Hooligan kids, shoddy parents, and damaged property

Well, I just got in a little while ago from taking my car to have its rear windshield replaced. They vacuumed up what they could but there’s still glass shards scattered around. The total for this repair, after my discount through Progressive insurance, wound up being $339. Printed off a copy of the receipt and hand-delivered it to the mother of the boy responsible. Apparently I woke her up, and she didn’t have much to say before closing the door. Went ahead and left a message for my property manager to report the incident since these kids have been warned repeatedly by other neighbors to knock off their shenanigan behaviors.

A big problem here is that the mother doesn’t seem to care. I’m out a few hundred dollars and somehow, some way, she doesn’t seem to think she or her son are liable for this expense. And taking her to small claims court for such an amount would prove trifling. So I’m not sure what to do. Her new boyfriend seemed more civil and less ghetto than her in addressing this matter toward me, but he’s not the father of the boy and understandably isn’t liable for the cost either. The mother has lived in our complex for only a few months now, but her oldest boy has proven to be a nuisance when it comes to property damage in our lot. When I called the cops to report the incident, they were too busy at the time to come to our location and didn’t forward me to an automated system to leave a message about the incident, so I doubt it’s on record with them.

Just heard back from my landlord and he says this is one in a string of complaints he’s had against those tenants. About to email him the relevant information and receipts and he said he’ll take action on my behalf. Hope that remedies this ordeal in due time.

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