Stating this before such talk is labeled as “hate”…

Gotta say it. This trans/gender-fluid argument is going off the rails. When people seriously claim that the sexes don’t truly exist, I have to wonder what planet they’re living on.

While gender isn’t always concretely binary, that doesn’t make it merely a social construct capable of being ignored. Especially when only a very small fraction of the population identify as transgendered.

Let it also be understood here that I hold no outright contempt toward transgendered persons or gay folks or whomever else on that portion of the spectrum. Your dilemma is accepted by me as a real concern to you, at least in many cases (can’t claim to comprehend the furries movement, apparently similar to the clinical designation of lycanthropy). BUT, that aside, that doesn’t mean I personally am willing to allow any group of people, regardless of their motivation, to dictate to me and others what pronouns we must use when addressing them, especially when that list includes 29 possible preferences (and growing). That’s ludicrous! And it’s absolutely an encroachment on one’s freedom of speech. You can share your preferences and others may choose to accommodate you, but that’s not something to be forced by Law. That right there is when the situation veers into seriously unnerving terrain that deserves deep scrutiny and public discussion from all sides.

And to refuse to allow that public debate to occur is further encroachment on our rights to free speech and assembly. Like, WTF? Where are we living now, Russia?? While I can appreciate that people are sensitive to feeling they aren’t being taken seriously, we do not have the right to jam our preferences down everybody else’s throats or to manipulatively utilize the legal system to provide us with protection from simple realities, like that not everybody else agrees with us or our lifestyle choices.

Look folks, I know what it’s like to be discriminated against and have been called more names than I care to recount over the years. Does it hurt sometimes? Absolutely. Can that leave an emotional scar in some cases? Yes. But can the Law protect me from other people’s opinions and beliefs and words? No. How do you enforce that? And more importantly, why would you even want to? Restrict them and next time around it will wind up being you restricted from speaking your mind, you better believe it.

I’m not a fan of folks screaming at others to grow thicker skins either, especially while they do their best to hurl unfair insults and hack away at your sense of identity. But we all do deal with this, to whatever degrees, and that proves unavoidable. The Law can’t rectify these social tensions and, in fact, can exacerbate the harm created in such situations by playing favorites among the groups in question. See, here’s the thing: power doesn’t cede itself, and our governments aren’t in this day and age actually interested in benevolently defending our interests (assuming they ever were). What power we grant our governments will then wind up wielded to suit the agendas deemed most beneficial for its own power grabs, as has long been the case. That’s not merely a conspiratorial or cynical view, it’s a reasoned assessment of how Power tends to operate. Meaning, at bottom, it’s really not about you or me or the white guys down the street or black folks or whomever else. It’s about Power consolidating itself where possible, and it will use me or you or others in an effort to continue that strategy. Period. Regardless of what platitudes are offered to lull you into a sense of trusting complacency.

Government powers deserve to be treated and regarded with skepticism and care. Bureaucratic structuring all into itself promises to complicate beyond our wildest imaginings any situation it inserts itself into. Concentrated power schemes don’t simply stop where we’d wish they would, as should be obvious enough by now.

Am I a “hater” or “transphobic” because I believe these issues deserve to be discussed publicly and not treated as if taken for granted because that’s what gender studies professors promote? No. I am an open-minded individual with balances within my own personality and “gendered identity” (as a so-called cis-gendered hetero female, that being the language people like to use these days) that include both masculine and feminine persuasions in a rough and unequal split that, come to find out, others can find annoying and difficult to comprehend and handle (presumably because I’m not conforming properly to feminine gender roles or whatever else, yet am not a tomboy — don’t get along with gaggles of females, prefer male social interaction, and yet am very much a female — judged for my own sexual ways of being, but also understanding how I too tend to judge others of similar persuasions, etc.). So I get that much. But that doesn’t mean the Law can remedy this issue one iota for me or for you. People don’t alter their opinions based simply on what is legal or illegal, as we all ought to know by now. You might succeed at silencing enough of them, for now, but then their ambitions will take other less honest and less straight-forward shapes, which you will still be forced to contend with at some future point in time. Mark my words there.

Life isn’t simple. Never will be. And it isn’t fair across the board. Never will be. Life is tricky and maddening. And sometimes what we think we want one year we later learn would’ve created our worst nightmare had it succeeded. Part of growing up and exploring more of living.

There’s much more I could say on this topic but I am pressed for time at the moment.

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