This is why I hate updating

The other day I clicked to update my blog’s theme and now I’m stuck with wonky text script. Changed the font and spacing (which also screwed up my banner text at the top), and when I attempt to go in to modify the CSS pages I’m warned not to do so since this theme is already vulnerable to issues.

I get that they needed to come out with an update to protect the theme from security breaches, but did they have to tinker with our settings in the process? Ugh. And I’m so far outside of coding crap these days that it looks like a major headache to attempt to remedy the matter. So, this is what we have to work with until either they come out with a new update that fixes the changes made or I grow tired enough of looking at it that I figure out how to repair it myself or switch themes altogether. 

“Yes All Men”

Was invited by a buddy to check out a post on a blog I’ve never been to before where the male blogger was chastising men in general for not sticking up for women who feel threatened by men. He titled his post “Yes All Men,” and a relevant excerpt from him follows:

Yes, it’s all men who are responsible. Let’s face it: we live in a culture where we are the dominant group. If we got together, stood up, and said “We’re not going to tolerate this shit anymore” – if even a decent-sized minority of us were willing to stand up and say it – the hateful assholes would be driven underground. If we stood up and said “No”, and made sure that any shit-headed bigoted woman-hater actually paid some price in standing in our communities, the threats would end.

If we acknowledged that the violent hatred of women was not just a sickness; that a threat to women is a real threat to other human beings that was serious; that those threats are crimes. That the everyday threats against women are more serious that the threats of terrorism that we’ve used to justify war. If we did that, we’d have to admit that we need to do something about it.

But we don’t. We sit and watch, and downplay the threats. We say that they’re not really serious, that’s just how people act on the internet. We say that the threats don’t matter – those fragile women just need to “man up”, and grow thicker skins. And when women die – as they do every day – we just say it was a crazy person, there’s nothing we can do about it.

So I jumped into the comment section to share my views and was swiftly dismissed as a “sock puppet account.”  lol  Because, heaven forbid, one woman out here might not be dealing with constant threats of violence every time she logs online. Apparently impossible to comprehend that. So I’m posting this here, after already linking them to my youtube channel and still being referred to yet again as a sock puppet.

What is up with all the dismissiveness people show toward those who happen to disagree with them? Also accused me of being an MRA for not toeing their feminist line, and I find that quite laughable. Then told my buddy who for a long time has considered himself sympathetic to the feminist cause to “check his privilege” because he said something one of them didn’t completely agree with — how flippin’ typical. Geez…

So anyway, here I am and I am a real-life woman.  If this doesn’t satisfy, then I just don’t know what it will take.

March 2014 update

Haven’t been putting this blog to use in the way I originally intended. Haven’t dragged (edited and polished) hardly any info from my old blog and haven’t been transcribing enough excerpts from books. Boo on me. The reason is due to personal stress. But hopefully that’s turning around. Transitions can be rough, that’s for sure.

In a weird limbo with my companion where we’re technically back to being single but we still have a lot of feelings and aren’t looking to move away from one another. Just trying to give the romantic expectations a chill while learning to be friends of sorts. We each mean well but are just such different people, and hopefully friendship will prove more healthy and less stressful.

Kinda sad to shift this way though. Change isn’t always easy.

Been trying to play catch up when work is available. January and February tend to be slower months, and now March is kicking it up a notch since spring break sent folks off on vacations.

Natural-born “insomniac,” if we’re to call it that. Sleep is great when I can get it. If I had it my way, the day would never begin before 9am, preferably 10am.

Haven’t been into making videos lately because frankly I’m not sure how to put into words some of the topics on my mind. Not sure how to express these thoughts and ideas in a way that may be worthwhile to others. Been doing a lot of thinking on the perennial topic of what’s best suitable for human life in terms of how we’ve evolved to be. In other words, are we in modern times aiming to cram a square peg through a round hole by requiring people to adapt to the changes societies have underwent? My answer is yes, and I’m not convinced the modern conception of civilization will prove sustainable. Many feel similarly regardless of whether they consciously are aware that this disconnect between who we are and what’s now being asked of us is where much of our anxiety stems from. Viscerally, many seem to know something is askew, though we tend to attribute it to personal circumstances or political chicanery or any number of social influences and frustrations. But it’s bigger than that. It’s the whole web humans up to now have woven that’s fundamentally proving problematic and incompatible with our basic values and needs. That’s my thinking on it anyway. To be fleshed out in greater detail going forward.

I keep reminding myself that the best use of my free time right now would be to go back over books I’ve read and gotten something useful out of, and hopefully I will. Currently am still reading Dr. Peter Breggin’s book Toxic Psychiatry, recently finished listen to Alvin and Heidi Toffler’s audiobook Revolutionary Wealth and G. Edward Griffin’s short audio on The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve (available to read free online), and today moved on to Dr. Thomas Szasz’ audiobook The Myth of Psychotherapy. Listen to the audio while I drive and carry a book around with me for when time permits to get in a page or two here and there, like during lunch or when sitting select animals when it’s feasible or when waiting in lines.

