Forward-moving gameplan

Briefly, a few goals to focus on in the immediate future.

1.) Wake up earlier (and hopefully head to bed earlier as well). James Altucher sounds like he knew what he was talking about when he wrote about his decision to sober up years back requiring him to shift his sleep schedule. The night time is the right time for gremlins to run amok. I am up today at 7am. Fell asleep last night a little after midnight.

2.) Tend to my health, particularly through exercise. Fell off that wagon over the winter and have been trying to get more active in the last couple of weeks. Until I hurt my knee again, I was on a roll for a minute there. But I worked with my trainer on Monday and am still sore as the dickens in my arms and back. It’s a better kind of pain, worthwhile pain. The aim is to work out vigorously 3-4 times each week from hereon out.

3.) Embrace thriftiness. Time to save money. Used  to be able to set money aside in savings and need to get back to that.

4.) Take some downtime. Stay home more doing things that need to be done around here. De-stress from all the BS.

5.) Regain contact with some of my people, especially my Grandma. Haven’t been calling her much over this past year. My best girlfriend’s grandfather recently passed away. My buddy in Omaha called the other day but I missed it. Another buddy in Mississippi has reached out to me on occasion, but I’m never around. Haven’t talked to my Dad on the phone in many months because I kept missing his calls. Haven’t heard from my brother either. Or my uncle. Or my cousin. Gotta eventually reconnect.

6.) Stay away from certain places and people. Bad influences who stress me out and bring little to nothing to the table of real value. Tired of dealing with idiots and assholes. Took up too much of my time in the past.

7.) Play in healthier ways. Ceased transcribing portions of books years back. Ceased painting and creative writing attempts. Ceased learning to make videos. All are better uses of my time and energy now.

8.) Resume counseling. Been about a year since I quit. Call her up again and schedule visits.

9.) Form better habits and routines. Like keeping up on my various email accounts more regularly. Taking time for writing and watching lectures in the morning hours. Go on walks now that the weather permits. Keep up on my schedule and improve on what needs to be done. This one will require more detailed planning from day to day.

10.) Imagine the possibilities. A lot of opportunities await the future. I miss dreaming of constructing a better reality. Been too bogged down day to day. It can become much better without that monkey on my back pulling the strings. That gremlin only has as much power as I afford it. Those days are over now. Thankfully come to my senses. It can be better from hereon out.

The writings and podcasts of James Altucher didn’t fall on deaf ears and blind eyes, even though I’ve been stewing on them for a couple of years now. He’s a godsend in his own right and I’m glad people like him exist to share their stories and provide ideas to others in similar straits. Lots of interesting resources available out there. Many good books have come my way and deserve deeper scrutiny and attention paid. I miss that side of myself who used to could focus for long spells on such matters. And I understand this transition won’t be easy. But it feels so necessary, so entirely overdue. It’s worth making a change, for myself and my loved ones. I know it’s going to be okay.

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