Black Lives Matter, criminality and bad behavior (part 2)

More videos and information…

** 1.) “KILL THE PIGS– Black Panthers throw a Christmas party and parade in Milwaukee”:

** 2.) “Brittany Herring live video of Kidnapping in Chicago published on Facebook” (recorded live footage of anti-white/anti-Trump thugs abusing disabled young man — very disturbing!! Likely time-sensitive due to the video being removed repeatedly from youtube and FB):

3.) Compilation video of racial attacks and attitudes expressed:

4.) “Crime is the new black entitlement — but not for some Dallas homeowners” (includes Omaha story):

** 5.) Compilation video — “Black-on-Elderly White Violence and Murder” (pay special attention to the violent clip at 43:11 — gruesome!!):

6.) Black youth mob violence in the streets and at Mall St Matthews in Louisville (911 calls in last half that verify the situation):

7.) Another compilation of “Black-on-Elderly Violence and Murder”:

8.) “White Guy Walking to the Store Gets Jumped for Being in the Hood for No Reason at All”:

9.) “Wouldn’t be Christmas without large scale black mob violence at malls” (2016 news reports):

10.) One black female and former cop’s view of Black Lives Matter (a lighter overcap of the situation):

Black Lives Matter Info / black crime news footage and commentary (part 1)

1.) “Black on white hostility now casual — now on national TV”:

2.) Obnoxious queer Black Lives Matter protester on the news:

3.) Minneapolis black crime wave:

4.) “The video Black Lives Matter doesn’t want you to watch”:

Yes, at some BLM protests they actually chant those words: “What do we want?” “Dead Cops!” “When do we want it?” “Now!”  Sad but true…

5.) “Black on white VIOLENCE & anti white RACISM can NOT be ignored for #BlackLivesMatter any longer!” (some very disturbing footage here):

6.) Black mob violence in 2016 (holy crap! would hate to have been in that Denny’s!):

7a.) BLM offshoot activist Latausha Nedd footage threatening “crackers” and cops:

   7b.) Plus more from her on Fox News after being brought up on charges (her “open season” clip is at the end of the video):

   7c.) Latausha Nedd was charged with terrorist threats (hearing footage):

And then they did later grant her bond. Still waiting to see what becomes of this case.

8.) Youtuber Sargon of Akkad’s examination of BLM’s list of demands (worth listening to to find out what these folks claim to ultimately want):

 9.) Black kid kills and robs pizza guy in Georgia (notice how his family reacts after court), plus more news stories:

10.) “White People Suck, Everyone Would Agree Some clips from the last year”:

11.) “Black rapist to white victim in Little Rock — You deserve it because of racism” (also disturbing Vanderbilt University gang-rape case, blamed on past slavery as well):

12.) Black Lives Matter protest footage compilation (mass destruction):

13.) “Getting Educated by Black Lives Matter” (condescending black women at on-campus protest):

14.) “Why Black People Must Kill Cops – Some examples and explanation”:

15.) “Angry Black Woman fails at excusing black behavior” (Fox News debate — observe the racist narrative):

16.) “Black person who hates white people on crime and killing spree in Indianapolis”:

17.) “Law professor says Black jurors should free black criminals — revenge” (a call for jury nullification, referred to as a “Bronx jury”):

18.) Fox News debate between black men with opposing viewpoints:

19.) “Apologists for Black Lives Matter”:

20.) Ben Shapiro’s opinion of Black Lives Matter:

“Gold nugget highlights from Jordan Peterson on the Joe Rogan Experience #877”

Love this talk.

“KILL THE PIGS — Black Panthers throw a Christmas party and parade in Milwaukee”

“…or you die, crackers!”

Looking pretty free to me. Free enough to pull that shit out in the open and without fear.

And people still wonder why some of us refused to vote for Hillary Clinton. One reason, among many, is that she (and her husband) manipulatively stokes racial tensions in our country and talks as if everybody except white males belong to some sort of victim class, herself included as well as a female. It’s a bullshit ideology she and her fellow Leftists (or “Progressives” or whatever the hell we are to call them now) are promoting that comes with serious social and political consequences, like that shown in the video above.

Think about it. People keep taking to the streets and creating mayhem while screaming about their victimization in nations where the most opportunities are available, as demonstrated by people belonging to every racial demographic in existence. But rather than take advantage of the freedom already afforded to all of us to move beyond our stations in this life, these particular individuals take it as an opportunity to lambaste the rest of society for perceived injustices. And what are these injustices? An inequality of outcome? Well, you’re going to have that in any society — always have and always will. Because human beings are not all equally constituted. Some work hard all their lives to get ahead and barely wind up with anything to show for it. Others may get lucky via happenstance. But whatever the differences, they do not simply boil down to one’s racial or gender classifications. Our lives and individual fate are not pre-determined based on what race or sex we were born into, as history attests to time and time again. So what are we really talking about here? What it looks like to me is that some groups of people are interested in trying to drag others down, thinking that somehow will give them a comparable leg up. But more often than not the people most responsible for holding these individuals down are their own selves. Can’t fight that through casting blame externally. Yet we’re not supposed to state that aloud lest we be accused of “victim-blaming.”

