and tougher consequences to reckon with. Very easy to get depressed when sitting with such material frequently, as I know Colin has had to do as a journalist and now as an author and youtube video contributor of this nature. I’ve routinely tuned in to trying to make some sort of sense of the human condition all my life and it’s lessons are heart-breaking and enraging. No getting around that. Just a whole lot of harsh and unfortunate truths to contend with and so many questions we’ll never have answered in this plane of existence, if ever.

Civility — I do believe that’s an important word for the rest of us to keep in mind as we go forward. Think about what it really means at its core and what it asks of us humans. I fear what’s coming could possibly be awful if people lose their heads and take to vigilante justice. But then again, I don’t know what the right answer is anymore. Just don’t want innocent people to wind up targeted because of the actions of thugs.

Just came across this Whitehouse.gov petition being circulated demanding that Brittany Herring and her friends be charged with “hate crimes.” I don’t favor hate crime legislation and would rather see it done away with other than perhaps being treated as an enhancement to another criminal offense, but so long as such legislation does continue to exist it deserves to be applied fairly in cases where it’s warranted. Imagine if the races were reversed in that case — who wouldn’t consider it a “hate crime” then?

Black Lives Matter, criminality and bad behavior (part 2)

More videos and information…

** 1.) “KILL THE PIGS– Black Panthers throw a Christmas party and parade in Milwaukee”: https://youtu.be/deAqo1xEfIk

** 2.) “Brittany Herring live video of Kidnapping in Chicago published on Facebook” (recorded live footage of anti-white/anti-Trump thugs abusing disabled young man — very disturbing!! Likely time-sensitive due to the video being removed repeatedly from youtube and FB): https://youtu.be/Zt_5z7C_fNc

3.) Compilation video of racial attacks and attitudes expressed: https://youtu.be/JY12O-BSvFU

4.) “Crime is the new black entitlement — but not for some Dallas homeowners” (includes Omaha story): https://youtu.be/qwwrNYEqVnE

** 5.) Compilation video — “Black-on-Elderly White Violence and Murder” (pay special attention to the violent clip at 43:11 — gruesome!!): https://youtu.be/9iKrtm_sg4Q

6.) Black youth mob violence in the streets and at Mall St Matthews in Louisville (911 calls in last half that verify the situation): https://youtu.be/WBtYjFXZCY8

7.) Another compilation of “Black-on-Elderly Violence and Murder”: https://youtu.be/Dt9ZzO2hsUU

8.) “White Guy Walking to the Store Gets Jumped for Being in the Hood for No Reason at All”: https://youtu.be/lVycbvQZ-zM

9.) “Wouldn’t be Christmas without large scale black mob violence at malls” (2016 news reports): https://youtu.be/V9qRCMrfheo

10.) One black female and former cop’s view of Black Lives Matter (a lighter overcap of the situation): https://youtu.be/iRz7Vb6MtgU

Black Lives Matter Info / black crime news footage and commentary (part 1)

1.) “Black on white hostility now casual — now on national TV”: https://youtu.be/t8eM9V63eAc

2.) Obnoxious queer Black Lives Matter protester on the news: https://youtu.be/dF-AAOgtGdE

3.) Minneapolis black crime wave: https://youtu.be/fE9RMY7tvOI

4.) “The video Black Lives Matter doesn’t want you to watch”:  https://youtu.be/8sImGjr1sTA

Yes, at some BLM protests they actually chant those words: “What do we want?” “Dead Cops!” “When do we want it?” “Now!”  Sad but true…

5.) “Black on white VIOLENCE & anti white RACISM can NOT be ignored for #BlackLivesMatter any longer!” (some very disturbing footage here): https://youtu.be/9SuPUBK-WyY

6.) Black mob violence in 2016 (holy crap! would hate to have been in that Denny’s!): https://youtu.be/QombSi3RaxE

7a.) BLM offshoot activist Latausha Nedd footage threatening “crackers” and cops: https://youtu.be/syJj56_iliE

   7b.) Plus more from her on Fox News after being brought up on charges (her “open season” clip is at the end of the video): https://youtu.be/MrQgceKxw7w

   7c.) Latausha Nedd was charged with terrorist threats (hearing footage): https://youtu.be/qV83HsGUEK8

And then they did later grant her bond. Still waiting to see what becomes of this case.

8.) Youtuber Sargon of Akkad’s examination of BLM’s list of demands (worth listening to to find out what these folks claim to ultimately want): https://youtu.be/fg0rTlq0u7A

 9.) Black kid kills and robs pizza guy in Georgia (notice how his family reacts after court), plus more news stories: https://youtu.be/vnS5CRRWvRM

10.) “White People Suck, Everyone Would Agree Some clips from the last year”: https://youtu.be/sl3XTWY5PSs

11.) “Black rapist to white victim in Little Rock — You deserve it because of racism” (also disturbing Vanderbilt University gang-rape case, blamed on past slavery as well):  https://youtu.be/1BtoTjukmrE

12.) Black Lives Matter protest footage compilation (mass destruction): https://youtu.be/-EO21JzTpRE

13.) “Getting Educated by Black Lives Matter” (condescending black women at on-campus protest): https://youtu.be/ztGl5dnVUDM

