American Leftists are losing their shit this week

Holy cow. Talk about some freaked out people around here. Everybody, including myself, expected Hillary Clinton to win. Was listening to a buddy say that even his co-workers who supported Trump were all silent the next day at work, as if in shocked disbelief, not thinking it was possible for him to actually be elected president. Well, we knew what Clinton was bringing to the table, and plenty wanted no part of that, so this is the public’s response. I can’t blame people for electing anyone but her.

I, for one, voted for Gary Johnson once again. Wasn’t interested in picking between asshole 1 and 2, both being piss-poor candidates unrepresentative of the majority in both major parties, IMO.

But I stayed out late election night to see the results come in. Everyone was shocked. A couple Bosnians chattered about worrying that they’ll be sent back to their home country, though it’s unlikely since they are legal citizens here now. A gay man I work for shared his concerns about gay marriage rights being undone under this new administration. Told him I figure that genie is out of the bottle to where Republicans can’t change the tides there most likely. Not a battle worth picking. Same goes for women’s rights and abortion access. The protests would be off the hook if they tried reversing those laws, which I’m sure Republicans are aware of despite all their big talk.

Am I worried? Nah, not any more than I normally am. Trump doesn’t come across as a potential dictator anymore than Hillary did. In fact, she scared me more. Truly glad she wasn’t elected president, much as I’m not a fan of Trump either. The Clintons need to get up out of American politics altogether, IMO. Along with all members of the Bush family. Etc.

Then I look around online and see liberals falling apart, crying and spitting venom over Trump’s election, acting as if America is suddenly on the cusp of imploding. It’s not, at least not any more so than it’s been for several years now. Obama didn’t fulfill even a fraction of his campaign promises, and the people are tired of hearing the same ol’ bullshit out of run-of-the-mill politicians.

Is the sky falling? Nah. Probably gonna be business as usual…more of the same. Trump stated things during the run-up to the election that he won’t be able to carry out either. Doesn’t have enough support to do so within the Republican party or across the general population. I seriously doubt we’ll be building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico during the next 4 years. Would be a waste of resources to attempt to do so, wouldn’t likely prove feasible (or practical), and ultimately wouldn’t work in keeping illegals out. So…there’s that.

It’s strange watching people’s reactions though. Like so many are dumb-struck and nervous. I’m surprised my state overwhelmingly supported Trump as well, considering how popular Clinton is in our capital city. But what’s done is done. We survived under G.W. and Obama, and we’ll survive under this presidency as well. People wanted some sort of real change, so they’ve rolled the dice and we’ll see how this turns out. Isn’t any more worrying to me than Clinton being elected to office. Especially considering how much more power the executive branch has been granted since G.W.’s terms, which Obama did nothing to roll back. And that was the concern vented back then about such laws like the PATRIOT Act — eventually your opposition will rise in power and be granted the same authority, for better or worse. Don’t want the other side to have that much power? Then it shouldn’t have been allowed to be extended by either party. But now it’s too late for such talk. Power never cedes itself, so best of luck in wrangling that away from any future administration.

Honestly, we do get the leaders we deserve. Like it or lump it. That either of these candidates rose within the ranks of the two major parties demonstrates to me how useless both major parties have become. But here we now are.

Still glad Hillary wasn’t elected though.

We’ll see how things shake out in years to come…

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