“triggered MGTOW #1”

That was ShoeOnHead and Armoured Skeptic’s video response to a video from the so-called “MGTOW” Paul Wilson.

I am familiar with Paul Wilson from my own youtube channel’s video comment threads. Total waste of space that guy is. Interesting to put a face to a name though.

When people defend “MGTOW” categorically, dudes like this spring to mind. I’ve stated many times over the last few years that the MGTOW concept sounds useful, at least in part in terms of self-development and determining your own values instead of accepting all that’s handed down by greater society. However, some take it to seriously weird extremes, like this Paul guy, and he’s certainly not alone in twisting the notion of MGTOW into a sad and sick farce (at least that’s how it can look to the rest of us outsiders observing this internet phenomenon). Hence why I place quotations around the acronym “MGTOW” — because many, if not most, who claim to belong to it most certainly don’t appear to be going their own way or doing anything constructive with their time and efforts, unless bitching about feminists incessantly and deriding all females online now counts as productivity. uh_oh

Anyway, just felt like sharing that video of theirs on here since I stumbled across it fairly recently.

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