14.) “Why Black People Must Kill Cops – Some examples and explanation”: https://youtu.be/U_zGdMQdKoo

15.) “Angry Black Woman fails at excusing black behavior” (Fox News debate — observe the racist narrative): https://youtu.be/sVO1U-PYK4o

16.) “Black person who hates white people on crime and killing spree in Indianapolis”: https://youtu.be/NTw3Nm5vwUA

17.) “Law professor says Black jurors should free black criminals — revenge” (a call for jury nullification, referred to as a “Bronx jury”): https://youtu.be/AsYzGq_ZQPE

18.) Fox News debate between black men with opposing viewpoints: https://youtu.be/P6pT9Tcd2bw

19.) “Apologists for Black Lives Matter”: https://youtu.be/Hos7HouJ4DQ

20.) Ben Shapiro’s opinion of Black Lives Matter: https://youtu.be/PI5LeFo1EJU

“Wouldn’t be Christmas without large scale black mob violence at malls”

Saw some footage of this on CBS earlier while picking up dinner.

Some 2015 footage of other mall violence episodes:

A lengthier compilation video:

“KILL THE PIGS — Black Panthers throw a Christmas party and parade in Milwaukee”

“…or you die, crackers!”

Looking pretty free to me. Free enough to pull that shit out in the open and without fear.

And people still wonder why some of us refused to vote for Hillary Clinton. One reason, among many, is that she (and her husband) manipulatively stokes racial tensions in our country and talks as if everybody except white males belong to some sort of victim class, herself included as well as a female. It’s a bullshit ideology she and her fellow Leftists (or “Progressives” or whatever the hell we are to call them now) are promoting that comes with serious social and political consequences, like that shown in the video above.

Think about it. People keep taking to the streets and creating mayhem while screaming about their victimization in nations where the most opportunities are available, as demonstrated by people belonging to every racial demographic in existence. But rather than take advantage of the freedom already afforded to all of us to move beyond our stations in this life, these particular individuals take it as an opportunity to lambaste the rest of society for perceived injustices. And what are these injustices? An inequality of outcome? Well, you’re going to have that in any society — always have and always will. Because human beings are not all equally constituted. Some work hard all their lives to get ahead and barely wind up with anything to show for it. Others may get lucky via happenstance. But whatever the differences, they do not simply boil down to one’s racial or gender classifications. Our lives and individual fate are not pre-determined based on what race or sex we were born into, as history attests to time and time again. So what are we really talking about here? What it looks like to me is that some groups of people are interested in trying to drag others down, thinking that somehow will give them a comparable leg up. But more often than not the people most responsible for holding these individuals down are their own selves. Can’t fight that through casting blame externally. Yet we’re not supposed to state that aloud lest we be accused of “victim-blaming.”

This situation is turning into such horse shit. Our college campuses are becoming PC havens where free exchanges of ideas are damn-near being eliminated. Protests are breaking out in our major American cities, obstructing traffic and damaging businesses in every event. Criminals are being painted in the light of innocent victims whose names are being bandied about for martyring purposes. Our laws are being undermined out of a complete lack of respect for Western values — the very same values that led the way in abolishing slavery worldwide for the first time in all of human history (never forget that). Our police officers are being threatened and injured for upholding law and order even in clear cases where they are respecting civilians’ civil rights and due process. And so few want to talk about it honestly and plainly for fear of being accused of being racist and/or sexist. Screw that. Those labels are being rendered meaningless by this point.

Do people want a race war in this country? Or are these group members under the illusion that guilting folks will prove permanently effective in getting their desires catered to? Are they operating under the presumption that all others are too weak to stand up to their manipulative tactics? Are they really so blind and so privileged themselves that they cannot grasp how hateful they’re coming across as? What do you want? To dominate somebody else? To intimidate others while expecting the outside world to give you everything you want in this life? To live a life free from all strife, complications, interpersonal problems, challenges and inequalities?

Looks to me like people want to tear down and destroy that which they don’t respect because inwardly they envy it and yet can’t or won’t figure out how to participate in it through merited effort. Ya know, I feel like I’ve belonged among this crowd for a long time myself, steeping in the koolaid and blaming others for my own shortcomings and lack of fortitude. It’s sickening to observe it all unraveling in recent years and to start seeing how unproductive and dangerous that mindset really is. It’s toxic to society and it’s toxic to oneself. The truth is that plenty of us out here, whether male or female, black or white or brown, are ultimately responsible for what we do with our own lives. Yet there’s this popular mantra these days promoting the idea that we’re just a bunch of victims for one reason or another and that the cure must come from without rather than from within. As if the political system can fix all of our problems for us. It can’t. In fact, utilizing it in an attempt to rectify social and private matters only creates more craziness and more problems, pushing our societies further toward tyrannical avenues. I can’t go for that. Won’t silently accept that as the fate of my nation. We could be better than that but apparently we humans have to learn everything the hard way. Can’t seem to deeply grapple with history and recognize the repeated err in our ways. No, gotta learn it again and again and again because there’s always some new faddish ideology getting into our psyches and convincing us that this time it will lead to some utopian outcome. It won’t. But it will hurt society like hell in figuring that out.

So here we go again. 2017 promises to be an interesting year…