More officers down

News story on the ordeal.

The man responsible, Scott Greene, turned himself in earlier today.

And following is his YT video that apparently proved pivotal in his decision to ambush local officers presumably unaffiliated with his frustrations at the Urbandale high school game he attended where he was allegedly protesting BLM (the movement Black Lives Matter) with a rebel flag:

While I can understand him protesting having his property allegedly stolen by someone in the crowd during his own protest and allegedly being assaulted by the cop ushering him out of the stadium (which so far no one corroborates), that in no way justifies ambushing two innocent cops and taking their lives. Why?

And then bring the rebel flag into it? As if that symbol isn’t given enough grief.

While I understand this man claims to have been assaulted, he was unwilling to help the cops (who made the offer repeatedly) to walk along the perimeter to locate his section to figure out who may have been responsible.

This is an attempt at crying victim without thorough justification. If he really had been assaulted he could have better cooperated. Instead a week or so later he chose to shoot up random local cops.

Des Moines cops are better than any others I have ever dealt with in my entire life. Nebraska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi cops have all behaved in my presence far, far worse. And always gotten away with it, no matter what the infraction. Sometimes I do feel people up here are a bit spoiled and don’t realize how good they’ve got it. Out of the police I’ve ever known and been forced to deal with, these police generally are the most reasonable and fair ever experienced, bar none. Yet this man took advantage of the situation anyway.

Somewhat surprisingly, someone I know said tonight he knows the shooter, Scott Greene. Known him since at least high school. Said he ran into him just a couple weeks ago and said hello. But my friend knows damned-near everybody, so it seems. Personally stated Greene is highly volatile and has always been looking for a fight over the slightest infractions. Ask him anything, a fight may ensue. Won some and lost some. Not the kind of guy to back down even against a 6’11” opponent, win or lose. Just has a very short fuse and extreme sensitivity to perceived injustices. That’s what he told me tonight anyway.

Very sad situation overall. Greene left behind a teenage daughter who attended that high school and who undoubtedly will be given grief for her father’s actions. He took the lives of two officers who were sitting in their patrol cars, no chance to react or defend themselves. One reportedly was a family man, the other I believe they said was 23 and fresh out of the academy. Their lives have been taken, and for what?? Their loved ones’ lives have been wrecked, and why?

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