Black Lives Matter Info / black crime news footage and commentary (part 1)

1.) “Black on white hostility now casual — now on national TV”:

2.) Obnoxious queer Black Lives Matter protester on the news:

3.) Minneapolis black crime wave:

4.) “The video Black Lives Matter doesn’t want you to watch”:

Yes, at some BLM protests they actually chant those words: “What do we want?” “Dead Cops!” “When do we want it?” “Now!”  Sad but true…

5.) “Black on white VIOLENCE & anti white RACISM can NOT be ignored for #BlackLivesMatter any longer!” (some very disturbing footage here):

6.) Black mob violence in 2016 (holy crap! would hate to have been in that Denny’s!):

7a.) BLM offshoot activist Latausha Nedd footage threatening “crackers” and cops:

   7b.) Plus more from her on Fox News after being brought up on charges (her “open season” clip is at the end of the video):

   7c.) Latausha Nedd was charged with terrorist threats (hearing footage):

And then they did later grant her bond. Still waiting to see what becomes of this case.

8.) Youtuber Sargon of Akkad’s examination of BLM’s list of demands (worth listening to to find out what these folks claim to ultimately want):

 9.) Black kid kills and robs pizza guy in Georgia (notice how his family reacts after court), plus more news stories:

10.) “White People Suck, Everyone Would Agree Some clips from the last year”:

11.) “Black rapist to white victim in Little Rock — You deserve it because of racism” (also disturbing Vanderbilt University gang-rape case, blamed on past slavery as well):

12.) Black Lives Matter protest footage compilation (mass destruction):

13.) “Getting Educated by Black Lives Matter” (condescending black women at on-campus protest):

14.) “Why Black People Must Kill Cops – Some examples and explanation”:

15.) “Angry Black Woman fails at excusing black behavior” (Fox News debate — observe the racist narrative):

16.) “Black person who hates white people on crime and killing spree in Indianapolis”:

17.) “Law professor says Black jurors should free black criminals — revenge” (a call for jury nullification, referred to as a “Bronx jury”):

18.) Fox News debate between black men with opposing viewpoints:

19.) “Apologists for Black Lives Matter”:

20.) Ben Shapiro’s opinion of Black Lives Matter:

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