Black Lives Matter, criminality and bad behavior (part 2)

More videos and information…

** 1.) “KILL THE PIGS– Black Panthers throw a Christmas party and parade in Milwaukee”:

** 2.) “Brittany Herring live video of Kidnapping in Chicago published on Facebook” (recorded live footage of anti-white/anti-Trump thugs abusing disabled young man — very disturbing!! Likely time-sensitive due to the video being removed repeatedly from youtube and FB):

3.) Compilation video of racial attacks and attitudes expressed:

4.) “Crime is the new black entitlement — but not for some Dallas homeowners” (includes Omaha story):

** 5.) Compilation video — “Black-on-Elderly White Violence and Murder” (pay special attention to the violent clip at 43:11 — gruesome!!):

6.) Black youth mob violence in the streets and at Mall St Matthews in Louisville (911 calls in last half that verify the situation):

7.) Another compilation of “Black-on-Elderly Violence and Murder”:

8.) “White Guy Walking to the Store Gets Jumped for Being in the Hood for No Reason at All”:

9.) “Wouldn’t be Christmas without large scale black mob violence at malls” (2016 news reports):

10.) One black female and former cop’s view of Black Lives Matter (a lighter overcap of the situation):

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