So you’re upset with third party voters…

Watched a few videos on youtube in recent days where people were railing against us third party voters, blaming us for “wasting” our votes. Ha!  We go through this every presidential election, so let’s go through it once again.

I am opposed to most warring. Sometimes wars may be necessary or unavoidable, but oftentimes that is not the case. Waging war for resource acquisition isn’t what I care for my taxes to go toward supporting. Further enlarging our already gigantic military concerns me as well. Beyond that, I’m not a fan of global corporatism as it’s been unfolding. Appears to defy true free-market capitalism by its very nature, shutting out most competition through the formation of oligopolies across various sectors, colluding in price-setting schemes and lobbying to impact public policy in their economic favor. This is not acceptable to me. I won’t willingly support this by voting for candidates who clearly demonstrate strong interest (or incentives) in catering to that paradigm, especially without any serious time and effort given to contemplation and research into viable alternatives that may prove healthier for our species.

In that preceding paragraph alone I’ve eliminated any chance for ever voting for Hillary Clinton.

Western societies aren’t simply suffering because of what we’re up against out there in the world, we’re mostly sick as cultures, breaking down from the the inside out. By this I mean that we’re lost in terms of finding meaning, modern life is moving too rapidly to stay up on and is daunting to continually attempt to do so, yet there’s no way to slow it down anytime soon. People are worried about us somehow winding up knocking our species back to the Dark Ages, which we might. Time will tell. We have a Dante’s Inferno situation going on here where we’re all guilty, to whatever degrees, constructing our little slice of hell as a result. And such is human life. Now we just happen to have more tools (and people) to fuck shit up. While I accept that, I can’t go along with all ways proposed forward. Undoubtedly some will prove more hellacious than others, yet that’s not always readily apparent to the majority of people at any given point in time. So I have learned over time that the majority can do what they wish and I’ll do what I feel is right.

If I didn’t vote third party I likely wouldn’t vote at all. Electoral colleges for many decades have not been swayed by our non-binary votes, though the hope is that they someday will be so as to add more voices and choices to the public discourse.

My presidential voting record thus far:

2016 – Gary Johnson

2012 – Gary Johnson

2008 – Ralph Nader

2004 – Michael Badnarik

2000 (my first election being eligible to vote) – Al Gore

So, for 15 years I’ve consistently voted for non-duopoly candidates, aside from my first time voting, and that won’t likely change in the foreseeable future. Won’t win me over to candidates with campaigns heavily financed by Goldman Sachs. Not cool with continuing allowing several of the laws passed during G.W.’s administration, though Obama did despite campaign empty promises. [People like to blame Republicans in blocking any attempts he may have made, to which I retort that he ceased even speaking out publicly on these matters, thereby garnering no further public attention which may have helped in swaying congressional members. So…looks like a deliberate switcheroo to me.]

Not a fan of most Democrats or Republicans in general. Don’t see the point in aligning with some massive group where your interests wind up subjugated to the groups’ supposed best interest (or to the most vocal and attention-grabbing therein). This game, at least as it’s currently being played, does not interest me.

So do what you will, and I’ll continue doing what I do. If I am “throwing my vote away,” so be it. That is my right to do so. Not all of us are interested in perpetuating a hive-mind. From my perspective you guys are throwing your votes away.

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