Been wanting to comb through past works I’ve read and to transcribe portions of interest and plan on getting back into that soon enough. I figure others might like tidbits to give them a taste of what content a book has in store, plus I benefit from reviewing the material.

But tonight is winding to a close. Busy week. Early mornings and a scattered schedule throughout the days. Just the way it goes in my world. In and out and round and round the town. Can’t complain. Beats being be trapped in a cubicle for 8-10 hours a day.

One big gripe I have at the moment is I’m officially heavier now than I’ve ever been before. Not good on my joints or my little feet. Part of me doesn’t care since I’m not interested in attracting sexual attention at this time, and part of me does care since I am concerned about being relatively healthy. The battle wages on in my mind daily. But cycling in place at a gym resembles a hamster exercising in a wheel. Doesn’t feel terribly productive. One activity I do enjoy that keeps returning to mind is weed pulling. And I happen to own a couple nifty tools for the job that my people gave me as gifts. Been thinking once spring rolls around about asking homeowners if they wouldn’t mind having some removed.  Can’t guarantee your lawn won’t look like a gopher got after it, but the weeds will be removed. ha  Pulling weeds actually helps me work out frustration and pent up energy, odd as it may sound. Not claiming it to be strenuous exercise, but anything that’s calming and lowers cortisol levels is a stab in a better direction right about now.

And spring is right around the corner — I can feel it.  flower

One last thought for the evening: I still can’t believe it’s 2014. Damn. Amazing how time boogies. I look at something from 2005 and think of it as if it was yesterday. The ’90s are decidedly in the rearview mirror, half a lifetime ago for me, but still not that far back. That the ’80s are already feeling classic, even to me, is kinda disturbing. Everything prior was before my time, designating me as a youngen to most I deal with and an old’ne to those belonging to the latest generational focal point in a society obsessed with youth.

Getting older with each ticking moment. Such is life. That’s both hilarious and mystifying.

Personal disclaimer and ramble for September 2013

No group of people is above being singled out and discussed. We all generalize as needed to point to cultural or social phenomena we’re trying to make sense of and call attention to. But, at the end of the day, these are only generalizations. Take them with a grain of salt, especially coming from me, because my mind has and does change over time in light of new information and experiences. It’s called personal growth and life exploration and it’s good for us.

I could gripe about the working class and poorer folks too, and likely I will at some point. Can’t do all my griping in one day, so give me time.

Gonna say some things that sound pretty ignorant, especially in my videos, video-making being a whole new concept for me and not one I’m catching on to quickly. Think: monkey with a handycam, editing during free evenings while drinking.  drinker  There’s no point in holding high expectations here. ha  There comes a time to take your time, does there not?

But I like writing on here, and hopefully my elaborations help clarify some of my points not discussed in detail in my videos (otherwise they’d be hours long).

People along with all of our social sphere remains fascinatingly complex and interesting to me. Anytime we attempt to discuss one issue from one particular vantage point, it can’t help but be a freeze-frame of just that one type of perspective. But it’s never the whole picture. This is my qualm with statistics as well and how they’re formulated, interpreted, and then misinterpreted by people attempting to bolster their arguments and promote their own perspectives and agendas. No issue is limited to only one or two ‘sides’ worthy of consideration.

We can skate eerily close to talk of relativism here, because yes, everything is indeed relative. Including our own perspectives in how they can shift from year to year, month to month, and day to day depending on what’s impacting us at any given point in time. Makes it tough for me to toe one line when my disgruntlement shifts its focus by the hour. heh

Some of us apparently were born and bred to be bitchers. The world takes all kinds.

I’m not sold on many claims being “cold, hard facts,” preferring to keep more of an open mind. If my brain falls out, so be it.

No group or position or stated ideal deserves to be placed on a pedestal and claimed above critique and scrutiny. That’s religious mumbo-jumbo and little more. Even the most sacred calls for our inquiry and inspection, and why would it not? All of nature is here for us to experience and explore, including ourselves and one another and all ideas brought to the table. One thing we should know by now is any group of people elevated above being scrutinized, inspected, and critiqued will wind up abusing their power in such a position of privilege. In short, we all deserve reality checks from time to time. Me too.

We live in crazy, weird times, and we have this amazing technology at our fingertips, whether we’re any good with it or not. The possibilities are endless on what can be communicated to one another now that so many of us are connected through the internet, and who knows where it all might lead? I assume it’s a matter of time before the internet shrinks in scope thanks to Google buying up all the popular hangout sites, and likely it’s already the case that anything we say and do on here might wind up being wielded against us eventually in the public court of opinion, but screw it. What are we so afraid of? Looking stupid? Saying something we might regret later? Calling potentially negative attention to ourselves? Appearing nuts? Well, so far as I can tell we are all nuts. Some nuts just subscribe to similar beliefs and hence don’t appear as nuts to one another thanks to confirmation bias. But we’re still all nuts.