This situation is turning into such horse shit. Our college campuses are becoming PC havens where free exchanges of ideas are damn-near being eliminated. Protests are breaking out in our major American cities, obstructing traffic and damaging businesses in every event. Criminals are being painted in the light of innocent victims whose names are being bandied about for martyring purposes. Our laws are being undermined out of a complete lack of respect for Western values — the very same values that led the way in abolishing slavery worldwide for the first time in all of human history (never forget that). Our police officers are being threatened and injured for upholding law and order even in clear cases where they are respecting civilians’ civil rights and due process. And so few want to talk about it honestly and plainly for fear of being accused of being racist and/or sexist. Screw that. Those labels are being rendered meaningless by this point.

Do people want a race war in this country? Or are these group members under the illusion that guilting folks will prove permanently effective in getting their desires catered to? Are they operating under the presumption that all others are too weak to stand up to their manipulative tactics? Are they really so blind and so privileged themselves that they cannot grasp how hateful they’re coming across as? What do you want? To dominate somebody else? To intimidate others while expecting the outside world to give you everything you want in this life? To live a life free from all strife, complications, interpersonal problems, challenges and inequalities?

Looks to me like people want to tear down and destroy that which they don’t respect because inwardly they envy it and yet can’t or won’t figure out how to participate in it through merited effort. Ya know, I feel like I’ve belonged among this crowd for a long time myself, steeping in the koolaid and blaming others for my own shortcomings and lack of fortitude. It’s sickening to observe it all unraveling in recent years and to start seeing how unproductive and dangerous that mindset really is. It’s toxic to society and it’s toxic to oneself. The truth is that plenty of us out here, whether male or female, black or white or brown, are ultimately responsible for what we do with our own lives. Yet there’s this popular mantra these days promoting the idea that we’re just a bunch of victims for one reason or another and that the cure must come from without rather than from within. As if the political system can fix all of our problems for us. It can’t. In fact, utilizing it in an attempt to rectify social and private matters only creates more craziness and more problems, pushing our societies further toward tyrannical avenues. I can’t go for that. Won’t silently accept that as the fate of my nation. We could be better than that but apparently we humans have to learn everything the hard way. Can’t seem to deeply grapple with history and recognize the repeated err in our ways. No, gotta learn it again and again and again because there’s always some new faddish ideology getting into our psyches and convincing us that this time it will lead to some utopian outcome. It won’t. But it will hurt society like hell in figuring that out.

So here we go again. 2017 promises to be an interesting year…

“Thomas Sowell – The False Dichotomy of Race” (an excerpt from his book “Intellectuals and Race”)

Very interesting audiobook excerpt from Dr. Thomas Sowell’s book. Just finished his Black Rednecks and White Liberals and today began his Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy book. I do enjoy listening to that man’s perspective.

Walter Williams on the truth about discrimination

Stereotyping or pre-judging isn’t always such a bad thing in all cases. Here Dr. Williams explains in a common sense fashion how we all are prone to discriminate in myriad ways. It’s how our minds work and it’s necessary at times. To be prejudice is to pre-judge — I think that’s the best and clearest definition of the term I’ve heard thus far. And it flows in all directions and is a normal feature of humanity. Listen to his talk on the subject.

Also interesting here is how he acknowledges that white people aren’t a monolithic group. As history has shown to anyone who cares to study it. American whites of German descent vary from American whites of English or Scottish descent, as relocating from the Deep South to the Midwest showed me during my youth. Different cultures in these regions arose as a result. As Dr. Thomas Sowell (a friend of Dr. Williams) explained in his book Black Rednecks and White Liberals, the majority of blacks brought to the U.S. were subjected to Southern culture primarily early on and thereby what we commonly think of today in America as black culture is derived from being directly influenced by that region of the country — a region unique in its own right compared against other regions of the United States. It’s intriguing to delve into this topic and to explore how the common stereotypes against white folks prove generic and superficial as well. The truths uncovered by familiarizing ourselves more deeply with history presents a very different picture than the common narrative typically taken as granted  these days.

His main question here is how much of what we see occurring can be explained away as being due to racial discrimination against blacks. Dr. Williams then offers up factors he believes carry more direct weight yet that tend to be dismissed in this era where it’s popular to maximize on white guilt while minimizing black personal accountability. Amazingly, stating this plainly today is bound to be considered controversial as well as (that all too familiar buzzword) racist.

Very good talk. Please do take time to listen to this man’s perspective.