Big Five Personality Test results

Decided to fill out a Big Five Personality Test today for kicks and giggles. And the results are in…

To begin with, the site says this in regards to the results:

Your results from the IPIP Big Five Factor Markers are in the table below. The table contains a raw score and also a percentile, what percent of other people who have taken this test that you score higher than.

The table follows:


Factor I: Says I am an Extrovert, by and large.

Factor II: Emotional Stability (i.e., neuroticism/”negative emotionality”) — Shocking! Hit that one out of the ballpark.  LOL

Factor III: Says I am Somewhat Agreeable — Kinda surprised by that, to be honest. Figured I’d be on the low end of the scale on that one too.

Factor IV: Low on Conscientiousness — Not too surprised there since I am quite impulsive. However, what conscientiousness I do possess is consciously directed toward my job. I actually do like to be organized and occasionally make an effort to be so.

Factor V: Pretty Open to Experiences (and ideas) — Meaning I am less inclined toward following traditions and conventions. No big shocker there.

Well, that was basically in line with what I would’ve assumed my scores would turn out to be. Though I do wish the Conscientiousness factor were subdivided since I believe many of us compartmentalize our lives and choose to pay much more attention to one area (say, work) over others. Not an all-around schmuck all the time, so it deserves to be clarified, dammit.

So, it’s confirmed that I’m one of the biggest neurotics around. And, in the words of Dr. Jordan Peterson, that’s that.  not_amused

Tidbits of wisdom and advice from Dr. Jordan Peterson

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Today listening to part 2 of Jordan Peterson’s series on the Bible:

I appreciate his attempt to bring biblical stories back into relevance by examining them through a modern psychological lens. Very interesting stuff.

“Joe Rogan Talks About the Biggest Unsolved Mystery Of All Time”

And then youtube went and removed the video clip in question, so in its place I’ll have to post the entire 3-hour podcast. Dammit.

The portion in question (which I’ll have to find on there later) was an excellent conversation between those three.

“Defending Postmodernism: An Open Letter to Jordan B. Peterson”

Interesting. I’ve long been troubled with all the talk over Marxism and Post-Modernism. Will have to explore these topics in greater depth going forward.

“Psychology of Redemption in Christianity”

A lot of truth spoken there…