A “moral 9/11”?? Give me a break!

Watched a bit of Bill Maher’s recent show (Nov. 11, 2016 episode) where one of his guests declared Trump winning the election is basically a “moral 9/11,” as in this is the moral equivalent of the twin towers being hit by planes. Geez. People really need to calm the fuck down right about now. That’s just plain ridiculous. And I’m not even a Trump supporter.

As if electing a globalist, war-mongering lawyer and long-time professional politician firmly entrenched in the establishment were a better option. *smh*

Been watching a lot of what’s going on online this past week and listening to viewpoints expressed from all sides. After choosing to remain buried under a rock for so long it’s kinda interesting to come back out to look around and witness the emotional carnage.

These folks putting Hillary Clinton on a pedestal are fooling themselves, that much I believe to be firmly true. Like they’re projecting onto her what they wish to believe. For whatever reasons she felt like a safe choice to them. Well, she wasn’t. Trump might not be either, but that woman needs to get the heck up out of American politics.

For all the talk about how she’s supposed to help the plight of women, I’d argue that she really doesn’t give a damn about any of us. She cares mostly about partisan politics and meddling in the affairs of other countries. Besides, we American womenfolk have it pretty good already, much as some like to pretend otherwise. And gay folks don’t appear to have much to fear in the way of gay marriage being abolished.

Called my best female friend yesterday, that being the first time we’ve talked since the election. She and I don’t normally discuss politics since it’s not a subject that typically interests her, but we went ahead and opened up that can of worms. Said she’s been “crying for days” over Trump winning the election. Sorry, but that’s extremely difficult for me to relate with. While I understand her family is Hispanic and she’s concerned about deportation, chances are her family members will be fine, seeing as how they came here on legal work visas and have no criminal records. But she repeated the common mantra about how Trump is “extremely sexist,” “extremely racist,” and lamented how her kids might be treated at school since other children are taunting about building a wall on the Mexican border. My thoughts there are that we can’t control what others say, so it becomes a question of how best to respond. I’d personally be more concerned about violence, though in our cities we’re not seeing demonstrations and street protesters. She said something about Muslim women having their hijabs ripped off and apparently one local kid has been beat up allegedly over racial differences.

I don’t really know what to say to her other than to try reassuring her that it’s likely not going to be as bad as she predicts. Like my gym trainer mentioned last night (who’s a Democrat, btw), Obama’s deported more people than any other president. Trump’s main concern there seems to be with illegals sporting criminal records — a group most Americans would like to see take a hike. And, again, her people don’t fit that criteria despite being of Mexican origin.

So when I hear all this fear-mongering, I have to wonder what Clinton’s campaign has been doing to drum up such incredible hysteria out here in the public. My fellow Americans are acting like we’re entering a Dark Age, as if life under Obama or Bush or even Bill Clinton was truly a time worth celebrating.

Their “moral panic” does somewhat amuse me, despite feeling a bit bad for some of them since they seem awfully unnerved. But they’ve let the political game get to them. They’re buying into so much hype instead of trying to keep a cool head so as to assess this situation more rationally. Trump doesn’t have unilateral power to do whatever he may wish. Hence the importance of maintaining our system of checks and balances, which so many seem to take for granted or actively attempt to undermine through efforts to push their own pet causes. And Trump doesn’t appear to actually want to attack so much of what liberals are concerned about. He said recently that he won’t be going after Roe v. Wade, but even if it did somehow get eliminated we’d still maintain power within our respective states to decide on the matter. And I’m stating this as a life-long pro-choice woman who strongly cares about protecting my and other women’s reproductive freedom. Still, not scared of him at all in that regard. Trump isn’t omnipotent, folks, and some sacred cows would create a shitstorm if ever directly fucked with. That man knows this. He doesn’t appear to be that big of an idiot. And he wouldn’t succeed there even if he was inclined to try taking it on. Not even with Republican backing in Congress. Too volatile of an issue.

My best guyfriend today remarked on Trump’s “pussy-grabbing” talk, letting it be known that he was troubled by such comments. Well, I’m not. Like I told my friend, had Mick Jagger been quoted as saying that we’d all be laughing. Musicians and artists and celebrities speak like that constantly. And it helps to keep in mind that Trump wasn’t a politician back then — just a business tycoon. Furthermore, why would my friend and I care? It’s not like we don’t talk like that ourselves. We sure do. If people quoted everything I’ve ever uttered I’m sure I’d be accused of being some man-hating/woman-hating, racist, sexually inappropriate bitch as well. No doubt. Even though we’re usually just joking around or venting off steam. And my friend knows that. Hell, I’d be surprised if ever I made it through an entire day without spouting some offensive shit. Likely do so before noon most days.  evil_lol  So this moral hand-wringing seems a bit off-putting and disingenuous. As if we’re saints above acting in the exact same ways. Rich men attract a lot of female attention — that’s a no-brainer. And it can go to their heads. That’s not shocking to me at least.

Then people want to talk about Trump being accused of sexually mistreating somebody. Well, I didn’t follow those news stories, but I have heard the claims were dropped right after the election. Which tells me they didn’t have sufficient evidence to bring charges. Does that mean he’s innocent? No. But if he were truly guilty and evidence demonstrated this, you can better your bottom dollar the case would’ve been pursued, backed by plenty of disgruntled Clinton supporters. That’s how that looks to me anyway.

Beyond that, the Clintons are ones to talk in that area. Bill has sexually harassed how many women by now? He’s been affiliated with how many disgusting sex parties involving minors? He’s jizzed on how many people in the oval office? And Hillary stood by her man despite any of that. So…kinda hard for them to make the case now that their opponent is sexually inappropriate toward women. If Bill Clinton doesn’t qualify as a womanizer, then I’m not sure who does.

The sky is not falling, at least not any faster than it already was. The crying kinda irritates me, to be honest. Not that I don’t care about kids getting picked on in schools (not that that’s new) or wish for most of our Muslim or Hispanic citizens to feel uncomfortable. But geez, people need to take a step back and calm down. They’re tracking this all so closely and listening to so many pundits intent on firing them up to where they can’t keep it together. Just emotionally melting down, as if that’s going to improve a damned thing. Not that I stated that so explicitly to my friend, seeing as how she’s upset enough as is. Not sure what can be said other than to wait and see what happens before jumping to too many conclusions. But the conclusions have already been jumped to, so it’s just going to take time for the freakout to die down.

This has been such a weird election. So incredibly divisive. So much blame being cast back and forth. So much hand-wringing. I sincerely wish folks would learn to turn off their televisions and not get pulled into the media “debate” over the duopoly candidates since it tends to be oh-so-much bullshit. They’re there to excite and worry people — that’s their job, it’s how they keep you drawn in so they can sell advertising space and make nice livings for themselves. They pull these stunts all the time, especially during every presidential election. We would’ve been better off had we instead read what these candidates were proposing, minus the talking heads’ spin on it. The mainstream media is so irksome, but when will we learn?

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