Familiarizing ourselves with “antifa”

Styxhexnhammer666’s viewpoint:

So-called anti-fascists who act more fascist than anybody else. Sounds about right.

Sargon of Akkad’s video on the matter:

Cowards, yes. Mostly middle-class (in terms of their upbringing), yes.

I heartily agree with both of these men that anarchist ideologues are deluded in thinking the formation of a government-less society is a viable option. Without military to ward off external attacks, we’re sitting ducks. Without domestic police forces to uphold law and order we’re at the mercy of the most violent and intimidating citizen thugs and criminals. That’s become a fact of life, hence the ascendance of civilizations over time. Most of us would prefer to coordinate our efforts so as to remain relatively safe and peaceful and economically productive, as opposed to being subjugated by mercenaries and vigilantes who cannot be checked aside from through violent and retributive means — hence the importance of police and state authority. And private property rights require laws and law enforcement agencies in order to be upheld, otherwise the whole idea falls apart through lack of backing.

I’ve challenged the State’s authority plenty myself over time by arguing against militarization of domestic police forces. But nowadays I’m being forced to reconsider my position on that in light of domestic terrorist assholes like antifa black bloc protesters and their ilk. They make such measures appear necessary. Sad but true. So these asshats actually help perpetuate and strengthen the very System they claim to be trying to dismantle and undermine. Way to go. Sheer brilliance there.

It appears to be true that plenty who claim to be anarchists are actually just rebels looking for a reason to create violence and mayhem. It’s an excuse, a justification, and a means of obscuring their real ulterior motives. Which is that they lack respect for the very setup that has allowed them to be what they are: spoiled, coddled, idealistic, irrational, tolerated by society even while they behave intolerantly toward others, etc. In a truly anarchistic situation many of these protesters would have their asses handed to them. Because if it ever came down to survival of the fittest, so to speak, these cowards would find out how unfit they actually are. And I think deep down they already know this. But life hasn’t yet been rough enough on them to demonstrate clearly how their ideals can’t withstand the brutality of reality since they’ve been sheltered from such an outcome in our largely peaceful society populated primarily with a law-abiding citizenry and protected by cops. If ever it came down to the Law of the Land being replaced by the Law of the Jungle, such groups would be forced to contend with the real meaning behind the notion that all is fair in love and war. Which is to say fairness ceases to matter, therefore ideals that they espouse would necessarily crumble as well. How could they not? What support could they find if opportunistic chaos comes to rule the day?

Wishful thinking cannot override the need for protection from ruthless factions. Think law enforcement officials are restricting your rights and freedom? Try living with dangerous, unsympathetic mobs and psychopathic tyrants in their absence.

But humans apparently are inclined to learn everything the hard way…

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3 Responses to Familiarizing ourselves with “antifa”

  1. Themadbomber187 says:

    What’s up Benyia, the videos here aren’t really the best way to learn about Antifas or Anarchist. There is some really good books that explain it better. Black Bloc tactics have been apart of protesting for centuries, check out the book “Who’s afraid of the black blocs” by Francis Dupuis. If you want to learn more about anarchy check out Cody Wilson Free market anarchism.

    • Byenia says:

      Hi David N.O.,

      I’ve learned about anarchy in a general sense in the past, seeing as how they tend to sometimes come on libertarian venues. But I am not familiar with this “black bloc” form of it. Have so much reading material backed up currently that I won’t likely be able to get to the listed title anytime soon, but I’ll keep sniffing around and will keep those names in mind during future searches on this topic. Thanks.

  2. Byenia says:

    Ran across a piece I wrote back in 2014 on my thoughts about libertarianism and anarchists: http://waywardblogging.com/2014/07/why-im-not-an-anarchist-and-why-libertarianism-falls-short-more-thoughts-on-modern-life/

    Seems somewhat relevant.

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