Online reactions to the news about the young autistic man kidnapped and tortured in Chicago

Very much agree with that man’s message.

“Judge Jeanine Pirro The Chicago Kidnapping And Torture of Mentally Challenge White Person”:

Tommy Sotomayor’s take on the matter:

Tommy regularly expresses a harsh and blunt view of the black community, yes, but I do give him a listen from time to time. He’s raw but he’s telling it like he sees it, plenty of which I agree with, particularly how a socially-sanctioned “victim” status can lead to a debilitating sense of entitlement. That’s not helpful to anybody, not the perpetrators who lash out at others in righteous indignation because they consider only their own plights and believe the rest of the world owes them, nor those they wind up victimizing for real, nor the rest of us out here in society who are increasingly sickened in the spirit after years of witnessing the situation spiraling further out of control, nor even the politicians and their blind followers who believe their utopian fantasies will ever be reached through these employed strategies. Just messes us all up more and more as individuals and as a society and culture. No good is coming from this.

CNN’s coverage of this story:

“Was it a Hate Crime? CNN Reporter Defends Racist Criminals” (Andywarski):

Not a fan of Simone Sanders or anyone else on that panel, truth be told.

Styxhexenhammer666’s take on this situation:

“The Underbelly of Humanity” by Vernaculis:

“A Prosecutor Warrior Explains How to Lock Up for Life the Psychos Who Live-Streamed a Kidnap Torture”:

That was from the channel Lionel Nation (Michael Lebron). Never heard of him before but gave him a listen to learn of his views as a trial lawyer.

I don’t normally watch Red Pill Philosophy’s videos since he’s not my cup of tea, but here’s his views expressed about this particular crime and what he refers to as “black privilege” as well as popular claims of white oppression:

Getting the facts straight so far as we’re aware up to this point:

1.) Three of the perpetrators are 18 and one female is 24. The victim is 18. So no, the victim does not deserve to be referred to as a “man” while the criminal delinquents are all referred to as “kids” and “children” and “youths.” That bugs me.

2.) Brittany Herring Covington’s sister Tanishia Covington featured in this crime footage has faced prior charges for other crimes. Brittany allegedly has as well though I’m not locating them other than info posted on No word on the perpetrator males’ past criminal records yet though so far as I’m aware.

3.) The victim did know one of the attackers from school, allegedly Jordan Hill.

4.) What occurred does fulfill the criteria for federal “hate crime” charges.

5.) The 4 suspects are currently in police custody and awaiting their first hearing.

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