Walter Williams on the truth about discrimination

Stereotyping or pre-judging isn’t always such a bad thing in all cases. Here Dr. Williams explains in a common sense fashion how we all are prone to discriminate in myriad ways. It’s how our minds work and it’s necessary at times. To be prejudice is to pre-judge — I think that’s the best and clearest definition of the term I’ve heard thus far. And it flows in all directions and is a normal feature of humanity. Listen to his talk on the subject.

Also interesting here is how he acknowledges that white people aren’t a monolithic group. As history has shown to anyone who cares to study it. American whites of German descent vary from American whites of English or Scottish descent, as relocating from the Deep South to the Midwest showed me during my youth. Different cultures in these regions arose as a result. As Dr. Thomas Sowell (a friend of Dr. Williams) explained in his book Black Rednecks and White Liberals, the majority of blacks brought to the U.S. were subjected to Southern culture primarily early on and thereby what we commonly think of today in America as black culture is derived from being directly influenced by that region of the country — a region unique in its own right compared against other regions of the United States. It’s intriguing to delve into this topic and to explore how the common stereotypes against white folks prove generic and superficial as well. The truths uncovered by familiarizing ourselves more deeply with history presents a very different picture than the common narrative typically taken as granted  these days.

His main question here is how much of what we see occurring can be explained away as being due to racial discrimination against blacks. Dr. Williams then offers up factors he believes carry more direct weight yet that tend to be dismissed in this era where it’s popular to maximize on white guilt while minimizing black personal accountability. Amazingly, stating this plainly today is bound to be considered controversial as well as (that all too familiar buzzword) racist.

Very good talk. Please do take time to listen to this man’s perspective.

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