The game is all there is (Alan Watts)

In this talk Alan Watts mentions the four ways to one’s center: rebellion and its opposite, repentance, and reincarnation and its opposite, resignation. Here he only focuses on repentance and resignation since they are the most commonly known prescriptions from Christianity and Buddhism respectively.  I’d be very interested in hearing the rest on the topics of rebellion and reincarnation (the latter he states he doesn’t mean in the classical sense yet didn’t fully elaborate on).

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  1. Shpitz says:

    I also would like to hear him talking about rebellion.
    Here is a talk of him about reincarnation and illusion:

    • Shpitz says:

      (The title of this talk is misleading)

      • Byenia says:

        The title given by the youtuber who uploaded that video clip was more misleading. In the last few minutes of the video, Alan Watts talks about the game and how it is what life is and how we are the playing of it. So I went with that instead.

        He backed up and acknowledged that a person isn’t forced to play the game, though I’d assume the only alternative would be suicide and I don’t recall him elaborating on that point.

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