Organic grossness (Flackers rosemary crackers)

While out grocery shopping today I picked up a bag of Doctor in the Kitchen brand Flackers organic flax seed crackers in the flavor rosemary. Yeah, I’m down for trying new and odd things apparently. Well, this turned out to be the second most disgusting organic food I’ve put in my mouth thus far this year. Super yuck! yuck_smilie  Managed to swallow this cracker though, unlike the Annie Chun’s sesame-flavored roasted seaweed snack that had to be spat out. Friggin’ gross and left a bad taste in my mouth thereafter. Won’t be trying that brand again.

I seriously doubt there’s anyway to make it any better either, like by adding cheese or meats. Nope. Just straight-up nasty and guaranteed to ruin any snacking session. Foul tasting. Difficult to comprehend anybody actually liking that cracker. How did it ever make it into a mainstream grocery market?

Giving that out as a gift to others in a snack basket will assuredly signal to them how shockingly bad of taste you have, even if they do happen to be vegan. Expect back a lump of coal.

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