Oh, and I suppose I’ll add here my belief that all persons are capable of spells of going “psycho.” That’s not a put-down, just an observation from knowing myself and others. Guess it’s not such a big deal so long as it doesn’t get taken to too crazy of extremes to where we’re doing major unnecessary damage. Just part of living. Though ramped up societal pressures and endless bullshit certainly isn’t helping any. Humans get stressed and act it out in various ways. No getting around that, especially not in crazy-making times. But we can try to make sense of it the best we can and think on what might help alleviate the mounting pressure that’s driving people toward anxiousness, depression, and resentment. Would be nice to see more thinking outside of the box here.

But people like to poke one another with sticks and escalate shit. Seems to be a popular form of entertainment. And perhaps we really are descending into an idiocracy, willfully, thanks to so much pandering to the lowest common denominator and technologies that let us be lazy. Perhaps we’re coming to the end of our evolutionary cycle in terms of long-term progress and healthy survival, likely as a result of contaminating our environments and consequently the gene pool. And maybe we, as a species, are already past the point of no return. It’s possible. And maybe it’s not necessarily such a bad thing either, just the way life can go. Life’s irony. Who knows? I surely won’t claim to, but it’s all interesting stuff to ponder. Nothing is off-limits for pondering.

Sunday night update

Still bogged down on time over here. Finally finished my second part to the domestication topic, which is uploading to YT as I type. Was a slow process tracking down images to use in its slideshow, and while I’m not thrilled with how the video clip came out, it seems decent enough to post up and share, if only to satisfy my need for self-expression via free thought exercises. Not everything can be packaged for purposes of easy and quick consumption by others, nor is that ultimately my aim. Written outlines can and do help, and I’ll plan on creating videos in the future that include them as seems fitting, but free thought exercises don’t lend themselves to that sort of restrictedness. Sometimes ya just need to record thoughts and ponderings for what they are, as they come to you. That’s how I see it.

Anyway, let’s post up another song in the meantime and hopefully there will be more time for creating content here soon.

Here’s a fantastic live performance of James Brown and Luciano Pavarotti singing “It’s a Man’s World”:

Gambling on better odds in 2013

Very slow about adding content to this blog, my excuse for the last several weeks being my draining work schedule around the holidays and then a bad cold that lingered on for two weeks. But here we are, standing in a new year, open to brand-new possibilities and opportunities for growth. Last year was rough and I couldn’t be more pleased to turn the page on all of that and commence writing a new chapter.

Tonight the hours are getting away from me, so I’ll just post up a song to christen the new year, with hope of returning here tomorrow.

Here’s an oldie and a goodie from Kenny Rogers:

Always loved that song. “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away and know when to run.”  🙂  So they keep telling me.

“The internet’s a vast place.”

The internet’s a vast place. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut watching and reading what we find agreeable, the tendency being to attract toward people who confirm our own beliefs. This is known to some as the echo chamber effect and has potential to be vacuous. My aim instead has been and continues to be to explore a wide array of topics and ideas, not limiting myself to what I personally wish to believe and not avoiding possible evidence simply because it makes me uncomfortable.

It is my belief that if we consistently fail to make the effort to treat the internet and other technologies responsibly, as in safeguarding net neutrality and by individually making the decision to utilize this electronic medium to further our own growth and critical understandings rather than merely entertaining ourselves, it will be our own selves who lose out in the end. Why let short-sighted indulgences wreck a valuable tool and erode its benefit for oneself and everyone else going forward? In other words, when we type as if with impunity, how are we adding value to our virtual communication realm?

The potential contained within the internet is connected with the choices of each individual searcher making use of this powerful tool. What we seek and what we choose to put out in the world via the internet ultimately determines its usefulness and value. If we allow it to devolve into little more than a haven for us to misbehave in, we have diminished its worth. If it is turned into little more than a commercialized smorgasbord and a platform for celebrated drama queens and kings not unlike the televised medium that came before it, we have only ourselves to blame, and it will be we who suffer as a consequence.

So, with that, my goal here on this blog is to explore ideas and information that have come my way through books, films, the arts, and the internet, and to share my findings and considerations with others in case anything may be of value to anyone else. But these are my thoughts in my small corner of the universe, most of which aren’t intended to be promoted as facts but rather are offered as tidbits of food for thought as I grapple with the complexities of modern living. And for the record, not claiming to be an authority on any subject or to be sharpest knife in the drawer. Haha

The subjects I would like to broach span across the spectrum and are too numerous to lay out here. The aim is to allow information and ideas to flow and converge without setting up divisions created by arbitrary categorization of phenomena, as unfortunately has become all-too-common as our educational institutions divide life exploration into various separate disciplines, treating them as if distinctly partitioned. That is an illusion, a social construct that is coming to outlive its usefulness at a time when dots call out to be connected. So consider this one person’s interdisciplinary approach to making sense out of life and living, past and present, with an eye toward what may await us going forward.