A weird dream about Saudi Arabia

How strange. Awoke from a vivid dream this morning where my grandparents, my former partner, and I were visiting Saudi Arabia. He and I had gone first, then Grandma came to meet us, then Papa flew over as well. Where we were staying there were a good many gay men around, and these were mostly Western men with blonde hair. They seemed to be corralled and stayed in houses or in hotels (informally jailed?) unless brought out to perform for others. Since we were around them most of the dream, I presume we were being jailed as well or at least were staying in the same hotel where they were being kept at the time.

Grandma was her usual jittery nervous self. Papa came over to help retrieve her to take her home to the U.S. And I was planning to go back with them but decided last minute to remain with my partner (presumably back together in this dream) instead of risking what would happen to him if left behind. I was listening to Papa tell stories of his trip over and dealing with people on the plane and the cab drivers and whatnot. Misunderstandings had occurred and one man had tried to grab him down below in some form of punishment, but I guess he had ran or at least somehow escaped the man’s clutches. We were laughing about his tales. Papa always was known for his confrontations with pretty much anybody and everybody, so Saudis proved no exception. But somehow we managed to handle them without major incident.

I was telling Papa of all the things deemed illegal there and the punishments meted out for each, which probably should’ve been discussed before he arrived. ha  And he was just shaking his head in disbelief. Grandma was pretty shaken up about the travel experience (in real life she’s never flown and refuses to do so), so he was readying her to return home. And I was telling them I’d meet up with them later once our last few days of the trip had ended. My former partner said very little throughout the dream.

The gay men were the strangest part of the dream. Why we were around them so much of the time there, I do not know. They seemed to be prisoners of sorts, like they did not have free rein to go where they wished when they wanted. So they lounged around all day like women kept in a Nevada brothel. And we were kept in the same place as them, so we watched and interacted. One evening they were brought to someone’s house party, and we followed along. That part of the dream has now become hazy.

No clue what that dream was supposed to be about. Have never dreamt of Saudi Arabia and don’t often dream of gay men. Was just a strange little dream. Woke up to my cat curled up against my cheek and the alarm blaring.


Have a better idea what aspects of the dream mean for me now on greater reflection.

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